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Five-star march - a throw

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Land Rover Jeep name the king of off-road cars. But to estimate its royal possibilities, it is necessary to test it on extreme travel. Land Rover Adventures company some times in a year suits a march - throws on jeeps on impassability of Africa, Latin America, Australia and Asia.

is not present, it not a usual tourist jeep - a safari with the driver and fellow travellers. Here at the wheel there will be you. The basic part of a way should be passed on a cross-country terrain. And here all the day long you will perfect the driver`s skill on dusty potholes and to check Land Rover on durability. But in the evening you wait pool, a refined supper, fine number, a bed laid by fine linen. Travel from Land Rover Adventures is always a combination of extreme exotic to five-star comfort.

In Africa even those roads which are noted on a card by a fat line, in a reality - sandy dvuhpolosniki. Not each jeep in a condition to sustain such avtoban. Descendants of English colonizers in Africa have preferred to all jeeps Land Rover. Now an optimum variant - Land Rover Defender. The simple Spartan car, but very hardy. When you catch on impassability a stone, not so much reliability, how many durability of the chassis is important - on Defender superstrong bridges in front and behind are established. Defender also it is supplied by a constant full drive that guarantees stability. Besides, for a professional off-road car it is rather bright model: 5 - a cylinder turbodiesel in volume of 2,5 l and capacity of 138 horsepowers. Though on broken, utykannoj stones speed 50 - 60 km/ ch already seem to a sandy line dizzy.

in Africa of Land Rover Adventures offers travel across Botswana, to Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe. The majority of routes pass on national parks. To the drivers of Land Rover Adventures shows such places where the usual tourists participating in a jeep - safaris, do not get. Cars dvizhutsja in a column, group are accompanied by the ranger, that is a conductor. Communication with it is supported on a portable radio set. The main thing in Africa - not to become separated from the frock: in savanna owners of life - wild animals, and the weapon to conductors it is forbidden to carry.

the Most safe entertainment - Game Drive. Early in the morning you sit down in a jeep and go on searches of animals, for example lions. If to behave correctly and not to run, it is possible to look, photograph and return easy all back whole and safe. More exciting variant - Night Drive. Excursion on savanna at night. The ranger sits down on an armchair established on a cowl of your jeep, and in the dark tries to discover a projector of animals. Bright light frightens animals. When the multiton elephant, a good portion of adrenaline to you will by be carried by guaranteed. The most extreme way of studying of the African fauna - Game Walk, walk on veldu on foot. From each participant the subscription that in case of its destruction from someone`s claws, organizers of excursion of responsibility do not bear teeth or hoofs undertakes.

to driving on impassability and supervision over local fauna of travel across Africa are not limited. Land Rover Adventures arranges helicopter excursions, walks to a canoe, races on motorkah on overgrown lakes, visits to local tribes.

exotic travel are calculated on one and a half - two weeks. Almost every day you will move from place to place, stopping on a lodging for the night in lodzhah and camps. Lodges are such specific African hotels. In any wild solitude of national park it is constructed ten - twenty bungalows. The majority of small houses - guest, other are occupied otelnymi by services. In a bungalow there is everything that it is necessary to have to number of five-star hotel: a huge bedroom with the conditioner, a bath, a shower, towels, a dressing gown, mini - a bar, small pool on a terrace. Bungalows are connected among themselves by narrow footpaths, fences are not present, wild animals easy walk about on territory lodzha. If you decide in the evening to take a walk, to do it in the company with the local security guard - so more easy better.

but the present exotic is a night in a camp in the middle of savanna. Such stops during your travel will be a little. Usually tents are established on some distance from each other, creating illusion zaterjannosti in the African solitude, but when they are grouped by a close semicircle, a wall to a wall, it means that the place is especially dangerous. for the night, - warns a conductor, - clasp tents entirely, and not just grids against mosquitoes . Despite lacking around any civilisation, tent - quite comfortable habitation. In everyone there is a shower, a toilet, convenient furniture and even the safe. The supper is covered open-air: white cloths, china, wine in thin-walled glass glasses... Such here contrast between comfort of camp and the wild nature.

the travel price for jeeps across Africa - from 4870 euros. Less exotic and shorter voyages, for example across Scotland, stand from 2088 euros. Everything is included in the price, except air tickets: jeep rent, residing in hotels and camps, visa registration, a food and alcoholic drinks. The nearest exotic jeep - round from Land Rover Adventures will take place across Namibia in September. To become its participant, at all it is unessential to have at itself in garage Land Rover off-road car, enough this car simply to love.


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