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The Krasnoyarsk governor has given to Norilsk the most expensive

On Friday deputies of the City Council of Norilsk have appointed fulfilling duties of mayor Lva Kuznetsova working before as the first vice-governor of Krasnoyarsk region. The head of edge Alexander Hloponin who has offered this nominee, has informed deputies that gives the strongest link that the city has ceased to politicise and has started to work at last . On January, 26th, 2003 the mayor of Norilsk Oleg Budargin has won elections of the governor of Tajmyrsky autonomous region. I an island of the mayor the City Council has confirmed Gennady Petuhova supervising in goradministratsii questions of municipal economy. On April, 20th, 2003 have passed elections of the mayor: in the second round left trade-union leader GMK Norilsk nickel Valery Melnikov and the speaker of the City Council of Norilsk Sergey Shmakov. But shortly before the second round the court has deprived of candidate Melnikova of registration. After that from elections all candidates have acted in film, and voting has been cancelled. On June, 3rd mister Petuhov has declared resignation, having referred to difficulties with execution of the budget of 2003 and formation of the budget - 2004. On June, 4th extraordinary session of the City Council has tried to appoint and. An island of the mayor, however during voting any of candidates on this post has not typed a necessary majority of votes. After that deputies have approved the amendment to the city Charter, allowing the governor of Krasnoyarsk region to offer parliament its nominee on a post and. An island of the mayor.
on Friday City Council session has renewed the work in the presence of Alexander Hloponina, its first deputy Lva Kuznetsova and the speaker of Legislative Assembly of edge Alexander Ussa. The first a word took mister Hloponin. He has told that as the governor, is extremely disturbed by a situation in Norilsk: the local elite was fond of games of politics, having forgotten about the decision of the economic problems connected with holiday campaign and preparation for a cold season which in Norilsk begins in September. After that mister Hloponin has offered on a post and. An island of the mayor Lva Kuznetsova nominee, having accompanied it is the following comment: I Give the strongest link that the city has ceased to politicise and has started to work at last. Norilsk for me - one of chief towns, and stability here will help to stabilise a situation in all edge .
Judging by reaction gathered, the offer of the governor has caused in them the present shock. Local analysts have been assured that the head of edge will offer somebody from known politicians in Norilsk: mentioned Andrey Govorova, the deputy director of polar branch " more often; Norilsk nickel and the deputy of the Norilsk City Council. Nevertheless for a nominee of mister Kuznetsova 29 deputies have voted all. On finishing personnel crisis, six minutes have sufficed them.
the Lion of Smiths in the first interview has told that the priority sees definition of priorities in work of city administration on the near future. Political aspects of work of local authorities it it is underlined did not concern. However already now analysts foretell that on the future elections of the mayor of Norilsk mister Kuznetsov without effort will overcome the main potential contender - Valery Melnikova.
In Norilsk the Lion of Smiths is known enough. It worked in Alpha bank and bank MFK, then together with Alexander Hloponinym has passed in Norilsk nickel where since 1996 within five years was informal the chief of a staff on a conclusion of industrial complex from crisis. Occupied posts of the head of kontrolno-auditing department, the director for kontrolno-auditing activity, the assistant and the first deputy of the general director of joint-stock company Norilsk industrial complex . Since February, 2001 became Alexander Hloponina`s selected the governor of Tajmyrsky autonomous region first deputy, and after election of mister Hloponina as the head of Krasnoyarsk region has been appointed to a similar post in regional administration.
by the way, in Krasnoyarsk mister Kuznetsov, among other, supervised questions of prevention of the emergency situations, therefore many in Norilsk have apprehended Lva Kuznetsova arrival as occurrence of the qualified anti-recessionary manager. Making comments on this appointment, the director of polar branch GMK Norilsk nickel Vitaly Bobrov has noticed that for a long time and is well familiar with the Lion of Kuznetsovym: I am am pleased with this appointment: with Norilsk nickel the Lion of Smiths speaks in one language, and I am assured that relations of the main tax bearer of territory and local authorities will be under construction exclusively on a constructive basis .
Alexander Hloponin in the short comment for local mass-media has declared that appointment of mister Kuznetsova speaks, first of all, about that value which is given to Norilsk by the regional power. According to the governor, the post which was occupied in edge with the Lion of Smiths, remains vacant.
Vladislav TOLSTOV, Norilsk; BORIS ELSHIN, Krasnoyarsk