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The pensioner was finished by telephone conversations

the Voronezh pensioner Nikolay Popov the claim to the Voronezh branch of Open Society " has brought an action; TSentrtelekom   - the companies Voronezhsvjazinform . He demands from a monopolist of wire communication to cancel simultaneous collection user`s and time wage of communication and to pass with constant to per second tariffing of conversations. Besides, Nikolay Popov asks to restore in full preferential service of invalids.       the company Voronezhsvjazinform has passed to time wage of telephone conversations in 2000. Now subscribers of this company pay 35 % from monthly fee cost (35 rbl.) And for every minute conversations on 0,16 rbl. In 2001 after the protest of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Voronezh region a monthly fee Voronezhsvjazinformom has been cancelled, and instead of it the payment for a user`s line is entered. Since January, 1st, 2003 Voronezhsvjazinform has ceased to give privileges to invalids because the state did not compensate expenses of signalmen for these privileges. Since April, 1st at the expense of the regional budget of a privilege have been restored, but not in full.
      the Voronezh pensioner Nikolay Popov has brought an action the claim to Voronezhsvjazinformu in connection with incomplete preferential service of invalids. As has told yesterday to the correspondent both #132; and #147; Nikolay Popov, it is the invalid of the second group and according to the federal law About social protection of invalids has the right on 50 - percentage fee of communication. since April, 1st Voronezhsvjazinform Has established the limited preferential service   - till 350 minutes invalids pay at a discount, and from above   - on an overall cost, however it is illegal   - mister Popov confirms. Besides, the Voronezh pensioner has decided to prove in court that Voronezhsvjazinform has no right to take money at once on two systems of payment   - user`s and time. As Nikolay Popov, " has explained; under instructions for use a telecommunication service, the confirmed government, one system of payment " should be used only;.
      Nikolay Popov demands in the statement of claim that signalmen used not constant, but per second tariffing. According to the pensioner, from - subscribers pay for constant tariffings on the average on 20 % more than real cost of the conversations. In the Voronezh territorial administration of the Ministry of an antimonopoly policy to the correspondent both #132; and #147; Have informed that too inspect Voronezhsvjazinforma on possibility of introduction of per second tariffing.
      the director Voronezhsvjazinforma Alexander Haustovich has declared that signalmen cannot be engaged in charity   - how much privileges are compensated to them from the budget, so they and render services to invalids. Concerning double system of payment mister Haustovich has explained that the payment for a user`s line is not a monthly fee therefore signalmen consider that do not break the law. The director Voronezhsvjazinforma also has informed that the equipment of the telephone company allows to render services of per second tariffing, however transition to such tariffing is not planned in the near future. Mister Haustovich has refused to make comments on litigation: I heard that any pensioner has brought an action against us, but is concrete about it I know of nothing .
      in the Evening on June, 6th has passed the first session of court on this business on which the judge has requested of the respondent   - the companies Voronezhsvjazinform   - the documents confirming its right to raise simultaneously time cost of negotiations and a payment for a user`s line. After that hearings have been transferred for September. Both #132; and #147; will inform on a judgement.