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Limit for two lemons

As solve a problem of legionaries in the Russian basketball

the Situation with legionaries in the Russian basketball discussed throughout all season. Opinions expressed the most different - from not pushchat to let call whom want, if money suffices . At the session which has taken place in the past Friday of executive committee of the Russian Federation of basketball the limit of foreigners has been defined. Correspondents Sports Alexey Dospehov and Dmitry Voskresensky estimate pluses and minuses of new rules RFB.

At executive committee FRB session dared well familiar to Europeans, but a dilemma new to Russians - or, counting on fast success, to allow clubs to become stronger at the expense of strong legionaries, or, working on the remote prospect, to stake on preparation of the reserves. Before to tell about the decision accepted by officials of federation, let`s consider once again arguments for and against Legionaries in the Russian clubs.

legionaries - winners

the Main thesis of those who protects idea of cancellation of any limits on foreigners in sports: they raise level of the national championship and do its clubs by more competitive in international, that is the most prestigious tournaments. Silly to deny that without legionaries of CSKA not that that on a victory in Euroleague, even on participation in Barcelonian the Ending of four could not apply. Americans John Robert Holden and Victor Alexander, Greek Nikos Hatsivretas and Lithuanian Darjus Songajla played leading roles in overwhelming majority of Euroleague matches. Besides Alexander has been recognised by its the best centre. If CSKA has lost this four, and also compatriot Hatsivretasa Teodorasa Papalukasa leaving on replacement would turn in quite ordinary to measures of Euroleague a command.

with Russian competitors of CSKA - the same situation. The silver prize-winner of the championship Ural Mountains - Grejt hardly probable would get in prize-winners, there will be no at the disposal of Sergey Belova American Eddi Shennona, Australian Christopher Ensti, Estonian Martin Mjujurseppa, Lithuanian Kshishtofa Lavrinovich, Yugoslav Stefana Nadzhfeja. And the UNIX hardly would take bronze without Eureliusa Zhukauskasa, Olivera Popovicha and Kebu Stewart. For fans of these clubs a question who extracts for them awards - the or the foreigner, most likely, not the most essential. Moreover, often the foreigner causes bolshy interest in public, rather than the local basketball player.

four years ago in Perm many went on basketball Ural Mountains - Grejt to see in business legendary centre of NBA Roja Tarpli though by then from - for abusings drugs and alcohol it already was not better for a long time, than the majority of averages of the European centre. And, naturally, for a long time in Perm was not late. It is possible to assume that at a part of spectators in universal sport centre of CSKA were going to look that is one of the best centre NBA the middle 90 - h Alexander or zadraftovannyj Boston Celtics Darjus Songajla.

Legionaries -

It is considered beacons that legionaries enrich sports and in more long-term plan. Trainers of clubs who stake on them, say that, acting in a role of the actual competitor of the local sportsman, the foreigner forces that to work more over itself not to miss a place in structure. The consequence consists in improvement of quality of game of that local athlete.

with reference to the Russian basketball it should look approximately so. Young Victor Hrjapa and Sergey Monja which have passed in CSKA from Saratov " last summer; Society for the Promotion of Motoring and Road Improvement should much learn at others high players of soldiers - Alexander and Songajly. And skilled Sergey Panov, Alexander Bashminov, Zahar Paushtin, having felt that a place in to a basis by it it is not guaranteed, to add on trainings and, accordingly, in game.

but, perhaps, has worked partly only the first assumption. Victor Hrjapa with Sergey Monej in a championship ending really looked better, than in the beginning. Hrjapa, successfully won back the Ending of four Euroleague and especially Russian final series, has got on draught NBA, Monja, most likely, will get there in a year. However, perspective the American scouts considered these two basketball players still when both played Saratov. And here to more skilled army Russians to force out from the starting five someone from foreigners and it was not possible.

the Trouble for national teams

One minus connected with an abundance of legionaries, is swept most up, when play national teams. The instructor of a Russian team Sergey Elevich asserts that at all desire strengthen a play of the team it cannot to make it. To understand Elevicha it is possible. The majority of candidates for its command or spare in the clubs (as Monja, Sirs or Bashminov), or spend on a platform not so a lot of time.

as a matter of fact, in a national team there is no basketball player who would get used to a role of the leader, the person on whom the result depends. Even Victor Hrjapa, whose positions in the starting five are rather strong, basically carries out a role of the unskilled worker at foreign superstars. The right to a throw in a difficult situation almost is never given to it (or he is afraid of him to take). Sergey Monja, Sergey Panov and Alexander Bashminov appear on a platform when the basic basketball players already extract advantage over contenders more often. In such situation to develop liderskie qualities it is simply impossible.

Most that is characteristic, the big trouble of the Russian national team - with centre, key role. Bashminov and Alexey Savrasenko only substituted in Victor Alexander`s CSKA, as a part of two other prize-winners - Ural Mountains - Grejta and the UNIX - the Russian centres is not present and at all.

It turns out that in the European championship in Sweden in September Russian national team again, as well as on last year`s superiority of the world in Indianapolis, is doomed to depend on Andrey Kirilenko from Utah Jazz. Though, by the way, and it in the club is not the player of the starting five.

a trouble for youth

the Statement that local basketball players grow, playing near to foreign superstars, too is disputable enough. Nikolay Padius was considered three years ago as the player second for talent in Russia after Andrey Kirilenko. Since then, however, he has not achieved any progress. In many respects because on its position someone from strong legionaries always acted. In the past season of Padius played only on the big holidays, having settled in a deep stock.

a return example - Dmitry Domani. In CSKA it was the reliable unskilled worker. In this season, after transition in the Dynamo where legionaries not so much, has revealed as the leader, able to take game on itself during the difficult moments of matches. The same concerns and another eks - to the soldier - to Alexander Petrenko who has passed in Khimki .

the Problem consists that as that competition - in its natural so we will tell, a kind - between foreigners and the players often is not present. The legionary after all buy not to check up its possibility and that he played. If instead of managed to club in more than $2 million Darjusa Songajly in the starting five of CSKA acted someone from the Russian soldiers, owners of Dushana Ivkovicha, probably, simply would not understand: what for then was to spend such sums?

And then how can 20 - summer Monja at once to start to compete to the same Songajloj who by the 25 years has taken place excellent school of the student`s championship of the USA?

a trouble for the budget

If in hockey or football legionaries sometimes really manage to clubs more cheaply local players in basketball, as a rule, they are much more expensive. The annual salary of Darjusa Songajly, according to some information, makes $700 thousand at Victor Alexander and John Robert Holdena it a little less. Level of incomes of leading Russian basketball players - from $100 thousand to $300 thousand a year.

as a result there is that the hockey heads anxious by the growing prices for players, name financial race . One club buys stars, others, whose owners put similar problems before commands, are compelled to pursue them. After all the rarity when owners of clubs can attack a throat to own ambitions and agrees to wait result not year, and two or three - time, sufficient, that from crude talent to make a star. In most cases on purchase by the contender of a ready star the adequate answer follows.

in total CSKA on selection in the last season have made expenses PBK about $8 million On this money it was possible to provide with all necessary - equipment, the salary for trainers - at least eight sports schools. Through any time they could give return. In general possibility to get legionaries without any restrictions deprives stimulus clubs to put up money in own schools. It is no wonder that many experts believe that efficiency of youthful basketball in Russia has decreased recently. From the schools regularly giving qualitative production, there was, as a matter of fact, one Moscow Trinta .

Thus it is possible to name selection work of CSKA almost ideal: the required result, anyway, has been reached in many respects thanks to beginners. But thus nobody will give guarantees that at least half of foreign stars of soldiers remains in club for the following season. Same Songajla can leave in NBA, and on Alexander and Holdena for certain there will be potential buyers from Europe, instead of is excluded, and from the same America.

selection the Locomotive from Mineral Waters which last year became the bronze prize-winner of the championship of Russia, was failure. The club has serially got on a course of a season of two superstars - the centre Tanoku Berda shining in Spain, and forward Sedrika Seballosa who in the end of 90 - h highly was quoted in NBA. Both have not played and on 50 % of the potential and, having spent on some matches, a command have left. Left that the Locomotive has spent for them money actually for nothing.

Situations when the eminent legionary for any reasons (the severe climate was not pleasant, there are not enough entertainments in a city) tries to run away faster, are not individual. It is possible to remember that in the autumn the participant of matches All Stars Chris Getling acted for CSKA. It it should carry out a role of the core centre in a command. However in Moscow Getlingu has soon bothered. It is good that heads of CSKA have oriented in time and have invited to a place the fugitive Alexander, and then could agree with playing Greek Olympiakos Alexey Savrasenko: otherwise soldiers would remain without the class centre.

Solomonovo the decision

At executive committee RFB session has been defined a new limit on legionaries in the Superleague. Earlier clubs were authorised to use a six. Henceforth commands can conclude contracts with five foreign basketball players (foreigners everything are considered, including citizens of the CIS countries). But thus on a platform is permitted to be simultaneously to only three legionaries. The payment for the demand of foreign basketball players (from $5 thousand for first three to $50 thousand for the fifth) as which, however, it is possible to consider symbolical is provided also: club budgets it is more in tens times.

and in general there is no saying the situation in connection with acceptance of new regulations how much will change. As a matter of fact, in the same CSKA, for example, quantity leading for a match time considerable quantity on a platform of Russians will increase from one Victor Hrjapy to two - we will tell, Hrjapy and Moni. In the majority of other clubs all remains without changes: there and so in the starting five or on near approaches to it was, as a rule, two players from Russia. However, it is possible to assume that the domestic spare will receive more than game time. But, besides, nenamnogo.

the fact is more important even that the decision, despite doubts in its expediency of heads of some clubs, nevertheless was accepted. Means, in RFB at last - actually for the first time - have understood that legionaries are not only the blessing, but also a problem. Also it is not excluded that in the future, having seen that half measures it not to solve, basketball officials will even more toughen limits.

the best foreign players of the Russian clubs

Victor Alexander

In 90 - e years this 208 - centimetric centre was very much an outstanding public figure in NBA, supporting Golden State Warriors. However, with the years Victor Alexander began to criticise even more often that it reluctantly does obligatory for the centre draught work - a little, for example, struggles under boards. From tel - avivskogo Maccabi where he has got over, having finished the American career, it have dismissed with the same formulation: too soft. Returning in NBA - in Detroit Pistons - at the basketball player left unsuccessful.

And here in the end of the last year to Alexander the invitation from CSKA which has just lost Chris Getlinga, John Robert Holdena and Darjusa Songajlu (last two has arrived have been injured). Dushana Ivkovicha has not confused softness of the centre: as a part of soldiers was to whom to plough for it under boards - for example, to Victor Hrjape. And 33 - summer Alexander became one of the main snipers of CSKA. Its well-known throw (a certain similarity legendary a heavenly hook Karima Abdul - Dzhabbara) as it was found out, was not gone anywhere.

John Robert Holden

it is strange that the American defender was estimated by scouts from NBA. All its professional career has passed in Europe: at first was Broceni from Latvia, then - Belgian Sunair, then - Greek AEK in which it became the superstar of the European basketball. John Robert Holdena has, as a matter of fact, all qualities necessary plejmejkeru: Tremendous speed, throw, good set of witty transfers, ability to regulate rate of game.

CSKA at first wanted to take to the place of the playing American with Ariel Makdonalda`s who was considered in last year as best in the role Slovene passport. But as a result the choice has been made in favour of Holdena which Dushan Ivkovich well knew on work in AEK. Fans of CSKA, truth, had a fear that the beginner, along with doubtless advantages, possesses one characteristic lack for many black defenders - will play not at a command, and on itself, the personal statistics. Statistics at Holdena really excellent. But thus it has appeared all - taki the command player seeing on a platform of partners. I just do not love individualists, like Kobi Brajanta. I prefer those. Who is not greedy - as - that has made an unexpected recognition of Holden.

Darjus Songajla

Having learnt, what contract of CSKA on the eve of a season has signed with 206 - the centimetric Lithuanian forward, many were surprised: really the basketball player who has been not lighted till now in one of superclubs, is worthy of it, that for three seasons to pay to it $2,1 million?! Actually in person Darjusa Songajly soldiers got at all a pig in a poke. On the Olympic Games in Sydney it was one of the basic players of modular Lithuania - that, what hardly was has not beaten American Dream Team. Last season was spent in a command of university Uejk by Forrest and has been recognised by a star of the student`s championship of the USA. 17,9 points on the average for a match are, by the way, for students a fine indicator. Past summer 24 - summer Songajlu on a draught under 50 - the m number has chosen Boston Celtics where, quite probably, the Lithuanian will get over later.

Darjus Songajla of expectation of an army management has completely justified. Its game is not so effective, but it almost does not suppose errors. And it is still extremely strong physically. In Euroleague to soldiers abouttivostojalo many heavy forwards of the highest level, but from them Songajla has not conceded to anybody in power.

Martin Mjujursepp

is more true, there was all - taki one basketball player, which smog adequately to resist to the army Lithuanian. Speech about passed on a course of a season from the Dynamo in Ural Mountains - Grejt 205 - centimetric Martin Mjujurseppe from Estonia. For permjakov it became a superlucky find, and the prize to the best player of a final series play - off (despite defeat uraltsev) has received deservedly.

However, a find - word not so approaching in this case. Mjujursepp after all three seasons in the middle of 90 - h has spent not where - nibud, and in NBA - for Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks. Then played strong Greek clubs - Aris and AEK, then - in the Kazan UNIX. Everywhere the Estonian marked first of all for universalizm: at it everything is all right with a jump, dimensions, and also that is unusual for basketball players of its role, a pass. And the most important, Mjujursepp is extremely reliable and is never lost in difficult situations that it, actually, and has proved in the ending of the championship of Russia.

Christopher Ensti

the First Australian in the Russian Superleague on draught NBA has been chosen six years ago in the first circle. But in America centre growth of 213 centimetres (and it acted for Chicago Bulls and Dallas) for a long time was not late - has returned home. However the American experience helps till now it. In struggle under a board of Ensti in Russia felt extremely comfortably.

to trainers Ural Mountains - Grejta the Australian was pleasant at once. At the growth he runs as quickly, as our defenders! - well-known Valdemaras Homichjus was surprised. And the head coach permjakov to Sergey Belovu is imposed by working capacity of Ensti which unlike many expensive legionaries - stars, on trainings works almost always more than the others. The Australian speaks: He is not confused at all with that circumstance that Perm is a province: I have arrived here to work, instead of to have a good time .

Eurelius Zhukauskas

in Lithuania always appeared centre ekstra - a class: Arvidas Sabonis, Zhidrunas Ilgauskas, Gintaras Ejnikis... Eureliusa Zhukauskasa named for a long time the successor great Sabonisa, but for the time being he could not prove out in any way though has been by nature presented phenomenally - and by growth (216 centimetres), both a jump, and technics is not offended. Perhaps all the matter is that it could not find the club in any way? We will tell, in the well-known Italian Timsystem at Zhukauskasa three years ago is not has gone.

but has gone to Russia - in the Locomotive from Mineral Waters. It is remembered, for club from caucasus in last season it extended some matches practically alone. If in Italy it typed six points on the average for game in Russia its productivity was tripled! Well and on the block - shotam - to one of effektnejshih in basketball of receptions - Zhukauskas and at all became the king of the Superleague. A season in the UNIX the Lithuanian, of course, cannot name outstanding. But some brilliant matches including in play - off, it has all the same given out.

legionaries in figures

In dispute on legionaries of the statistican acts on the party of those who assures that in the Russian basketball without foreigners not to manage. In successes of three best domestic clubs - CSKA, Ural Mountains - Grejta and the UNIX - players from - for a boundary have brought solving contribution.


the Championship of Russia


Ural Mountains - Grejt

the Championship of Russia

the UNIX

the Championship of Russia

And - games; M - minutes on the average for game; About - points on the average for game.

foreigners abroad

the limit Problem on legionaries should be solved not only to the Russian Federation. In this or that form it faces sports heads of all developed countries.

without limits on legionaries only American professional leagues manage. Neither in hockey NHL, nor in basketball NBA no restrictions on quantity of foreigners in the demand of clubs are present. Though in North American hockey in the middle of 90 - h requirements to enter them were distributed. Heads NHL considered that the big inflow of Europeans goes to harm to development of their sport in the USA and Canada.

In the majority of the European football leagues till 1995, the moment of the termination of the litigation initiated by Jean - Mark Bosmanom, the standard limit - three foreigners in a match operated. business of Bosmana restrictions has partly removed. Henceforth citizens of EU foreigners in Italy, Spain, Germany and France are not considered. But concerning other football players limits remain.

among five leading European football leagues independently there is an English. In the prime minister - league of formally limit on foreigners in general is not present. However actually it exists. The club can sign the contract only with that legionary who in a current season has spent not less than 75 % of matches for a national team of the country. As a matter of fact, it excludes inflow to English teams of football players of average qualification.

in other four is straight lines limits. In the Italian series A the club can conclude for a season contracts only with five football players from the states which are not entering into the European Union. Only three can appear in the field in one match. In Spain such football players can be four, however since 2005 the limit begins to correspond to Italian.

in France the club has the right to sign contracts for a season with five legionaries. All of them can play simultaneously. In Germany it is authorised to act for a Bundesliga command to only three football players who are not representing the EU countries. In the demand of their club de - fakto can be more stipulated by regulations of five as limitless attraction in a command of the players having the amateur status is supposed.

a curious way of struggle against excessive inflow of legionaries have invented in the Dutch football league. Basically restrictions any are not present, but for beginners - foreigners the minimum level of the salary exceeding average for local players is established. Therefore it is favourable to clubs to get only those who can become their leaders.

in the strongest basketball league of Europe - Italian - till 2000 rigid restriction operated: for a command can play no more than two foreigners from the countries which are not entering into the European Union. Now it hardly - is hardly softer: any legionaries in the command demand cannot be more than five.

in the European hockey the most severe in relation to legionaries the country - Germany. In the middle of 90 - h years when German hockey has appeared in deep crisis, in a Bundesliga have entered a limit - three foreigners on club.

however, it is necessary to tell that in due course in the European sports club heads, so to say, adapted for a limitation problem. An exit idle time: to make for a star the second citizenship - that country where it acts, or another, but entering into EU. Do it and in absolutely legal ways - having waited, while the sportsman will live on a new place of work the quantity of years put under the legislation (in the same German hockey Bundesliga third are hockey players when - that got over to Germany from the North America), and not absolutely legal - finding for them local relatives (grandmothers, grandfathers and etc.) Often not existing, and absolutely illegal - simply writing out counterfeit passports. Three years ago passport scandals have shaken, for example, the Italian and French football leagues.

it is possible to consider Russia as one of the most liberal concerning legionaries of the countries of Europe though a member of the European Union it is not and basically can enter any restrictions. But, say, in football the prime minister - league they are not present in general. In the first league in the field it is possible to appear to three foreigners. However, the president of the Russian football union Vyacheslav Koloskov promises to enter since a following season restrictions and in the higher battalion. About concrete figures speech, however, does not go yet.

in a basketball superleague in the past season it was authorised to let out on a platform of four foreigners. But it - is free. And for an additional payment it was allowed to include in the demand of two more, than leading clubs and used. Six legionaries is a starting five plus one spare, almost all command.

unique from popular leagues where restrictions were until recently extremely rigid, - hockey. Occurrence on a platform only three legionaries was supposed, did not become indulgences even for sportsmen from the former union republics. However in the spring the Federation of hockey of Russia has changed regulations. Now hockey players do not fall under a limit from three foreigners from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. But a dirty trick what in these countries much enough qualified and concerning the cheap players, aspiring to play the strongest European superiority.


Without a trio of legionaries - John Robert Holdena, Victor Alexander and Darjusa Songajly (from left to right) CSKA would not leave in the Ending of four Euroleague a rank of the champion of Russia

the Forward of modular Estonia Martin Mjujursepp also would not return itself has had time to play this year for two Russian clubs - Moscow the Dynamo and Ural Mountains - Grejt . As a part of the last it has been recognised by the best player of a final series of superiority

the Lithuanian forward Darjus Songajla (with a ball) in CSKA became the most productive player of the championship of Russia

the American playing John Robert Holden, playing for CSKA, there was the most valuable player of the championship of Russia

American Victor Alexander in this season has won as a part of CSKA a title of the best centre Europe

Center the Kazan UNIX Lithuanian Eurelius Zhukauskas (in the foreground) - the best in the Russian basketball on the block - shotam