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Great Britain refuses to enter an eurozone

Yesterday the Minister of Finance of Great Britain Gordon Brown declared in parliament the decision of the government concerning the introduction of the country into an eurozone. Predictably, mister Brown has told that the country is not ready to joining to uniform European currency that is why the referendum is postponed. That all - taki to carry out conceived, the government the next years needs to change cardinally public opinion in favour of euro.
the decision of the British office on euro journalists named the most badly disappearing secret for all political history of the country. Despite all attempts of the government to avoid leaks till Monday, Bi - Bi - Si In the end of last week it was possible to learn that Minister of Finance Gordon Brown considers outstanding four of the well-known five tests for joining to uniform currency (economic convergence, possibility for adaptation, a condition of the market of labour, a condition of the financial market, level of investments) that is why the referendum will be postponed at least till 2006 (in detail wrote about it on Friday).
If before yesterday morning still there were any questions all doubts have been dispelled by the publication of 18 documents prepared by the Ministry of Finance on the threshold of acceptance of the final decision. These researches in total amount in 1700 pages which circulation weighed 38 tons, were rozdany yesterday in the morning to deputies of parliament and journalists. In them economic justifications of refusal of a referendum are resulted.
Acting yesterday before deputies with the long-awaited reference, mister Brown has declared that the British economy cannot is now painless transfer joining to euro is will lead to growth of inflation and other negative consequences. Thus as a whole the Minister of Finance has expressed in favour of the introduction of London into an eurozone that, in its opinion, will strengthen influence of Great Britain in EU. the further estimation of five tests will be given in the budget of next year - Gordon Brown has promised.
many observers notice what actually to refuse plebiscite carrying out in the near future Tony Blair force not economic reasons, and more than real possibility of a failure of the initiative of joining to an eurozone (now 70 % of British oppose pound sterling abolition). Tony Blair has been compelled to make the correct decision for the incorrect reason - newspaper The Sun known for the aversion of the introduction of London in an eurozone has written yesterday.
the leader of conservatives Ian Dunkan Smith also has rejected the economic reasons as an occasion to referendum carrying over. five tests were one of the thought most over and long smoke screens in the history - he has noticed yesterday in the article in newspaper The Times. In its opinion, this decision was accepted under the influence of ambitions and personal enmity in the government between Tony Blair`s camp and Gordon Brown`s fraction.
that all - taki to carry out the old dream and to enter an eurozone, Tony Blair should do huge work. As has informed yesterday the British Ministry of Finance, in the near future in the country the full-scale campaign, called to change the guarded relation of citizens of the country to euro and Europe as a whole begins.
Besides, the prime minister should explain to the European Union management why the decision on uniform currency is postponed. Tomorrow Tony Blair will go to France for a meeting with president Chirac in which course prospects of the introduction of Great Britain in an eurozone will be discussed, in particular. Besides, as has informed yesterday a press - the secretary of the prime minister, mister Blair intends to ring round the European leaders and personally to explain to them why London has made such decision. Recently Tony Blair`s relations with continental Europe have been seriously spoilt by the Iraq crisis, and the British prime minister obviously is not interested in their further deterioration.