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Sergey Stepashin will defend the tax from sales

budgetary process

Yesterday the commission of Council of federation on interaction with Audit Chamber has heard Sergey Stepashin`s report on work of its department for 2002. The commission recommended to federation Council to recognise work of the control body satisfactory. The head of Audit Chamber has thus supported preservation of the tax from sales and introduction of a natural rent on the oil companies.
in 2002 the Audit Chamber has revealed that 3,15 mlrd roubles of budgetary funds has been used in the no-purpose image. From this sum the Audit Chamber managed to achieve compensation only 1,254 mlrd roubles. Infringements have occurred as from - for not enough effective activity of state bodies and officials and because of imperfection of the legislation. However, as Sergey Stepashin has complained, the government not always properly reacts to chamber representations: 13,6 % of instructions are not executed, and 45,5 % are executed partially. Thus the main manager of the budget - the Ministry of Finance - has not executed 23,3 % of instructions and has as much executed partially.
when we will achieve from the government of the normal relation to laws? - committee-men have taken an interest. Sergey Stepashin has unexpectedly protected the government: not so it is a lot of Infringements, the government corrects these things on budget course of execution . And speaking about work on the budget - 2004, he has with satisfaction noted: Alexey Kudrin supposes us now on kitchen of formation of the budget. Earlier we looked only total document and checked balance .
On it praises to the government have ended, and results of work of Audit Chamber over the budget have appeared the following. it is necessary to manage to turn ideology of economic policy of the country - Sergey Stepashin has declared and has begun revolution with tax reform. As he said, Removal of the tax from sales dehydrates regions - donors . Committee-men approvingly zakivali. And Sergey Stepashin has explained that, by Audit Chamber calculations, it is necessary to transfer in regions for indemnification of dropping out incomes not less than 30 % of the VAT, differently regions cannot spend the indexation of salaries planned by the government to state employees on 33 %. In December one elections, in March - others. Also winter. The Audit Chamber will occupy a hard line - the head of Audit Chamber has assured.
the second claim of Audit Chamber to the government - it in any way will not enter rent payments on the oil companies. And after all even the president has already advised it in the budgetary message. we have checked up ` Slavneft `, 10 mlrd roubles the company has given short, money has left in an offshore, to intermediaries. It is possible to produce a heap fiscal and criminal cases, but it is better to levy taxes to extraction stages. The price of a question of $7 - 8 mlrd - Sergey Stepashin has declared and has urged senators to prepare the bill of rent payments.
the inspired committee-men have taken an interest, when at last Sergey Stepashin will create uniform system of financial control in the country. I of Alexey Leonidovicha (Kudrin. - ) I check, and itself I think: after all money for maintenance of activity of chamber " too are necessary to me; - with irony there has begun the head of Audit Chamber. However it was found out further what to construct uniform system stirs the Ministry of Finance, but not that can not give money, and that keeps the control bodies. kontrolno - auditing management of the Ministry of Finance is an atavism. They prevent to work to business. Frequently there do not know that such accounting and audit! They and kryshujut - after all there 4 thousand roubles salary! - Sergey Stepashin has snatched on the Ministry of Finance.
at last, it has appeared that the head of Audit Chamber - the supporter fashionable now ideas of integration of regions. From Sergey Stepashin`s reasonings followed that it will help to debug the uniform monitoring system and it is better to supervise the questions concerning the joint competence of regions and the centre. for example, in Aginsko - the Buryat joint-stock company there lives 80 thousand persons, and officials - as to Moscow! - Sergey Stepashin has given an example and has joked: - I, of course, understand that integration will cause in you complexities - senators becomes less! committee-men have sadly laughed. IRINA - GRANIK