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The bulldozer became a radio noise

In Ufa the scandal caused by a pulling down of a transmitting radio tower from which two broadcast FM - stations proceeds. City authorities have explained this decision necessity somewhat quicker to start reconstruction of republican expocentre in which territory there was a tower. Owners of the radio stations, not had time to rescue the equipment established on a tower, have connected actions of the authorities with approach of presidential elections of Bashkiria. Under statements of representatives of administration of Ufa, tower existence has started to irritate them for a long time: it prevented to carry out planned reconstruction of expocentre in which territory has been established. In the beginning of May the city authorities have resolved to take down a construction, but have taken a break from - for abundances passing round exhibitions. Then observers have decided that the pulling down will not be already for the political reasons: On May, 19th the head of administration of the Bashkir capital Rauf Nugumanov has retired - under the informal data, from - for old scandal in which course the mayor has disposed to take down not completed cottage settlement. From the time head of administration Pavel Kachkaeva ufimtsy active use of bulldozers did not expect.
nevertheless, on May, 31st he all - taki has disposed to take down a tower. It has thus appeared the equipment established on it two companies is damaged or ruined at once: the cellular operator “ smarts GSM - Ufa “ and broadcasting companies “ the Superwave “ (owns radio stations “ the Retro “ and “ Sports FM “) . However, owners of the Samara company of the mobile communication, for a long time complaining of the cold relation to of officials of Bashkiria and Tatarstan, have this time decided to reconcile and have declared that no claims to municipality have. But the representative of radio station “ the Retro “ has informed yesterday “ to Interfax “ that the city authorities have taken down a tower bulldozers, without having given possibility to remove from it the equipment. Broadcasting Company “ the Superwave “ has estimated a damage in 500 thousand roubles. “ the company incurs losses and from not executed obligations to advertisers of radio “Retro“ and “Sports FM” in this connection proceeding with municipality " is not excluded; - the interlocutor of agency has noted.
the chief executive “ Superwaves “ Vsevolod Baskakov has connected actions of municipality with preparation for presidential election in RB. As he said, the earth under a radio tower has been issued on certain Moscow structures, and the city authorities is simple “ Were afraid possible use of a tower by opposition “.
In the answer mister Kachkaev has declared to agency AROMI that the radio tower pulling down is not connected with a policy: “ Plans to take down this tower existed not the first year “. The head of Ufa has underlined that to owners of a broadcasting company “ the Superwave “ it is offered to use services of other radio towers. “ as far as I know, owners of Broadcasting Company with this offer agree, so problems should not to arise “ - the mayor has noted.