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Between Glasgow and Edinburgh

travel across Scotland

Kilts, clans, whisky, delay, a sloe, locks - here words which come to mind when speech comes about Scotland. The few reach it, for the majority Scotland and remains mysterious, far and novel. And it meanwhile has to very close acquaintance.

some call in to Edinburgh or Glasgow on business and at the same time examine some the most known sights. Still it is possible to buy in Moscow special round on locks of Scotland or across Edinburgh with residing at fine hotels. But if you want to understand really that such Scotland, is better to do a bit of travelling on it independently. To go to travel.

to travel not on a straight line, and a zigzag and kruzhnym a way, having planned the basic points (like the royal castle Sterling), but daring to deviate the basic route. To move from one small town in another, to spend the night in roadside hotels, to have dinner in small pubs. And then it will appear that all slyshannye you in the childhood stories about Scots - a naked truth, only actually all is much more interesting.

To go to a way all is better - taki from Glasgow. It is the big city in Scotland, but for a long time there to be late special sense is not present: it gloomy enough and not so interesting. In transfer with Scottish glazgo - expensive green place . A city indeed enough expensive and green. Houses constructed by architect Charles Renni Makintoshem, the ancestor British ar - nuvo and a modernist style, for example a building of School of arts are interesting. And having examined a medieval cathedral of St. Mungo and remarkable Art gallery of Glasgow (one of the best in Europe), it is possible to hire the car with quiet conscience and to go to search adventures to rural Scotland.

the First that shakes there, this sensation of tranquility and internal harmony: green hills and mountains (above, than in England), huge lakes, small towns and villages. Those who learnt English at school, know from regional geography that lakes here name loch, valleys - glen, and mountains - ben. To the well-known mountain Ben - Nevis, the highest in England to reach uneasy enough, but it is visible it from apart. From lakes which stand in a frame from local legends and povery, everything are good literally, including well-known the Sucker - Lomond (the biggest lake of Scotland) and more remote the Sucker - Ness (where, as it is known, there lives a legendary monster) - to the last should be gone through all same Grampians. Some lakes are connected by the smart systems of the pipes which have remained still from Romans. By the way, without dependence from a season here will be much more cool, than in a city.

of living creatures it is around full, wild and house: From - under feet large birds take off, in meadows local shaggy brown cows, terribly friendly are grazed, and on roads wild ponies come across. Trout and a salmon who in a smoked kind in local snack bars suggest to try together with local whisky here are found in lakes and mountain small rivers.

, however, it is necessary to speak about whisky especially. Because literally everyone two - three miles will come across to you so-called distillery, or vinokurni, - structures with sharp roofs where do and are tasted by temples.

Scots, unlike Americans, name the drink whisky, without e (compare amer. whiskey), and still an adhesive tape . An adjective Scottish in relation to any other subjects sounds as scottish. Besides whisky it is necessary to drink and local beer, absolutely remarkable, named here an ale, it is a hundred times better than English and too in each brewery of the. Meal in Scotland without a delicacy, tasty and nutritious. It is necessary to try present haggis - a stuffed stomach of a sheep or a ram. In general - that this delicacy New Year`s (celebrating of the Scottish New year, or Hogmonay, - a special theme), but for its tourists prepare all year long.

Scots are much closer to Russian, than Englishmen, and it is felt at once. About inhabitants of Glasgow, for example, speak so: having met one of them in a pub, never you know, whether there is it your bosom friend or there and then will give to you in an eye. A mysterious Scottish soul. And in general local residents, especially in small towns, it are friendly, opened, affable and live are interested in the world outside of British isles.

each of cities and small towns of Scotland, in which you decide to call in on the way (or having gone astray), for something yes it is nice: in Perth cook all same whisky; In Melrouze (is closer to Edinburgh) there are ruins of the most ancient Gothic abbey to which restoration the hand was put by Walter Scott; in Eire (is closer to Glasgow) nalizalsja the hero of a ballad of Burns, the unfaithful husband Volume About ` Shenter (in what occasion the city of Ejr to it seemed much above all capitals on beauty of the maidens ) . In general in Scotland such impression is made that where spit you will get to a place where was when - that Scott, Burns, well or, at the worst, the character about whom, and even Shakespeare wrote to the historical place connected with heroic struggle of Scots with Englishmen. In Montroze - a scene of action skottovskogo the novel the Legend about Montroze in Perth - it is natural, the Pertsky beauty and under the city of Inverness (it to the north, it is absolutely close to the Sucker - Nessu) is the lock of lady Makbet - Kovdor. Locks in Scotland in general a pond prudi - for all tastes. If you the history of Scotland especially it is necessary to visit the castle Sterling, majestic residence of a dynasty of Stewarts interests, is proud standing on a rock. Here it is possible to buy both decoding with colours and names of the Scottish clans. In Sterling it is necessary to come on a cemetery, to look at gravestone monuments.

from Sterling no distance to Edinburgh.

Well to visit port small town Berik - on - the Tweed that in Northumberland. It is nice basically for that, being on border of England and Scotland, constantly passed from hand to hand, therefore its freedom-loving inhabitants did not recognise neither English, nor the Scottish laws. Berik became for the contradictory parties a city - a symbol, and the title of the English king after transfer of its large possession came to an end with words: ... And king Berika - on - the Tweed . In 1856 - at conclusion of peace between Russia and England upon termination of the Crimean war - the English official has forgotten to mention in a title of the king the city of Berik, so till absolutely recent time it, unique of English (the Scottish?) Cities, officially remained in a state of war with Russia. But it so, in the form of a funny thing.

about Edinburgh it is possible to write much and in details, mentioning the lock on a rock, Royal mile, 16000 historical buildings, the Edinburgh festivals, bohemian life and etc. the History here is not separated from the present, and smoothly intertwines with it - to look under feet enough. I personally remember till now beaten out on a stone of a roadway saying Freedom is a noble thing ( Freedom - a noble word ) any well-known Scot of XIII century.