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Employers were intimidated indicative processes

Yesterday in Omsk at session of a round table by representatives of supervising bodies and businessmen have discussed problems of settlement of labour relations. According to officials, employers quite often break the rights of workers, with similar practice of the power will struggle by means of indicative processes that to the employer nepovadno was also people have understood that their rights protect . Businessmen declare that in many cases at the businessman as the employer is not present possibility not to break the law, differently it will simply be ruined . As a result of the party have agreed to spend conference on the labour law for workers and heads of the enterprises.
the chairman of committee on social policy of regional administration Arcady Tarelkin has reminded the officials who have Gathered behind a round table and businessmen that a problem of conflicts between heads of the organisations and workers in region Costs sharply, the quantity of infringements of the labour legislation grows, and consequently to us important your opinion . The right the first to express the opinion on a problem the head of the state inspection of work (GIT) the Omsk region Anatoly Pastuhov has received. As mister Pastuhov has told, last year experts GIT have checked up more than 4,1 thousand Omsk enterprises and have revealed more than 21 thousand infringements of the labour legislation. Every third infringement of the labour legislation at the Omsk enterprises - a delay of payment of a salary. According to head GIT, for today the total debts of the Omsk enterprises for the salary exceed 726 million rbl.
Principal causes of infringements of the rights of workers Anatoly Pastuhov named a bad financial position of many Omsk enterprises, legal illiteracy of heads and that the head cannot be punished . Last year we, one of the first in Russia, achieved in courts of a disciplinary responsibility of the head - clearing of a post for two years. Twice courts recognised fault of heads, but did not apply to them disciplinary actions in view of insignificance of infringement - head GIT has informed. And with grief has added: We think only of machine tools and cars, and of the person we do not think .
As it has appeared, head GIT meant a situation which has developed on two Sibzavodah a name of fighters of Revolution . We will remind that in 2002 property complex FGUP Sibzavod has been transferred regional State Unitary Enterprise Sibzavod and at the federal enterprise bankruptcy procedure has been initiated. As Anatoly Pastuhov has told, transferring property from balance to balance, heads of two enterprises have forgotten to pay the salary of 1,2 thousand workers.
I do not urge the regional authorities to break the law. But debts under the salary should be extinguished, the total debts exceed 11 million rbl. - head GIT has told. To industrialists and the regional authorities it was not limited to criticism. Omsk businessmen, according to mister Pastuhova, also quite often break the rights of workers - make out sellers on shops as private businessmen (thus the hired worker loses social guarantees - ). And local trade unions do not use legal possibilities for protection of the rights of employees of the enterprises. According to GIT, more often the rights of workers are broken by heads of enterprises VPK, agriculture and trade sphere.
head GIT was supported by Arcady Tarelkin. In the former collective farms and state farms that is created not that a legal lawlessness, it is wildness any in relation to workers. We encounter such facts that it is a shame and to speak - mister Tarelkin has informed. Probably, it was a shame to speak really - concrete examples wildnesses Arcady Tarelkin has not resulted. As he said, on village local heads are not anxious by protection of the rights of workers. Therefore officials of regional administration and employees GIT should change psychology of heads of the enterprises, and representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor, services of court enforcement officers and journalists should officials help. there are enterprises where the director is covered with interests of the enterprise, does not pay the salary, and with money fills the pocket. We will choose concrete victims in several areas of area, we will spend some indicative litigations. I think, all gathered will help us, and the situation will change - Arcady Tarelkin has declared.
Representatives of power and supervising structures to whom mister Tarelkin has addressed for the help and council, from idea of carrying out of indicative processes have not come to delight. The chief of department on supervision of execution of laws of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Omsk region Galina Hohrina began to dissuade officials from a choice of victims and has advised to place emphasis on increase of legal literacy of workers of the enterprises. labour relations are accurately enough registered in the Labour code of the Russian Federation. A problem that in most cases neither the employer, nor employees of laws do not know. If knew, problems would be much less - madam Hohrina has told.
On protection of interests of employers there was a chief executive of the Omsk regional union of businessmen Sergey Sindeev. Unfortunately, heads of supervising bodies always take the part of the worker. And after all it is mutual relations. The employer simply does not presume to hold to itself on work the drunkard or the person who does not fulfil the salary - Sergey Sindeev has told.
As a result of two-hour dialogue businessmen and officials have agreed more often to meet and during the current year to spend regional scientifically - the practical conference devoted to changes in the Labour code of the Russian Federation.
Pavel Aksenov