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the Road map has resulted to Moscow

Near-Eastern settlement

Yesterday to Moscow there has arrived on a visit head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel Silvan Crazy. By data, it has brought a number of offers which urged to involve really Russia in process palestino - the Israeli settlement within the limits of the plan the Road map . However among Palestinians and Israelis so strongly aversion of most this plan what now to speak about the future role in it of Moscow it is possible only hypothetically.

the minister have offended
Silvan Crazy, the held present post in February, was going to arrive to Russia in May. The Israeli party initially insisted on that negotiations have been included in the visit schedule with president Vladimir Putin. However in the Kremlin answered with polite refusal, referring to a busy schedule of the head of the state. Then the mister Crazy has postponed a trip. However, not from - for refusal of the Kremlin. Simply to Israel US State Secretary Kolin Powell and the head of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has unexpectedly gathered should meet the American colleague.
then there was a summit in the Jordanian Aqaba where US president George Bush, and also prime ministers of Israel and Palestin Ariel Sharon and Mahmud Abbas declared renewal of process of Near-Eastern settlement and the beginning of realisation of the peace plan the Road map . After that again there was a question on a trip of Silvana Shaloma to Moscow, and Israelis have again started talking about an audience in the Kremlin. Even have offered an occasion - the minister should inform president Putin on the summit in Aqaba. However and this time a meeting with Vladimir Putin to it it has been refused - thus that before head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, coming to Moscow, almost always met the Russian president. By data, refusal in an audience has strongly offended Silvana Shaloma and, to put it mildly, has surprised the Israeli diplomats. Eventually, they argued, Vladimir Putin finds time for meetings with Natanom Scharansky which holds much less significant post of the minister in the Israeli governmental hierarchy without a portfolio. As it became known, in the circumstances the trip of mister Shaloma to Moscow till last day was in doubt. But Ariel Sharon has recommended to it to swallow insult.
it is possible, intractability of the Kremlin speaks intention of the Israeli minister to discuss with president Putin a theme Russian - the Iranian cooperation in the field of nuclear power. In Moscow already were tired of the American and Israeli reproaches about it. During a recent meeting of presidents of Russia and the USA in St.-Petersburg this theme again in detail obgovarivalas. Probably, in the Kremlin have considered what once again to come back to this question in conversation with head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel of sense has no. So Silvanu Crazy was necessary to be content with discussion of the Iranian theme at negotiations with its Russian colleague Igor Ivanov.

the intermediary number two
Anyway, Silvan Crazy has brought a number of interesting offers to Moscow. These initiatives should on - to the present to involve Russia in Near-Eastern peace process, Moscow participated in which ambassador of disorder of the USSR only formally - in many respects from - for positions of Israel. From the beginning 90 - h relations between our countries developed let and not with great strides, but on the accruing. Russian - the Israeli goods turnover last year has reached $1 billion However all attempts of Moscow to realise in role kosponsora peace process encountered on polite, but firm refusal of Israel. There let know that in this quality to Moscow do not trust - from - for the Proarabian positions which, according to Israelis, is regularly shown at voting in the United Nations for resolutions across the Near East.
now the situation has changed. Prime minister Sharon has proclaimed a course on reconciliation with Palestinians on the basis of the plan the Road map offered by Russia, the USA, the European Union and the United Nations. Thus Israelis traditionally did not have a relation from the United Nations where as they believe, tone is set by Arabs. Do not trust in Israel and to the European Union, too including its position of the Proarabian. Russia, according to Israelis, concerns their problems with the big understanding and sympathy (from - for the Chechen Republic and one million Russian-speaking, left on the historical native land). So in an original rating of trust among the international intermediaries Russia takes in Israel the second place after the USA. On the other hand, Russia trusts and in Arabian the world. Therefore, according to Israel, in realisation the Road map she can play a special role.
in particular, one of stages of the peace plan assumes disarmament of the Palestinian extremist organisations. By data from the Israeli diplomatic sources, Silvan Crazy can suggest to send to Moscow to Palestin observers who will watch process of delivery of the weapon.
however, it will occur yet soon. Moreover, situation development in the Near East last days calls into question into all plan of peaceful settlement.

peace process yet has not begun
were in time prime ministers of Israel and Palestin to declare in Aqaba the adherence to the Road map as the criticism hailstones have fallen upon them. Has strongly got from the fellow citizens to Ariel Sharon. The right radicals have accused the head of the government of all mortal sins up to intention to bury the State Israel. On Sunday evening mister Sharon has tried to justify before members of the same party from Likuda . I accurately told it earlier and have repeated it in Aqaba that the solution of a problem of the Palestinian refugees cannot be found in territory of Israel. I never will allow any Palestinian refugee to get into Israel, never - the prime minister has declared.
however for its colleagues of it was insufficiently. As he has confirmed intention to liquidate illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank of Jordan. According to Ariel Sharon who was at the beginnings of colony movement, he cannot refuse the promises given to the US president. It became clear to all: after decades of advancement forward the Bulldozer as name in Israel Ariel Sharon, has reversed. Arik was tired - have started talking in a camp of the Israeli right.
serious tests wait for mister Sharon already today. The day before the head of the Joint Staff of Israeli army Moshe Jaalon has declared that within the next few days military men will start dismantle of 15 illegal Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories. Council of settlements has stopped a call to prevent government plans. We will resist to destruction, but only nonviolent means. Soldiers - our brothers, it is impossible to raise against them a hand. Instead instead of each destroyed settlement we will create ten new - has declared yesterday a press - the secretary of council of settlements Jegoshua Mor - Josif.
At the Palestinian prime minister position is even worse. Now Mahmud Abbas the same as and earlier, is far from achievement of the overall objective - a pacification of radicals from Hamas Islamic jihad and Brigades of martyrs of Al - Aksy . All groupings have declared that will continue struggle against the Israeli invaders to the victorious end . At the prime minister does not suffice either influences, or the authorities for the power decision of this problem. Moreover, its appeal in Aqaba to stop the armed intifada has been met by Palestinians indignantly. Has reached that yesterday Mahmud Abbas has for safety reasons cancelled a trip to Gaza Strip where was going to meet representatives of extremist groupings once again.
In a word, prior to the beginning of real peaceful settlement, seemingly, still far and to discuss participation in it Russia while early. So the trip of Silvana Shaloma which visits for the first time Moscow as head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, will pour out, apparently, in usual courtesy visit.