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Imam Samudra has arrived not wisely

It the Indonesian court admitted the explosion organisation to Bali
fight against terrorism

Yesterday has decided to continue process over the organizer of act of terrorism on island Bali, despite statements of protection for illegality of the brought accusations. 32 - summer Imam Samudra is accused of working out and realisation of act of terrorism on October, 12th, 2002 which has carried away lives more than 200 persons the majority from which were foreign tourists. Last week one of key witnesses has confirmed that Imam Samudra was the head of criminal group.
last week lawyers of the main thing accused have declared that charge is illegal as foreign security services took part in a consequence. Besides, under the statement of lawyers, the antiterrorist legislation is not applicable concerning their client as these acts have been accepted already after commission of crime.
Nevertheless the court has rejected arguments of protection and has made the decision on process continuation. Judge Noman Sugava has declared that foreign inspectors worked under supervision of the Indonesian police, thus, their participation in a consequence does not contradict laws. As to the antiterrorist legislation, that, under the statement of the judge, in this case is a question of a crime against humanity, therefore corresponding laws can be applied backdating.
Besides, Imam Samudra recognised the participation in the organisation and preparation of acts of terrorism. It has not expressed repentance of a criminal conduct, having declared that explosions to Bali were the punishment certificate for the lost Moslems all over the world. On process other sensational recognitions have sounded also. Has broken up the younger brother of other defendant, mister Amrozi, 33 - summer Ali Imron. He, in particular, has confirmed that Imam Samudra was the main organizer of act of terrorism.
Ali Imron admitted that participated in manufacturing of explosives to that has learnt in Afghanistan where was in 1991 - 1996. The terrorist has told that in 5 kg it has hidden one of bombs in weight in a plastic package in 50 metres from the American consulate. Then together with two podelnikami, Isoj and Arnasanom who have decided to become shahids, it has gone on Mitsubishi L minibus - 300, filled with an explosive, on street Legian. Here Ali Imron left the car, and shahids have continued a way to the places of forthcoming acts of terrorism specified, according to Ali Imrona, Imam Samudroj. Soon Isa on which body the bomb has been fixed, has undermined itself in cafe Paddis, and Arnasan has blown up a minibus near Sari Club (this explosion, we will remind, has caused the greatest number of victims). Both shahids thus were lost. Ali was picked up on a motorcycle by one more participant of terrorist group - certain Idris which police to catch yet was not possible. After two hours they have met the leader - Imam Samudroj.
Samudra, according to Ali Imrona, presided over the first meeting of the conspirators which have taken place in August, 2002 in village Manang in East Java. There - that the plan of act of terrorism for Bali which Islamites considered as a part " also has been in general developed; sacred war with incorrect . At that meeting, according to the indications of the witness responsible for manufacturing of a bomb has been appointed repeatedly appearing in materials of business of Dul Matin (while he is in hiding), and purchase of components of an explosive and the car has been charged aforementioned Amrozi. Money for it Imam Samudroj have been received as a result of a robbery by its people of a bench of gold ornaments in small town Serang, in the west of Java, and also from the head of the organisation Dzhemaa Islamija in Jugo - East Asia Hambali who is searched now by police of many countries of the world. The consequence thus does not exclude that money resources of Hambali received directly from Osama bin Laden. The assumption is come out also that now Hambali disappears in territory Bangladesh.