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Goskomsport was engaged in game rules

Heads of Goskomsporta of Russia seriously have attended to problems of a gaming and ways of their decision. The briefing has been called. Problems of the branch transferred in conducting by Goskomsporta one year ago have been mentioned. Methods of their decision have been offered. Also term of realisation of these decisions - is named one year. With details the correspondent Sports Andrey Semjaninov.

vice-president Dmitry Zelenin is engaged in a problematics of gambling branch in Goskomsporte, with business in general (not gambling), naturally, the acquaintance not by hearsay - in the past it was the first vice-president of the Russian Open Society Norilsk Nickel . It also conducted a briefing, and then accepted the correspondent to whom has stated the vision of a situation. Rejecting general provisions (that a gaming - the extremely favourable object both for investments, and for replenishment of a profitable part of the budget) and rather interesting references to world experience, I will result the short abstract of this position.

in - the first, the legal base which almost as is not present is unsatisfactory. There is no federal law on a gaming. Is, truth, the bill brought in the State Duma by deputy Igor Dinesom. It was last year. The bill lies without movement. goskomsport is ready to offer in it the amendments, but for this purpose it is necessary, that the document has gone at least on the first reading.

the second offer: it is necessary depozitno - the insurance system providing payment of prizes. If to compare a gaming with bank - something like reserve fund in the Central Bank. The correspondent has taken an interest, whether any other representative will approach instead of the Central bank, - g - n Zelenin has answered that, probably, yes. Insurance of participants of the market can quite be obligatory - like what in three weeks is entered for all participants of traffic.

point the third. Increase of a payment for licences. Now Goskomsport is compelled to give out them, it is possible to tell, for nothing - for 1300 roubles. In practice it means the following: any swindler has an opportunity to open a casino though in canvas tent, to play there by the rules and to be closed a day before payment of taxes. Then it can go behind the new licence. Everything, according to Goskomsporta, in Russia it is given out about 6000 licences for realisation of gambling activity, from them it is direct Goskomsportom - 1700 for about a year. Even not repeated, and multidecent increase of licence gathering will allow to cut swindlers.

further. Licences it is planned to make two-level: them vises as federal department (read, Goskomsport), and regional administrations. Participants of the market are checked by the federal supervising organisation (for example, Crewe of the Ministry of Finance). At last, point the fifth: goskomsport declares necessity of association of participants of a gaming for the organisation self-regulated and self-checking the market (by example NAUFOR or ARB), and also creations of institute of personal certificates for workers of a gaming. The certificate of the professional croupier, for example. Here still a particular which did not rise in total documents of a briefing: the uniform register of participants of the market. It, it is how much possible to understand, at present is not present.

Last question: for whom the briefing intended? I believe, for all parties listed in this article. And still, as have explained in Goskomsporte, Dmitry Zelenin has attended to a gambling problematics about two months ago. Which what has understood. Also has made the first course. Will watch an event.


on pension will stimulate the interest Sportsmen

to Veterans of domestic sports from this year special pensions within the limits of the action " will be paid; a memory Debt which is spent by the Russian union of sportsmen (RSS) with support of Goskomsporta of Russia. Its purpose - attraction of attention and rendering of material aid to veterans of domestic sports. The first participant of the project a memory Debt there was a former basketball player of a national team of the USSR Vladimir Andreev. Now it will monthly receive an additive to pension at a rate of 1,5 thousand roubles. Chairman Goskomsporta of Russia Vyacheslav Fetisov has thanked RSS and has expressed hope that soon the attention to veterans of domestic sports becomes more steadfast: At present the state grants are paid to the Olympic champions, but behind a board remain more than 1000 prize-winners of the World championships and Europe, therefore I welcome this action as light undertaking .

Ramensky Saturn has based football school

football club Situated near Moscow Saturn - Ren TV with support of the government of Moscow Region and the speaker of the Moscow regional thought Valery Aksakov opens football school for children in the city of Egoryevsk on the basis of a boarding school. At school children from 11 till 17 years will live, study and train. At present there is a work on building of training and sports halls, the modern medical centre, football grounds with artificial and natural lawns prepare. According to the director and the head coach of school Vladimir Bubnova, employment will begin autumn of this year.

the Ekaterinburg Palace of sports have handed over in a shock order

In Ekaterinburg building of a new Palace of game sports is finished. On June, 11th in it have passed games of the first International volleyball tournament on Boris Yeltsin`s prizes. The new palace is intended for carrying out of large most high-class competitions. Now sports hall tribunes are capable to contain 3700 spectators. Installation of the television monitor intended for video translations comes to the end. In the long term the new sport centre will consist of two blocks - nowadays constructed is sports - auditorium the area of 21 thousand in sq. m. with administrative premises, and also additional training halls and hotel.

palace building has been finished less than for two years. The building crowns the unique dome having the form of an ellipse with the big diameter of 80 m and small - 67 m. Weight metallokonstruktsy coverings make 660 tons.


the Ukrainian has headed the International federation of draughts

last week the president of the World federation of draughts Ivan Shevkopljas has been selected luganchanin. For the first time for all history this sports federation was headed not by the Dutch, and the representative of other country. Now, besides already available in Geneva and Amsterdam, branches a staff - apartments of the World federation of draughts will open in Kiev and Lugansk.

mister Shevkopljas has mastered all kinds of draughts, is the master of sports of the international class and the international arbitrator. In 1996 it has been selected by the first vice-president of the World federation of draughts. The federation which exists since 1947, includes representatives of 45 countries of the world.


Sportsmen will transport with comfort

Moving and transportations - an integral part of life of the sportsman. The organisation of this process has great value. goskomsport, holding the annual tender among the organisations, rendering services on avia - and to rail transportation, are turned on quality of these services by the most steadfast attention.

this year competition of Goskomsporta on aviation and rail transportation in all directions for Russian teams, sportsmen and their trainers was won by the State federal unitary enterprise Agency fizkulturno - sports actions . According to the director of agency fulfilling duty Sergey Makarova, one of the basic directions in agency work is maintenance of sportsmen with the services connected with moving and transportation of luggage. Among competitions which are served by agency, - the Olympic games, the European championships and the world.


Football rules can change

FIFA prepares changes in the charter, thanks to which football players, even played for national teams of the countries, can support other national teams. In November of last year football committee FIFA has approved the offer to allow to change to players the country which they represent. In May with the committee decision which structure includes such stars of different years, as Michel Platini, George Hadzhi, George Vea, Dragan Stojkovich, Roger Milla, Hugo Sanchez, Dzhachinto Fakketti and Bobbi Charlton, has agreed executive committee FIFA. Now the congress of the international federation which will take place in October in Qatar should confirm this decision.

according to a member of executive committee FIFA and the president of the Russian football union (RFS) Vyacheslav Koloskova as all points of new position while it is not known will be formulated. They will accept a definitive kind only on the congress. While in one of projects it is said that any player, wishing to use the right to change of national association, should submit the written request with substantiations to general secretary FIFA. The decision will take out committee on the status of players, and then it will affirm executive committee FIFA. To obtain new football citizenship after change usual or acquisition double it will be possible only once during career.

Besides, there are some more restrictions. Speech first of all goes about the players who have not reached 21 - summer age. Also absence of games in the last two days as a part of any of national teams (national, youth, youthful) the first country will be one of conditions, probably.

the Qatar government has supported contracts the Formula - 1

the Government of Qatar has signed the agreement with the International federation of motor racing (FIA), according to which next year a car racing Formulas - 1 on gran - at Qatar will pass in capital vicinities emirata, Fur-coat cities. According to the president of Qatar federation of automobile and motorcycle sports (QFAMS) Nassera ben Caliphs al - Attyjja, the country leaders are enough that for the first time in the Near East such prestigious competitions will pass on the earth of Qatar. As has noted al - Attyjja, in Qatar a considerable quantity of fans of motor racing which hope that the international races on a prize of Qatar will get accustomed on the ancient earth emirata.


New basketball Euro cup

the Executive committee and the commission on competitions of the European branch of the International federation of basketball (FIBA - Europe) have decided to bring a number of changes in a following season in structure and a format of Euro cups spent under the aegis of FIBA.

In particular, since a new season there will be a new European basketball league in which championship 32 commands, including eight clubs which will be invited on wild - card will participate.

the Championship of new league will begin on October, 22nd, 2003 and will end the Ending of four 23 - on April, 25th, 2004. We will notice that for participating clubs entrance fees are not provided, and any country can declare no more than four commands.


Vice-president Goskomsporta Dmitry Zelenin has attended to gaming problems two months ago and has already understood, in what direction it is necessary to operate