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At cinema? Have gone!

travel in film-making places

the Place where when - that have removed any episode of a popular film, is simply doomed to become tourist sight. In Suzdal, for example, any guide necessarily will show to the tourist where Balzaminov married. Outside of Russia too many the former sets which have found the second life.

in Hobbit places

Any representative of the tourist`s industry of New Zealand without the slightest doubt will subscribe under a Lenin phrase: to Major of arts for us is cinema . And even will specify, which cinema - an epopee the Lord of rings . After all tolkinskoe Sredizeme on the screen is and there is New Zealand.

certainly, sceptics can tell that Tolkien never anything similar in a kind had. However Tolkien`s admirers have fallen upon the New Zealand earth as orks. In two weeks after an exit on screens of the first series the number of foreign tourists in the country has increased by 20 %. By the time of occurrence of the second series the stream of tourists has grown twice. The premiere of the third will take place in December in capital of New Zealand Vellingtone. To keep up to a session, the sense is tickets aboard the plane to attend already now.

By the way, with the plane can begin tolkinskoe an adventure. On a route of Los - Andzheles - Vellington plies Boeing 747 New Zealand companies, bearing a name of hobbit Frodo. And all the rest, that is taking off not from Los - Andzhelesa, it is necessary to start already in Vellingtone. Before long road it is necessary to rise on mountain Victoria from which top the magnificent kind on a city opens. From here cinema hobbit Frodo Torbins and its true Sam said goodbye to the native earth before the great campaign.

That who wants to pass on their stops, it is necessary to get in Vellingtone the main New Zealand best seller - the guidebook to places of shootings of a film the Lord of rings (Ian Brodie. The Location Guide to the Lord of the Rings). Considering that founders of a film used about 150 various places for shootings on location, without the similar guidebook really not to understand. For not most keen fans in any branch of Council about tourism of New Zealand are available broshjurki, allowing in general to compare certain areas of New Zealand with parts tolkinskogo Sredizemja. So, national park Tongariro with three majestic volcanoes is Mordor, a cradle of powers of darkness. The mountain Ngaurahoe is a mountain of Destiny in which bowels the ring vsevlastja was lost.

Other national park - Kaitoke - elfijsky Rivendell on whom the river Anduin flows. District Glenorhi and lake Vakatipu - too elfijskie possession, Lorien.

In area Kvinstauna there is a Foggy ridge.

the region Vaikato is the earth of hobbits, Shir. At entrance to the local city of Matamata of tourists the signboard meets: Welcome to Hobbitaniju and in local fast - fude the sandwich with a cutlet, bearing a proud name " is on sale; hobbitburger .

real fan Tolkien an act the campaign on a match of any local command on cricket can become worthy. The roar of fans on tribunes during one of such games has been used in a film for ozvuchanija armies of spiteful orks.

on secret service of the tourist industry

If only two series (and forthcoming the third, it last) epopees the Lord of rings could create a miracle with tourist business of New Zealand merits 20 - a serial film epopee about adventures of the agent before the world tourist`s industry cannot be overestimated 007 James Bonds.

the Bond too begins with the plane. From whatever point of globe you moved the company of British Airways, together with tickets you necessarily receive a calendar card reminding that British - James Bond`s favourite airline.

and - favourite Bond firm - it is necessary to put razor Philips not less favourite by the superspy in suitcase Samsonite. After that it is possible to order a cocktail from vodka from martini (to mix but not to shake up) and to get under the catalogue of the goods duty free tiny model of the car of Aston Martin Vanguish from last, the twentieth, a series.

where to fly? Yes practically anywhere. For forty years and twenty series of film travel James Bond has travelled all globe. It is possible to name only most - the routes.

it is necessary to begin, certainly, from Jamaica. There the very first film of an epopee - " was shot; Doctor Nou . In the same place the country house Yana Fleming on whom 14 books about the Bond have been written is located. The country house carries the same name, as one of films - the Gold eye (by the way, in this film the role of the gardener is executed by Fleming`s personal gardener). On a historical country house it is possible to lodge. Its present owner who was in due time the producer " has taken care of it; Doctors Nou .

Residing at a garden small house in country house territory costs only $795 for a night. Wishing to live directly in the house of the great writer, to use its personal tennis court and pool and to sunbathe on its personal beach it is necessary to pay more - $3,5 thousand for a night. However, the country house can be visited and as a museum then leaves absolutely cheaply.

in Fleming`s study the guide will necessarily pay attention of visitors to the book favourite by the writer Birds of Vest - India . A name of the author of this research on ornithology - James Bond.

Bedrooms in the main house are named by names of girl-friends of the superspy - Soliter, Hani Ryder, Tiffani the Case. To services of visitors - a full collection of films about the agent 007 on DVD and all books about the great spy (alas, in slightly shabby kind, but, probably, it is made specially). Near to trees in a garden memorable tablets with names of last lodgers are placed: This guavu was planted by Johnny Depp This mango was planted by the Pier Brosnan This lajm was planted by Joko It .

In a pair of clocks of driving from a historical country house there is a crocodile farm where those crocodiles (or, probably, their descendants live) on which backs Roger Moore in a picture " ran; Live and give to die . The farm is opened for visitings, but to repeat the well-known scene to visitors do not resolve.

on island it is possible to find and other memorable places. For example, hotel Grand Lido Sans Souci - in a film Doctor Nou It acted in a cottage role in which hero Sean Connery had the romantic appointment, appeared an ambush. In area Oho - Rios settles down factory on processing of bauxites - in a film there there was a secret laboratory of the villain of doctor Nou. And certainly, in any way it is impossible to forget about a beach of Lauhing - Voters - there sea left waters Ursula Andress in the legendary white bikini! By the way, the beach name to remember unessentially - it is enough to ask any local resident where is the Bond beach and to you will show.

James Bond has given a new name not only to a beach in Jamaica. If in Switzerland to rise on mountain Shilthorn at top it is possible to find out restaurant Pits Gloria . Such name was carried by secret laboratory of one more Bond enemy - Ernest Stavro Blofelda in a picture On secret service of Its Majesty . Certainly, on Shilthorne corresponding scenes of a film were shot.

Except mentioned above Jamaica and Switzerland separate episodes of a Bondiana acted in film also in Turkey, Italy, on the Bahamas, in Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Monaco, Thailand, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Guatemala, Greece, India, the Western Berlin, Great Britain, Iceland, the USA, Morocco, Austria, Mexico, Puerto - Riko. Not without reason on the family arms of the Bond the motto flaunts: it is not enough Whole world .

In far - a far galaxy

At the travel agencies working with Tunis and in Tunis, the favourite film epopee - Star wars . In three series lukasovskogo a masterpiece - Illusive threat Attack of clones and New hope - the action part occurs on a planet Tatuin.

to get on Tatuin, the starprobe vehicle is not required. After all as this word are called the city and area in desert Sahara in territory of Tunis. It is interesting that though George Lukas and used the name Tatuin, but is direct in the city of any shootings was not conducted.

landscapes of a planet Tatuin acted in film in the most various areas of Tunis. And it is necessary to arrive to small town Tatuin unless to be photographed about a traffic sign at entrance to a city on which the city name - planets is written in three languages - Arabian, French and English. Well, still it is possible to send from local mail a card to familiar fans Star wars - let will be glad to a stamp!

however to distinguish one deserted landscape from another each visitor is capable far not. But for especially caustic fans there is a guidebook to places of shootings (Jeremy Beckett. Tataouine Tours: On Location Guidebook). It is bad only that is direct in Tunis it is not on sale. The British travel agency Tataouine Tours from which it is possible to communicate through a web - a site located to http address is engaged in its distribution:// www. tataouinetours. com. The Same company sells entertaining souvenirs that who for any reason has not reached Tunis: for example, sand from a place where took place film shootings Illusive threat $20 for 70 grammes of sand, not including transfers.

those who will reach Tunis, can save. Deficiency of sand in Sahara it is not observed. To look, for example, at Great dunes on road from the city of Nefta to Algeria enough. On this deserted and lifeless space went when - that robot C3PO.

In the city of Adzhim it is possible to see a small house in which there lived the knight - dzhedaj Ob Van - Kenobi.

But the majority of excursions, organizuemyh for visitors, go to small towns Ksar - Hadada and Matmata, nearby to Tatuina. Here scenes in a quarter of slaves were shot, on these ladders Ljuk Skajuolker climbed up. At desire it is possible to spend night in hotel which rooms are located in caves. And it is possible - and in magnificent hotel du Lac in the city of Tunis. Du Lac to the smallest details it is similar on increased in size peskohod - mechanical means of transportation which aboriginals of a planet Tatuin dzhavy use.

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