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the Nizhniy Novgorod movie centre will leave under an area wing
MUP « the Nizhniy Novgorod movie centre » becomes a part of the state unitary enterprise « Nizhniy Novgorod kinovideoobedinenie » and   a question about   possibilities of operation of a building of the centre on   to street Piskunova the competent commission will solve. About   it yesterday has informed the first vitse - the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Yury Sentjurin.
          Mister Sentjurin has declared that the commission of experts should analyse a condition of a historical building of a movie centre. The conclusions sanepidnadzora, fire protection and   builders testify that reconstruction, however to   is necessary for a movie centre premise; this time not clearly, it is compatible   whether it with   building operation. Business - the rebuilding plan and   the further use of a movie centre should prepare Nizhniy Novgorod kinovideoobedinenie. Already now the regional authorities assume that movie centre updating will manage approximately in   7   million rbl. the First vitse - the governor has informed that means on   reconstruction will be involved under guarantees of the regional budget, and   them   return will provide « movie centre operation on   to a new technical basis ».
          On   to words of mister Sentjurina, similar prospects suit present management MUP « the Nizhniy Novgorod movie centre » as a profile and   educational functions of establishment completely will remain.

In   June the new cemetery
the Most problem city cemetery of Nizhni Novgorod will open is « New Striginsky ». Already in half a year it becomes unsuitable for burial places. About   it yesterday it has been declared on   Operative meeting in   the mayoralties.
          on   to words of director MUP « KRUN » Vladimir Voroshuhi, on   a cemetery « c » for burial places remains free less than 20 % of the area. Development of the second turn of a cemetery not   it is conducted from - for absence of financing. To   this time not   works on   are spent; to cutting down of trees and   an underbrush, raskorchevke, breakdown of quarter glades, roads, drainages of territories. The raising of ground waters, even on   is everywhere observed; the mastered first stage of a cemetery. « if something is urgent not   to make,   in half a year there it will be already impossible to make   one burial place »   and #151; has declared g - n Voroshuha. Start-up of the first stage of a cemetery « can temporarily solve a problem; Nizhniy Novgorod » in   Kstovsky area which will take place in   July. In   The present already comes to an end access road asphalting, is constructed and   it is brought LEP, breakdown of quarters is made.

Condemned for   robbery have lowered term
Yesterday the commission on   to pardon of the Nizhniy Novgorod region has considered 19   applications. On   to three of   them it was accepted three positive decisions. About   it the chairman of the commission Nikolay Pugin has informed.
          On   to words g - on Pugina, positive decisions have been taken out in   the relation of young men in   age 19 - 20 years which have made enough grave crimes: robbery with   the purpose zavladenija property. That not   less the commission found possible to give to them   chance, having lowered term to each prisoner on   one year.
          The chairman of the commission has noticed that at acceptance of the positive decision positive factors have been considered many. In   particulars, good behaviour of young men in   imprisonment places, positive characteristics with   places of study and   positive petitions of the organisations which found possible to employ condemned after clearing.
IRINA of Borisov

the legal investigation of the serial tyrant
in   Has begun Yesterday; court of the city of Kstova criminal case consideration on   has begun; to charge 43 - the summer inhabitant of Nizhni Novgorod in   rape 11   girls. As have noted in   court, earlier the legal investigation beginning it has been postponed from - for illnesses of the defendant.
          as wrote « » « the serial tyrant » has been detained 10   November, 2002. On   To the data of police officers, girls, « became its victims; voting » on   to a line in   area of street of Larin of Nizhni Novgorod. Accused approached to   it on   to the car with   the offer to deliver them   to   houses. Then the malefactor brought young women in   a deserted place where plundered and   forced. Not   it is excluded that this person is guilty and   in   murder of some victims. All victims are the students of the Nizhniy Novgorod high schools who have arrived from   the next regions. It is supposed that accused committed crimes from - for an aversion to   to women after divorce with   the wife.
Vladimir ZUBAREV