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Solntsepoklonniki gather at the world`s end

travel behind an eclipse

the Full solar eclipse - the surprising and most beautiful natural phenomenon. To look at Sun disappearance, it is necessary to go even on the world`s end. Literally words - the nearest total eclipse will be in the best way visible from Antarctica.

the solar eclipse, as it is known, occurs because that the Moon closes from us the Sun.

if the solar disk is closed not entirely is the private eclipse interesting mainly to fans of astronomy. If sun rays make the way along the edges of the Moon is koltseobraznoe an eclipse. And at last, the most beautiful, the total eclipse is when on a small time interval the Sun disappears entirely.

Disappearance it causes a number of unusual sensations. Prior to the beginning of an eclipse animals without telescopes everyone there and whence - that learn hours about forthcoming event and undertake safety measures. People about all guess the last - already when promptly darkens, sharply becomes cold and in a shower there is a feeling of mystical horror. All proceeds two - three minutes though it seems that much longer. As soon as the first beam will make the way, the horror is replaced by feeling of inexplicable pleasure. The animals who have got out of the shelters join triumph also.

it is possible, from - for these experiences the people who have seen at least time a total eclipse, wish to repeat experiment. Buy the super-power telescopes, the special phototechnics and prepare for following disappearance of a star. In the world it is a lot of people who date from year to year the holiday for the next eclipse.

the full solar eclipse this year will take place on November, 23rd and becomes the most difficult for supervision for last decades. Full it will be only for inhabitants of Antarctica. Local penguins and not numerous polar explorers, of course, can be envied. And it is possible to join them. Experts on eclipses assert that the southern continent represents unique conditions for supervision, as there the purest air which has been not polluted by the person. Thanks to exclusive visibility at the moment of a total eclipse it will be possible to see not only the black sun, but also, to the right of it, Merkury and Venus.

the American travel agency Travel Quest International together with the American astronomical magazine Sky and Telescope now prepare expedition for supervision over this unique eclipse which any interested person (certainly, after consultation of the personal doctor, Antarctica all - taki) can join. By the way, the president of firm Aram Kaprieljan herself is among fans of eclipses. Forthcoming will be for it personally the seventh under the account, and for its firm - the third (it already showed a full solar eclipse in Turkish Kurdistan and on island Madagascar).

Cost of participation in expedition will depend on that, how many interested persons will gather (as much as possible - 38, is minimum - 22), and will make from $35 to $46,5 thousand In the price expenses on are not included reaching to a place of the general gathering of participants - in small town Punta - Arenas in Chile, on the bank of strait of Magellan. Therefrom to Antarctic participants of expedition will be transported by specially chartered plane. In seven hours of flight it should reach base camp the Eclipse - 1 around Queen Maud land, specially created for participants of the given expedition.

in base camp fans of eclipses should spend about seven days. Precisely it is impossible to tell, as weather in Antarctica in the end of spring (November in Southern hemisphere - spring month) is unpredictable, therefore the departure is planned for date, which for a week before an eclipse that non-flying weather could not spoil plans of participants of expedition.

however even if it is necessary to stay in base camp seven days, it is not necessary to miss. As it is possible to use a case and to look at Antarctica where all - taki there was far not everyone. Interested persons can pass a complete course of the young polar explorer: to master a short-wave radio communication, devices of satellite navigation and meteorological equipment, to learn survival methods in the Antarctic conditions, to hear to lectures on history of development of Antarctica, to problems klimatologii and preservations of the environment. Excursions (the pedestrian, ski and on snowmobiles) with the skilled guide in the most beautiful places of a snow kingdom will be arranged Besides.

the Comfort of five-star hotel at the Antarctic station, of course, will not be, but organizers of expedition guarantee qualitative three meals a day and drinks. And the special celebratory supper is planned for evening after an eclipse.