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Open Society “ Oil company “Surgutneftegaz“ “ (Open Society NK of the CIS) is the principal shareholder of Open Society “ Surgutneftegaz “ (Open Society of the CIS). NK the CIS does not conduct any economic activities, but supervises 36, 7 % of actions of the parent company. Thus 99, 5 % of actions NK the CIS belong to the CIS. Stocks “ Surgutneftegaz “ are estimated at level
2, 5 mlrd oil tons. Last year the company has extracted 49, 2 million tons. By results of five months of current year “ Surgutneftegaz “ has extracted 21, 7 million tons of oil that on 10 % more than for the similar period of last year.

to Change organizational - legal pattern of ownership NK “ Surgutneftegaz “ from open joint-stock company on limited liability company has solved board of directors on April, 21st. Officially in “ Surgutneftegaz “ Have explained this course reduction of expenses on management NK the CIS. However brokers of investment companies interpreted it differently: it is quite probable that company management used this possibility as an additional way of protection against attempts of unfriendly absorption which could result from active buying up of actions of the CIS in April of this year. If there is nobody the investor it was possible to become the principal shareholder of the CIS, it could break seriously developed in “ Surgutneftegaz “ a control system.
the matter is that from 67, 5 % of voting actions which management of the CIS supervised in the beginning of April, the most part was on balance of branches of the company. 36, 7 % of papers belong NK the CIS in which the share of the CIS makes 99, 5 %, 8 more, 6 % own not state pension fund “ Surgutneftegaz “. Vladimir Bogdanov repeatedly underlined that these of 45, 3 % belong to branches “ Surgutneftegaz “ Therefore are not exchequer (exchequer papers actions of the emitter which belong to the emitter are considered, voting by such papers is forbidden - “ “) . However the market considers as their those as these actions only formally belong “ to daughters “ the CIS. Experts say that unfriendly shareholders could forbid management in a judicial order voting by disputable actions.
differently, on the eve of active buying up of actions of Open Society “ Surgutneftegaz “ (“ “ in detail wrote about it) company management had only 22, 2 % “ indisputable “ papers (i.e. at all a block package). Whereas in the free market and foreign shareholders of the company had 33, 5 %. Therefore, the analyst of investment bank " speaks; the Trust “ Vladislav Metnev, having received a signal about the beginning of buying up of shares of company certain mysterious third parties, management of the CIS of the beginnings, without reckoning with the price, to buy up its papers. Having bought about 6 % of actions, managers have calmed down, as their package has exceeded the share which has remained with foreign shareholders.
Now necessity of change of pattern of ownership of the basic shareholder of the CIS - NK the CIS, apparently, has come. Meanwhile past Friday has passed extraordinary general meeting of shareholders NK, and the question on Open Society reorganisation " was unique point of the summons just; Oil company “Ρσπσςνετςεγΰη“ “ in limited liability company. Results of meeting are unknown till now. In management of securities “ “ have informed that voting results will be declared current week.
analysts consider that if “ Surgutneftegaz “ as the main shareholder NK the CIS will vote - for, it will frighten off from itself(himself) investors, having created negative image. After all now one of the largest Russian oil-extracting companies will supervise Open Company which can sell at any moment without publicity the actions “ Surgutneftegaz “ for example, to the friendly offshore. “ and this history will remember very long. It will last even after Vladimir Bogdanova`s leaving from “Surgut“ “ - has declared “ “ and. An island of director IK “ the Chord - Invest “ Konstantin Seljanin.
“ “ will watch succession of events.