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Igor Ivanov in Italy
During visit of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia of Igor Ivanov to Italy, begun on Tuesday evening, the basic attention is given to questions of bilateral cooperation. Yesterday Igor Ivanov has visited an exposition Italy for St.-Petersburg dated for celebrating 300 - letija Petersburg. Having noticed that preparation of Italy for celebratory actions became the certificate of friendship of our countries the Russian minister has expressed gratitude to the Italian government and personally to prime minister Silvio Berlusconi for attention to the official celebrations devoted to anniversary of St.-Petersburg. we consider St.-Petersburg as city especially close to Italy - head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy Ex Frattini has told, from its part. The Italian architects, it has continued, took active part in creation of shape of this city . the Italian genius remains in it forever - the minister has underlined. During Igor Ivanov`s meetings in Rome it is planned to spend also an exchange of opinions on regional subjects, including about a situation round Iraq, Near-Eastern settlement, position on the Korean peninsula and the Balkans.

the Prime minister - the minister of Spain has arrived to the USA
the Head of the Spanish government Jose Maria Asnar has arrived with three-day visit to the USA. In New York it has met the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan and has addressed to antiterrorist committee of UNSF in which Spain at present presides. Today the head of the Spanish government will go to Washington where it will be accepted by US president George Bush. They will discuss fight against terrorism questions, a situation in Iraq and in the Near East. The request of the Spanish government for entering into terrorist lists of the USA forbidden in Spain baskskoj Left-wing radical party which accuse of complicity to terrorists THIS will be recently one of the key moments of negotiations. As has noted a press - the secretary of the president Bush Scott Maklelan, informing officially on forthcoming visit of Asnara, Spain is among the countries which are the main allies of the USA in fight against terrorism, and also in the efforts directed on an attainment of peace and democracies in Iraq .
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To Moscow there has arrived spetsposlannik the king of Morocco
Arrived yesterday to Moscow with private visit spetsposlannik the king of Morocco Mohammed VI state minister Abbas an ale - Fassi has brought the personal message of the Moroccan monarch to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. On Thursday Abbas an ale - Fassi will meet the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Ivanov. The basic attention during a meeting will be given mutual relations, and also a number of the actual international problems representing mutual interest.
in October of last year during official visit to Moscow king of Morocco heads of two states has been signed Russian - the Moroccan declaration on strategic partnership. In the document the aspiration of two parties to promote an establishment fair and a stable peace in the Near East is expressed. Russia and Morocco have agreed to promote disarmament process at the international and regional levels, in particular, by consolidation of a mode of non-distribution of weapons of mass destruction. For today of Morocco is the trading partner of Russia second after Egypt in Africa.
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Leaders of China and Japan will meet in St.-Petersburg
Yesterday a number of Japanese mass-media have informed referring to the governmental sources in Tokyo that leaders of Japan and the Peoples Republic of China use the participation in celebrating 300 - letija St.-Petersburg for carrying out of a bilateral meeting which will help to improve relations between two next powers of Asia. Between Tokyo and Beijing after coming to power of prime minister Koidzumi friction two years ago were observed. Numerous visiting by the Japanese prime minister sintoistskogo a temple of Jasukuni which in neighbouring countries of Asia is considered a symbol of Japanese militarism became their reason. From - for discontent of the Chinese party last year and plans of visit of prime minister Koidzumi to China in commemoration 30 - letija restoration of diplomatic relations between two countries were not realised. Meanwhile the new generation of leaders of the Peoples Republic of China led by Hu Jintao has let know that it welcomes visit of Dzjunitiro Koidzumi if it will be created Corresponding atmosphere also that the summit in Russia can help to create such atmosphere.