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On the grain market have thrown reserves

In the end of the past week administration of the Novosibirsk region has unpacked the reserve fund of grain generated from wheat of a crop of 2002 to keep price of bread in region at former level. As has informed the director of State Unitary Enterprise Novosibirsk food corporation (NPK) Alexander Morozov, grain stocks in 30 thousand tons of wheat will allow area to hold on till a new crop. For last month the prices for food wheat of 3rd class have grown with 2 to 3,2 thousand rbl. for ton. According to mister Morozova, it is far not a limit. He considers that in August new grain will cost more expensive still: the Price will be stably high, will actually be made even with world - $120-130 for ton . One of the reasons so considerable (almost twice, in relation to August-September of last year) prospective rise in prices in the grain market is covered in the increased volumes of export of the Russian grain abroad. If in 2001 zernotrejdery exported 4 million tons of wheat, in 2002 - already 14 million tons. Past year Russia managed to come into contacts to large world players of the grain market which demand long-term relations. According to the head prodkorporatsii, we have learnt to trade in grain, have punched all gaps in borders. And now nobody will refuse export. This year grain will be claimed much more actively, than even last year .
Other reason is covered in reduction of areas under crops in the Russian regions on 5 million in hectare, in comparison with last year`s indicators. Besides, adverse weather conditions in Stavropol Territory, Krasnodar territory and the Rostov region also allow to predict that on volumes of gathering grain this year the Russian peasants will not execute plans. According to Alexander Morozova, the grain shortage, in comparison with last year, across Russia will make about 25 million tons. If last autumn grain-growers have collected 60 million tons (in-Russian consumption of grain makes 75-76 million tons) about 85 million tons of grain will collect, at the best, this autumn.
the Novosibirsk authorities plan to keep a rise in prices for bread, using an administrative and economic resource, - mechanisms, which as mister Morozov believes, will save us from shocks in the grain market . In particular, prodkorporatsija has entered into price agreements with all large bakers of Novosibirsk, having obliged to deliver them wheat at the former prices. From bakers of the power of region have demanded to keep cost prices of bread at present level. According to Alexander Morozova, 30 thousand tons is quite enough, that the area could hold on till a new crop. Thereby we can keep price of bread .
Having involved the same resources, director NPK has informed, the regional administration will manage to be avoided global rise in prices for bread from grain of a new crop. In the spring the regional authorities had time to buy from the peasants of 200 thousand tons of wheat, advancing grain-growers of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, spare parts and herbicides. According to mister Morozova, the price of ton of the prepared grain makes 2,5 thousand rbl. This price will allow to avoid serious fluctuations of cost of bread in shops in spite of the fact that grain cost in the free market, certainly, will grow - Alexander Morozov has noted.
according to the general director of Joint-Stock Company the Siberian stock exchange Nazarov`s Lion, serious rise in prices by the autumn it is quite possible. For example, at the auctions spent at a stock exchange, from the middle of April to the middle of May the price for wheat has risen on 40 % (however after that rate of increase was slowed down). But mister Nazarov is assured that, if the state and participants of the market Will take the measures adequate to a current situation sharp rise in prices for wheat will manage to be avoided. First of all, it is a question of possible carrying out of intervention. In conversation with the correspondent he has noticed that, in its opinion, requirement of home market it is possible to satisfy without any collisions .