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Robbers have killed the security guard

Yesterday in Novosibirsk the armed touch on a motor show " has been made; the Autoblitz-with trading by prestigious cars of Japanese and German manufacture. Having shot the security guard, robbers have stolen two jeeps of Lexus and Toyota Land Cruiser. The corpse of the security guard with numerous gunshot wounds was found out early in the morning by its relief. Then it was found out that from the salon working open-air, three expensive cars - two jeeps of Lexus and one off-road car of Toyota Land Cruiser-100 were gone. Jeeps Mercedes, minibuses of robbers have not interested. Cost of the stolen foreign cars is estimated almost in $200 thousand On the conclusion of forensic scientists, the death of the security guard has come three-four hours prior to arrival operatively-investigation team. By then car thieves by brand new cars could do big enough distance.
employees of criminal investigation department managed to restore a crime picture. According to preliminary data, the group of robbers has got through a metal fence. First of all criminals have lulled a sentry dog, having given it the poisoned meal. However they were noticed by the security guard. When it has made noise and has tried to show resistance, shooting has begun. The security guard who was without a bullet-proof vest, have shot two bullets in a back and have finished a control shot in a head. According to militiamen, most likely, the victim managed to wound one of the attacking: on a scene criminalists have found out traces of blood of other group, than was at the victim. From office of salon robbers have taken away keys on cars. To open the safe in which documents were stored, they and could not.
the Office of Public Prosecutor of October area has brought action about the armed assault interfaced to a premeditated murder. Stolen cars have put on the wanted list. On a check point employees of a state traffic inspectorate stop all suspicious jeeps, lines are patrolled by helicopters, however to find the stolen cars without delay it was not possible. In Novosibirsk hospitals with gunshot wounds nobody arrived.