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Boris Berezovsky`s supporters leave on meeting

If Ministry of Justice party life

Boris Berezovsky`s supporters from party " does not cease to ignore them Yesterday
; Liberal Russia have tried to transfer in Ministry of Justice at once some references to heads of this department in which they demand to recognise legitimacy of the actions. Having staid an hour on a checkpoint and and without having waited representatives of the ministry, Party members have handed over documents in expedition of Ministry of Justice.
within one and a half weeks Boris Berezovsky`s supporters from party Liberal Russia collected originals of the seals of regional branches or signatures of heads of their political councils under the reference to Minister of Justice Yury Chajke. In the document Party members demand from the minister to stop to ignore decisions of main board of party ` Liberal Russia ` Also remind of an exception of Victor Pohmelkina`s party, and also about the invitation of the representative of Ministry of Justice to congress which Boris Berezovsky`s supporters intend to spend in Moscow on June, 14th. Otherwise they threaten to spend on July, 12th in Moscow meeting of the protest against ministry actions. In total organizers managed to collect 45 regional seals and signatures.
Besides, the head of the Belgorod branch Liberal Russia Evgenie Skripilev who also is the lawyer of the head of executive committee of party Hamida Delmaeva, in the end of May removed from this post the decision of political council of party (that is Victor Pohmelkina`s supporters), has prepared the statement to the deputy minister of justice Evgenie Sidorenko in whom informs the addressee that excluded from the party the decision of main board Victor Pohmelkin keeps at itself the party press and for this reason the materials directed to Ministry of Justice about main board decisions have not been assured.
we Will remind, just this circumstance has given to Ministry of Justice of the grounds not to consider at all in essence sent by Boris Berezovsky`s supporters materials about decisions of main board of party. On affairs of public and religious associations Alexey Zhafjarov has explained the deputy chief of department of Ministry of Justice to the correspondent: When changes are made to structure of directing bodies, are represented ` live ` reports, and to us have presented a bale of badly readable x-copies with the covering letter that to us direct them for data that such - that action took place. We have looked at them, but do on it any conclusion we cannot. Happens that do copies, but they are necessary for assuring, the authorised persons should make it: In each party there are authorised persons who have the right to operate without the power of attorney, they are registered, included in the uniform register, the documents presented by them we accept, and we accept other documents only ` for data ` .
Lawyer Skripilev wanted to inform deputy minister Sidorenko that as the main board still has imposed on May, 11th a ban for carrying out of sessions of political council, action spent by V.Pohmelkinym on May, 26th, 2003, designated by it as political council, cannot be competent and, as consequence, cannot have legal consequences . Thus, the lawyer, appointment considers and. The island of the chairman of executive committee Alexander Lebedev instead of Hamida Delmaeva contradicts with Civil and Labour codes. Mister Skripilev asks the deputy minister to recognise authenticity of documents of main board and again invites the representative dear ministry To participate in congress work Liberal Russia on June, 14th.
at last, Evgenie Skripilev intended to notify Ministry of Justice that Hamid Delmaev has directed to Alexander Lebedev and the co-chairman Liberal Russia to Boris Zolotuhinu letters with the request to transfer the press of party and a package of the documents confirming the fact of state registration Liberal Russia and its statements on the account in corresponding state bodies. According to mister Delmaeva, Alexander Lebedev has illegally appropriated powers the chairman of executive committee and continues to keep illegally the press and corresponding documents. refusal on immediate delivery the press and documents of Hamid Delmaev intend was to regard in item 158 context, 159, 160 criminal codes of Russian Federation also noticed that for this point in question permission attraction of law enforcement bodies " will be in essence necessary;.
All these documents Evgenie Skripilev and the chairman of working group on preparation and carrying out of extraordinary congress Michael Kodanev intended to transfer yesterday to representatives of Ministry of Justice. However to meet officials it and it was not possible. As Evgenie Skripilev, " has told to the correspondent; further the ensign on a checkpoint us have not started up and all negotiations were conducted by phone: Sidorenko on a place it has not appeared, neither with its secretary, nor with its adviser Alexey Grigoriev it was not possible to communicate because of their absence on a workplace. The secretary of the minister of the Seagull reception to us has refused in connection with absence of the minister and has recommended to address in department of letters and private references. There us have readdressed in help service where have advised to address to deputy minister Michael Kislitsinu. Its secretary has told that the deputy minister accept us cannot, and has advised to address to its adviser Igor Pahomovu. Pahomov the request for a meeting with Kislitsinym has considered unreasonable and has recommended to address to the president of Russia. At last, he addressed us to the chief of department on affairs of public and religious associations to Alexander Kudryavtsev. But also it to meet us has refused . As a result of hour standing on a checkpoint Party members have handed over the documents brought by them in expedition of Ministry of Justice.
to find out yesterday a position of Ministry of Justice to correspondents it was not possible - the documents transferred by Party members to corresponding officials yet do not send in addition. Will count however on success to Boris Berezovsky`s supporters difficultly. After all still on June, 5th deputy minister Evgenie Sidorenko has once again confirmed the position: its department has established competency of decision-making political council, including about change of the person operating on behalf of party without the power of attorney that is about displacement from a post of the head of executive committee Hamida Delmaeva and Alexander Lebedev`s appointment.
Mister Lebedev, in turn, has declared yesterday to the correspondent: How mister Delmaev can demand to transfer it the press and documents if the political council ` Liberal Russia `, recognised as Ministry of Justice lawful, has selected me on May, 26th the new chairman of executive committee of party? Mister Delmaev who to me led party executive committee, at my introduction into a post of anything did not transfer me also anything at me did not ask. Why right now I should it transfer documents and a party press? And on its threat address in law enforcement bodies I can to tell that I do not want to take away from it this constitutional law. Anyway its actions behind which obviously there is not it one, continuous nonsense .