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the award the literature

in the Union of writers of Russia have once again handed over Yesterday the Big literary award of Russia. The loud name could not mislead litobozrevatelja LIZU - NOVIKOVU - winners represent not all country, and basically the house on the Komsomol prospectus where the joint venture of Russia is based.
the big literary award was founded by the Union of writers of Russia, and, despite such generalising title, hand over it basically to members of this joint venture. This year the turn is already cunning and to chairman Valery Ganicheva. Since 2000 the award is sponsored by company ALROSA: for the best author, under the version of the joint venture of Russia, diamond kings give $15 thousand, for the second and third places - according to $10 thousand and $5 thousand While the award reaches writers, it usually from one big turns in slightly not so such big . So it has turned out and this time: Each of three awards have divided for two parts (last year on the first award it was necessary the whole three writers).
the Main award together with the chairman of the joint venture of Russia and the author of novels Ross invincible Flotovozhd Derzhavnitsa Admiral Ushakov Valery Ganichevym Yury Loshchits has divided. The literary critic and writer Yury Loshchits though belongs to circles nationalist, but represents not only a political line, but also filosofsko - estetskuju. To the General reader its novels about war in Serbia " are known more likely not; union and the Semiworld and the books written in 1970 - 1980 for series ZHZL. So, from it zhezeelovskogo Goncharov (1977) has begun rehabilitation oblomova which have continued in a film Some days... Nikita Mikhalkov and Oleg Tabakov. When - that for this book Yury Loshchits that is called, received From the conformists of Marxism insisting on dobroljubovsko - Lenin treatment goncharovskogo the novel. Since then Yury Loshchits has left from philological studies and became typical pochvennikom : during the last years it has let out novels the Earth - the birthday woman earth Hearing and also the poetic collection Capital of fields .
the Second special regional for writers Republics Sakhas (Yakutia) have divided the award two authors: Vladimir Fedorov and Natalia Harlampieva. the Third the award has got to the Moscow prose writer Vladimir Karpovu and the poet from Leningrad region to Nikolay Rachkovu. At the joint venture of Russia besides Big there are many other literary awards: so, there are awards of a name of Hlebnikova and Yesenin, and even the award of a name periodically finds Ahmatovoj the poetess. To simple, but marvellously quickly remembered as any pioneer rechevka, to verses of the poet from Leningrad region Nikolay Rachkova even a suitable name you will not pick up, such pearls are worthy only diamonds: Leave! Fly! Smoke/ to Foreign edges an incense./ I Remain at the broken trough -/ At Fatherland, where the blown up temple,/ Where spiritual strazhdut cripples/ Paradise life though on half an hour...