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Mayor Maltsev has secured itself holiday

Yesterday the mayor of Kursk Sergey Maltsev has gone on leave, which will last till the end of August. The beginning of holiday of mister Maltsev has coincided with the formal termination of term of its powers on a post of the mayor. Elections of the mayor should take place on June, 8th, but have been transferred for December and combined with elections in the State Duma. Sergey Maltsev`s opponents assert that long-term holiday he has decided to secure itself(himself) against attempt of Kursk governor Alexander Mihajlova to displace it from a post of the mayor. Elections of the mayor of Kursk and deputies gorsobranija it was planned to spend on June, 8th. However in the end of March governor Alexander Mihajlov has initiated to combine municipal elections with elections of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation which will take place in December ( in detail wrote about it on April, 2nd). The governor declared that in such a way it will be possible to save budgetary funds. However in a regional administration lobby, and then and at sessions gorsobranija officials and deputies said that carrying over of elections for December - unique chance to achieve displacement of mayor Maltsev. in the summer Sergey Maltsev has chance to be re-elected, - the deputy of city meeting Sergey Rudakov has declared then to the colleagues. - in the winter when it will freeze a city, such chances at it will not be .
the Decision on date of elections should be accepted by majority of votes of deputies. But neither opponents of the mayor, nor its supporters could not type a necessary poll. The mayoralty and loyal deputies to mister Maltsev tried to achieve appointment of elections to June in regional court. However the court has supported arguments of the opposite side and has decided to transfer elections for December, automatically having prolonged powers of the mayor and deputies. Now the appeal of the Kursk mayoralty on the decision of regional court is on consideration in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. Date of its consideration is not defined yet.
right after defeats of the mayoralty in court in regional and city administrations have begun conversations on forthcoming power displacement of mister Maltsev with a city post of the head. The emergency meeting has been appointed to June, 5th gorsobranija, it was expected, what exactly question on carrying out of a referendum concerning Sergey Maltsev`s removal from a post of the mayor on it will be brought up. According to the charter of Kursk, the mayor can be ahead of schedule released from the duties by results of a referendum of townspeople. And for resignation of the mayor half of all voters of a city should vote. However on session deputies oppositional to the mayor were not, and the question on a referendum has not been included in the agenda. Having discussed for fifteen minutes all working questions, mayor Maltsev has asked to leave from a hall to a press and all invited officials.
Under the information , during conversation of the mayor with deputies behind the closed doors it was a question of uneasy mutual relations of the mayoralty with regional administration. Yesterday mister Maltsev has prolonged till December contracts with the assistants and has gone on leave for 82 days.
it is usual holiday. The mayor simply took all collected days off, - has told to the correspondent the chief a press - services of city administration Irina Mohova. - Though, of course, when the official is in holiday, to dismiss it has nobody the rights . Under the informal information, mister Maltsev lays hopes on forthcoming amendments to the federal law on local government according to which elections of heads of municipal unions can be removed the next year. Consideration of these amendments to the State Duma is planned on the end of June.
Certainly, Sergey Maltsev keeps for the power, - the second secretary obkoma has declared the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Boris Gogolev. - I do not know, whether it was possible to oust it now, but as practice shows, everything that this person does, is reduced only to one purpose - despite incompetence, to be kept in the armchair .
Kursk vitse - the governor, the chief of legal department of administration of the region Nikolay Tkachev has declared that hearings about Sergey Maltsev`s preparing displacement from a post of the mayor do not represent the facts. it is Sergey Maltsev`s next advertising gimmick, - mister Tkachev has told. - the regional power does not have real mechanism of its discharge from the power. Powers of the mayor have been prolonged by court, and even if the governor would have a desire to discharge of a post the head of Kursk, it could not make it .
Meanwhile now duties of the mayor of Kursk are executed by its first deputy Valentine Bogdanov.