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the Electrodevice wants to prevail

As yesterday it became known the arbitration court of the Rostov region has confirmed to the post of the external operating Federal state unitary enterprise fulfilling duty the Electrodevice Sergey Skripileva. The new head of the defensive enterprise intends to achieve returning sold by the former external managing director of a considerable part of property of factory.
Being since February, 2002 under external management FGUP the Electrodevice in June has replaced already the second anti-recessionary head. Resignations of the first external managing director - Marata Zajnalabidova the Southern inter-regional territorial body of Federal Agency of financial improvement and bankruptcy of the Russian Federation achieved almost year. According to the head of department of industry Minproma RO Victor Klepova, during external management under the direction of mister Zajnalabidova the enterprise condition has worsened, Portfolio of orders has not been generated, the enterprise accounts payable has increased to 58 million roubles. For this reason activity of Marata Zajnalabidova has been recognised by inefficient, especially by a financial part.

as has informed Sergey Skripilev, during the stay on a post of the external managing director mister Zajnalabidov has sold almost all auxiliary premises located on perimetre of factory, and, at the price 10 times less the real. According to Sergey Skripileva, these objects have been sold to commercial structures for 14 million roubles while their actual cost exceeds 150 million roubles. At the moment the new administration has prepared all remained documents (on Sergey Skripileva`s expression, Zajnalabidov has not left to me any piece of paper, actually having concealed all information ) For transfer in UFSB on RO and regional Office of Public Prosecutor for the purpose of excitation of criminal case concerning mister Zajnalabidova. The new external managing director, a management " Besides, has noticed; the Electrodevice intend to achieve through arbitration court of returning of the current legislation of property of the enterprise sold with infringement. First of all it concerns the property, which tearing away mentions technological schemes of the enterprise . Two bases of rest sold to private structures are carried To number of priority objects at the Black Sea coast and on the left coast of Don which brought in the essential income " also; to the Electrodevice .

After displacement of mister Zajnalabidova from a post of the external managing director enterprise position began to be corrected gradually. In particular, Sergey Skripilevu managed to convince management of capital enterprises FGUP scientific research institute of exact devices (NIITP) and scientific and technological centre the Radar The former creditors FGUP the Electrodevice (owned half of its accounts payable) to continue cooperation with the Electrodevice . Two months ago the Moscow enterprises have terminated the cession contract (a concession of creditor requirements) with the Rostov factory, motivirovav it that risks which carries out at fulfilment of the operations the Electrodevice does not presume FGUP . Yesterday both Moscow enterprises have made decision to increase quantity of the orders on the Electrodevice on 60 %.

At the same time for the present sceptically enough at cooperation with factory looks trying to work with it in 2002 of Open Society Rostvertol . Vertoletostroiteli were going to place at factory orders for a total sum more than 60 million roubles (the organisation on capacities FGUPa of a site on dismantling and fault detection of helicopters) in exchange for the accounts payable repayment The electrodevice . As has noticed the general director of Open Society Rostvertol Boris Sljusar, the Electrodevice can collect today orders and for 100 million roubles. but who with it will work now? I personally, - have noticed it, - I do not want to participate in their dismantlings and I do not want, that my name there pulled out, like Sergey Bidashu .

At the same time Marat Zajnalabidov has declared that everything that has been made by it at the enterprise, carried out with the consent of arbitration court RO and approval of board of creditors the Electrodevice and also it has been brought in the plan of external management of the enterprise. On its expression, mister Skripilev - simply weak head, therefore wishes to shift fault from a sick head on healthy . At the same time mister Zajnalabidov has informed that labour collective the Electrodevice Not getting wages since April, prepares for a protest action up to overlapping of one of the central streets of Rostov.