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Poles were beat out in evropejchiki

Yesterday in Poland taken place 7 - on June, 8th a referendum results have been declared the introduction of this country into EU. The majority of Poles have supported integration into Europe.
good evening, Warsaw! Good evening, Poland! Good evening, Europe! - these words the president of Poland Alexander Kvasnevsky welcomed almost 3 thousand inhabitants of the Polish capital which have gathered on Sunday evening on the Theatre square to note referendum results. The ode " has sounded bethovenskaja; To pleasure performed by an orchestra of the Warsaw Bolshoi theatre. New Europeans ( evropejchikov - on - polski) the Spanish tenor the honourable professor of Warsaw musical academy Plasido Domingo welcomed. The president has thanked the compatriots who taken part in a referendum and have supported integration of the country in EU. According to preliminary data, for the introduction of Poland into EU 77,45 % voting have expressed. 58,85 % of voters have taken part in a referendum.
for the purpose of increase in percent voting the referendum passed two days. Though following the results of the first day activity was shown by only 17,61 % of voters, further Poles managed to overcome 50 - a percentage threshold, and the referendum has been recognised by taken place. During week-end to keep varshavjan in a city, the authorities offered free tickets in museums, and operators of mobile communication dispatched SMS - messages, reminding, how many hours remain before the voting termination. On Sunday the traffic police has received instructions to give green street to the cars which were coming back in cities, and at the same time delicately to remind drivers of their civic duty.
Addressing on Sunday evening to numerous supporters of the introduction into EU, filled a hall of formal receptions in the governmental office, the prime minister of Poland Leshek Miller named them citizens of Poland and from now on citizens of our Europe . According to the prime minister, Poland can introduce to Europe not only high potential, but also high qualification of Poles and their desire to work. The prime minister has noticed that for it a great honour to head the government which should result the country in EU.
meanwhile the known Catholic priest Tadeush Rydzik, opposing a referendum, already named its results pure manipulation however has urged the supporters not to lose courage. And the leader of radical movement Self-defence Andrzej Lepper, making comments on referendum results, has explained its result not support of ideas of eurointegration, and first of all hope of simple people of the best future. As he said, pensioners, the unemployed and youth hope to realise themselves, however soon they are waited by deep disappointment as EU not in a condition to solve problems facing Poland .
VLADIMIR - vodo, Warsaw