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Bread will suffice on all

about New year
the grain market

Yesterday on a press - conferences the chairman of the Russian grain union Arcady Zlochevsky has declared that hearings about deficiency of grain and a flour which appear recently in a press, are strongly exaggerated. He has assured that stocks and a flour, and grains in Russia will suffice about New year even without export reduction.
after the government as a result of grain interventions managed to stop falling of the prices for grain, the grain ton in home market has risen in price on the average for 300 rbl., that is on 14 - 15 %. As a result the price for food wheat of the third class has grown to 2,3 thousand rbl. for ton. The prices continued to grow. It was promoted by export substantial growth on which volumes Russia left on the third place in the world.
it was necessary to pay off for an internal rise in prices for grain to the consumer: wheat ton in the European part of Russia has grown to 3,2 thousand rbl. And taking into account transportation to St.-Petersburg has passed for 4 thousand rbl. As a result bakery products in Moscow only for last two months have risen in price on the average for 20 %. In the Ministry of Agriculture at once have remembered commodity interventions which should reduce some the price for grain and a flour. But, under data, the governmental order about carrying out of commodity interventions is not signed till now. And as bread continues to rise in price, in the State Duma have started to say that and torments in the country began not to suffice some grain that in all record export of grain is guilty and it is necessary to limit it.
as the chairman of the Russian grain union Arcady Zlochevsky considers, in the market of grain anything terrible does not occur. In its opinion, price of bread aspires to level 2000 - 2001. If to consider that, according to Arcady Zlochevsky, the flour cost three years ago 6200 - 6300 rbl. for ton, and today taking into account delivery to Moscow - about 4500 rbl. For ton it turns out that the flour yet has not reached the price peak. and that last ten days the price does not grow any more, - he has assured. - it is simple for some politicians it is very grateful theme, especially before elections .
to Regulate the market, according to the mister Zlochevsky, it is necessary, but in any way by reduction of grain export. In - the first, deficiency of a flour or grain is not present. The transitive rest of grain is that that it quite will suffice about New year. In - the second, export restriction becomes at once a bad signal for investors who have started to put up money in the Russian agricultural industry, in building of ports and elevatorov. In - the third, the confusion in the ranks of grain traders in home market can become result of restriction of export. From what the prices, most likely, will not decrease, and, on the contrary, will grow. Market regulation should be reduced to governmental decree occurrence about carrying out of commodity interventions. Though it already is late: The price for grain will continue to grow only till July when in the market there will be a crop of this year. But the role of such decision will not be limited this year.
the package of documents which includes the bill on commodity interventions, will start in action automatic the mechanism of carrying out of interventions, both purchasing, and commodity. And it means, as regulation of the grain market should be made without dependence from separate governmental documents on carrying out of seasonal interventions.