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In   zarechnoj parts Bottom quarantine on   is entered; to furiousness

Yesterday in   zarechnoj parts of Nizhni Novgorod three-monthly quarantine on   has been declared; to furiousness. Necessity of introduction of quarantine is connected with   that in   Lenin area from   furiousness the house dog was lost. About   it yesterday on   operative meeting in   administrations of Nizhni Novgorod were informed the main state health officer of a city by Tamara Makarova.           As has told the main health officer, in   Lenin area at   a house dog, which shortly before   it took on   hunting in   the Ivanovo area, the furiousness virus has been found out. Probably, the animal has caught in   trip time, as on   returning the dog began to conduct itself inadequately, has bitten the owner, and   after a while has died. Laboratory analyses have confirmed furiousness. The owner in   The present is under supervision of doctors.
          in   communications with   it in   zarechnoj city parts will be carried out preventive actions and   household detours with   the revealing purpose not   the imparted animals. As Tamara Makarova has noted, inoculations it   will become free of charge. Besides, two special brigades will be created at management on   to an accomplishment of a city for catching of homeless animals. Healthy animals will impart, and   patients to lull. On   quarantine time also is cancelled carrying out of actions with   participation of animals.
          as Tamara Makarova has told, the fatal case which has come in   recently has been registered; result of infection with furiousness from   an animal. Volodarsky`s inhabitant of area has fed with   hands a fox who has then bitten it. Despite   That incident happens in   March, for   medical aid the man has addressed only 15   May. In   result to doctors not   it was possible to rescue the victim, and   17   May it   has died.