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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is called to Iraq

at own risk
by friendship of the people

Yesterday in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs there has passed a meeting of the head of the ministry Igor Ivanov and heads of the companies which were taking part in the program Oil in exchange for the foodstuffs . Russia has received a firm assurance from the American side that interests of its business in Iraq will not suffer - the minister of businessmen assured. Businessmen did not trust the minister and asked to officials questions on which they could not find the answer.
to a skyscraper on Smolensk have arrived more than 50 representatives of the firms working in Iraq on the eve of the American intrusion. However, the meeting status that has defined the large companies which had the most scale projects in Iraq (the foreign trade associations Mashinoimport Zarubezhneftegaz tehnopromeksport NK LUKOIL), delegated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of representatives in the rank of chiefs of departments (the complete list of the invited companies the ministry has refused flatly to open). According to one participant of a meeting, persons in general acquaintances, saw many in the Baghdad hotels, but than are engaged - I do not know... . From the large companies of the high-ranking manager has sent Strojtransgaz - vice-president Victor Otta. On - visible, the main counterparts of the program of the United Nations even on the eve of action knew that it will have formal character.
session was opened by Igor Ivanov who has declared: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs carries on dialogue with all participants of process (post-war arrangement of Iraq. - ) also counts on participation of the Russian companies in country restoration . It has continued even more optimistically: Now there is a work in New York that the Russian contracts in Iraq have been included in number priority . However then optimism of the minister has come to naught: Our companies in new conditions should face more rigid competition from foreign firms. The future behind a construction of industrial, economic and humanitarian objects which will conduct the large investment enterprises . That is not the Russian.
then Igor Ivanov have called to the telephone - on its wire president Putin waited. At the same time from a hall have asked to leave journalists - say, them invited only to performance of the minister. That occurred further, participants of the meeting, wished to keep incognito have told. Session has continued deputy minister Yury Fedotov, all questions set from the places, the officials who have remained in presidium of the ministry plainly have not answered one of them. Well the diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can answer such statement (asked this question the businessman, certainly, was not presented): What to do with those of 10 % of cash from the sum of the contract which to us should be rolled away last year saddamovskim to officials that those have signed papers? or: Where to address, if the equipment under the contract in Iraq is mounted, but to accept it there is nobody? (the Question the representative " has set; mosenergoremonta .)
Answers to these questions do not know and in the United Nations. Ien Styles, a press - the secretary of the program Oil in exchange for the foodstuffs to which yesterday has addressed with the same questions, has declared: They should be set to those ministries in Iraq with which the Russian companies " worked;.
In the end of a meeting from a hall one more offer has sounded: Give, without the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other state officials we will unite together to solve the Iraq problems . It, strangely enough, has not received support. Businessmen quickly left the ministry, without answering questions of journalists. One of them has only thrown: Ivanov has spent public relations - the action, usually such questions dare without a superfluous sensation. However, and on it thanks - other ministries even for us have not made it .