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Race for power

Senator Robert Grem wants to become the US president
the Senator - democrat Robert Grem has officially proposed the nominee in US presidents. Acting with this message on Tuesday in a city of Miami - Lejks (State of Florida), he has accused republican administration that it, having undertaken the military action against Iraq, was in practice discharged of true fight against terrorism. Hinting at war in a zone of Persian gulf of 1991 when the Antiiraq campaign was headed by the president George Bush - the senior, the senator asserted that Bush - younger was engaged now data of old accounts with Saddam Hussein. the present administration has ignored internal security problems, paying them attention only in words while all energy has concentrated on Iraq - Robert Grem has underlined.
66 - the summer senator who has transferred in January a difficult heart operation, became the ninth applicant for a post of the president from democratic party. Before election in the senate of the USA it within eight years was the governor of the State of Florida. Robert Grem held an influential post of the chairman of special committee on investigation in the senate. The central point of the campaign on the eve of the elections which are coming in November of the next year, he intends to make problems of national safety of the USA.

Dick Cheney wants to remain the vice-president
Yesterday the vice-president of the USA Dick Cheney declared the intention to go on elections of 2004 together with the president George Bush. the president has asked me to be its workmate again. And I have agreed - mister Chejni in interview to newspaper Dallas Morning News has told.
However there is one problem which can become an obstacle for performance 61 - summer mister Chejni of its promise to the president Bush, - still before becoming the vice-president, he has endured four heart attacks. However, as he has declared yesterday, now doctors observe it 24 hours a day . If I have problems and I will feel that I can not serve, I the first will tell about it and I will withdraw - mister Chejni has assured.
it is not excluded that there will be also other obstacle - investigation about participation of mister Chejni in scandal with company Halliburton Co is not finished yet., and its results also can affect participation of the vice-president in election campaign. However the present head of the White house would like, that Dick Cheney remained near to it for new term. I do not have reasons to change it - George Bush in November of last year has told, and since then it has not changed the position.

the Austrian trade unions against pension reform
About a half-million the person have taken part in the protest actions which have taken place yesterday in Austria against government plans on realisation of pension reform. As has informed on a press - conferences the chairman of Association of Austrian trade unions Frits Fertsetnich, within the limits of a protest action has taken place about 10 thousand performances - meetings, demonstrations, the short strikes which have passed on all country.
in a week the Austrian trade unions intend to spend powerful demonstration in Vienna to force the government to reconsider the planned model of pension reform which will lead to increase in payments in fund of pension insurance and to reduction of the sizes of pensions. Voting in parliament under the project of pension reform should take place on June, 4th. By this time trade unions expect to reach the compromise with the government or to postpone the problem final decision at least till the autumn.