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The Russian volleyball players have tested in Spain


In past uik - end volleyball Russian national team has prolonged the safe series in present draw of World league to six matches. This time winners of last year`s tournament have twice overcome on a visit a team of Spain. With details - correspondent ALEXEY - the ARMOUR.
Russian national team the Spanish trainer Fransisko Ervas in plain terms names the world best team. yes, have lost. But to be overcome with Russia, to take from it two parties - already well - he spoke on Friday after the first match. Actually, in a volleyball rating for last year, let in the World championship ending on thaw - a break we have won not, and Brazilians, Russian national team and costs to the first. As well as in the list of applicants on gold the Athenian Olympic Games: so young and the structure thus already bringing result at anybody from potential competitors is not present.
But head coach Gennady Shipulin, despite external absolute well-being of our national team which, by the way, had a new sponsor - vneshtorgbank Spain admits: All of us time in search. Each match opens both pluses, and lacks which, believe, suffices . Lists that demands operational development - with a sight besides at all on the autumn European championship and a World Cup, and on the Olympic Games: with a position libero not all is clear, diagonal one more is necessary... Spain - an excellent place for check of forces as the national team local is rather strong, and at home, as a rule, at those who objectively and more feasibly, necessarily selects points. And before the house ending of World league which will pass from July, 8 till July, 13th in Madrid and in which, unlike Russians, Spaniards will get irrespective of results of group tournament, the victory over the favourite is desirable. At least one.
On Friday the impression is first made that, speaking about minuses, lacks, Gennady Shipulin dissembled. Well, there are no minuses! In a stuffy hall, in resort Torrevehe that on Kosta - the Form, Russia does with Spain that wants. The master`s block like in time would jump out under Sergey Baranova`s blow, and opening number of one world season instead of blow mjagonko it, the block, throws - the first separation in the account. On a departure Simeon Poltavsky submits, one more opening of World league, - and our advantage in a starting set makes already six points. Then jerk of Baranova behind a ball on another`s half of platform, its monstrous force giving which put the end to the Spanish attempts to be hooked.
it is necessary ours more hard further. It is obvious that Spain houses will rest, all is as though hopeless for it looked. But also the second set though comes to the end with a persistent ending, remains beyond Russia. Ejs Simeon Poltavsky, the next successful block against which it is powerless on Friday and Raphael Paskual, unique as a part of owners a star of world level, - and we conduct 2:0. Afflicts only that, unsuccessfully having landed after a high jump, has pulled a back of Rams, the basic Russian diagonal. It - on a bench.
the Spanish block closes the replaced Sergey Baranova Maxim Tereshina`s attack - the first disturbing sign. The second - two extremely unsuccessful receptions of the givings executed by Spanish binding Kosme Prenafetoj in the middle of the third party: owners achieve for the first time more or less solid advantage in the account. However in ten minutes from it (in many respects, by the way, thanks to errors of same Prenafety at performance of the main duty - the attack organisation) remains nothing. Again an ending. But now, alas, not in our advantage: Maxim Tereshin at the account 24:25 beats in a miss.
Then as it often happens, at those who has crawled away from the razor`s edge, there is a spirit. At owners pass improbable things. At ours does not pass much from this that easily passed half an hour back. Replacements do not help, Konstantin Ushakov`s skill which after inexact reception has run on the Spanish party does not help and a pass has given the chance nevertheless to Tereshinu to strike back. Owners keep. And Luis Pedro Suela good giving brings it a victory in a set and the right to play thaw - a break. And in thaw - breaks Spaniards, speak, kings.
but on the fifth set there is Sergey Baranov. but after all a trauma at it! - spoke after game to Gennady Shipulinu. I to it have told: at first we will win, and you will be treated then - the trainer answers. Rams of Spaniards simply kills: attack, ejs on giving, the productive block! It are kings thaw - breaks have lost.
on Sunday to thaw - a break, fortunately, is not has reached. Though there was a moment in the second party when there was a nasty thought that will reach. The day before at night in hotel where Russians have stopped, wedding walked. And at calculation of ours, speaking the tennis language, not compelled errors in this set, the assumption that volleyball players is banal have not slept, ceased to seem absurd. Well, how it is possible to win party if on a course of tens times you submit either to a grid, or in a miss?!
however the Spanish impulse has come to the end quickly. In the middle of the third set has in succession worked the block of Russians led by Andrey Egorchevym three times. And then mad force blow has put left all - taki in a starting lineup of Rams.
Spaniards resisted even 20 minutes - so much, the fourth set how many lasted. Rushed behind all balls, argued with the arbitrator whom, having given in to pressure, has included in favour of owners pair of disputable misses. But last point was all - taki to ours.