Rus News Journal

the Main thing that all spoke about it

From negotiations of Zaurbeka Talhigova with Movsarom Baraevym.
Talhigov : listen to me, the brother, one more. In a hall which goes out of doors...
Baraev : Yes?
T : On the right stand KamAZy . Near to KamAZom there is a house. They (capture group. - ) in this house opposite. You hear, about what I speak?
B. : You mean at an input on the right?
T : If there will be any movements, shoot on tanks to make a veil round itself. They on the right near the house and in KamAZah around. Hospitals stand near. Snipers, the person ten are opposite expensive.
B. : Further.
T : there, where you have left the cars, directly are opposite expensive, there are two armored troop-carriers. On a roof again snipers, the person seven - eight.
B. : Where?
T : Directly opposite to a hall... Yesterday two women (shahids. - ) wanted to leave. Hardly - Hamzatu has hardly phoned to inform that they are waited by snipers.
T : Ours (citizens of Russia. - ) anybody, any person do not let out. Yesterday entered into the Internet. Spoke with those brothers, which in Baku and Turkey. Asked, as at them. They say that there too movement has increased. They transferred all of you greetings. The main thing that all spoke about it.