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Yury Luzhkov has chosen Minsk

At an exhibition Stock market - Invest of the Expo Moscow holding metalloinvest has held presentation of two projects of reconstruction of capital hotel Minsk . Demonstration of projects to mayor Yury Luzhkov became the main element of presentation. The mayor quite plausibly, directly in the face of journalists has made a choice: the project of architect Michael Leonov to build, architect Sergey Firsova - to reject. In September a building Minsk it will be completely disassembled. The total area of new hotel on 337 numbers will make 59 thousand in sq. m. project Cost metalloinvest estimates in $100 million from which about $30 million holding intends to invest independently. To finish hotel building metalloinvest gathers in 2005.

high voltage actions
In stock market the excessive demand for actions remains. Yesterday again the power - cost of papers of the Russian Open Society " became object of the massed buying up; UES of Russia and Mosenergo has flied up more than on 10 %. Thus under actions Mosenergo from - for too rapid growth of quotations even the auctions stopped. As a result during the auctions the index of RTS has reached the maximum point for last five and a half years.
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Bread will suffice all
the Chairman of the Russian grain union Arcady Zlochevsky has declared that hearings about deficiency of grain and a flour which appear recently in a press, are strongly exaggerated.
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Shareholders TSUMa want bolshego
Shareholders of joint-stock company the Trading house of Central Department Store have sent on completion the project of the investment agreement between TSUMom and the government of Moscow. Co-owners of shop have decided that the project co-ordinated still in 2001 has become outdated: TSUMu it is required more than the new areas.
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Zapsibgazprom have rehabilitated
At meeting in joint-stock company Zapsibgazprom in Tyumen the vice-president of board Gazprom Alexander Ananenkov has confirmed plans on restoration of business of the company in 2003. Having provided a daughter orders, Gazprom intend to operate all its business again.
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Actions Lensvjazi have returned from Cyprus
At meeting of shareholders of Open Society Lensvjaz it has been declared that 20 % of shares of company, some years in custody, are defrozen and transferred the Ministry of Property. Now the companies can take part in reorganisation of the companies Svyazinvest and to join to severo - to the Western teleclod .
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