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Wheel pair has stopped green a branch

failure in the underground

As a result of failure, proisshedshej yesterday in the capital underground, thousand Muscovites were late for work. According to employees of underground, nobody has suffered, however number addressed in service first aid has increased almost twice.
Failure has occurred in 6. 45 on a stage between stations Novokuznetsk and Theatrical . At the first car of a train wheel pair which has damaged about 200 metres of the power cable stretched along ways has on the move fallen off. As passengers of that structure have told, the train has sharply braked and there was a strong smell of burning. In a tunnel emergency illumination has joined, and the machinist on a public address system has asked passengers to observe calmness. Movement of trains on an emergency site has been immediately stopped, ways are disconnected. After that the machinist has opened intercarload doors and has deduced people through the cabin in a tunnel. Passengers have passed on rails to station Theatrical about 1,5 km.
as have declared in Central administrative board on affairs of civil defence and emergency situations of Moscow, injured failure was not. However, as eyewitnesses told, during a crush which has occurred when people got out of a tunnel, at least one person has received hand crisis, and at another it became bad with heart. fast have taken away victims in hospitals. To seven more passengers the help have rendered on a place - as a result of shock at them chronic illnesses have become aggravated. Besides, according to capital service first aid the quantity of references of passengers of public transport behind emergency medical aid has increased yesterday in the morning almost twice. Basically to doctors complained concerning warm insufficiency.
as a result of failure the Zamoskvoretsky branch of the underground within a ring line peak has completely failed in the morning. For transportation of passengers mosgortrans has allocated 153 additional buses which plied from station Autofactory to Belarus . Employees of management of traffic police of Moscow tried to organise their unobstructed movement on city streets. But this measure has not rescued Muscovites late for work - additional buses have definitively paralysed movement both on the Leningrad prospectus, and in the capital centre. As have informed in underground, from - for failures more than three thousand persons were late for work and have addressed for inquiries . However it is possible to assume that the number of the late is real has made some tens thousand.
as the chief of the Moscow underground Dmitry Gaev confirmed right after failures, movement of trains should restore by noon, but it was not possible to make it. To 12. 00 from a tunnel to depot only have taken out the damaged structure. Then 150 workers have started repair of a site of a power cable. Besides, on a stage between stations Theatrical and Novokuznetsk experts by means of the infra-red equipment have checked up a condition of ways.
according to official figures, repair work has been finished in 15. 20, then movement of trains on green lines have restored in full. By data a press - services of the Moscow underground, failure was the result a break of a longitudinal beam of the frame cart of the head car of structure . To such conclusion the special commission surveying damaged structure has come.