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is good to go, of course, with light baggage. And a tooth-brush and a pyjamas to buy as required. But all - taki without luggage can be equated travel to extreme tourism. Change of impressions it is fine. But such firm values, as the favourite cream, the tested clothes and the convenient checked up footwear are necessary for the majority of people. It is necessary to take them with itself. So, where - that to put.

the main luggage mark, as it is known, is called Louis Vuitton. Everything that demands packing, it is possible to place comfortably in set chemodanishch, more reminding wall cases, suitcases, bags, beauticians and cheholchikov. At Louis Vuitton many different adaptations for packing of necessary things. For example, huge hat boxes. However, if you go on Ferrari With rather small luggage space or do not think of separation from a favourite French horn, in Louis Vuitton it is possible to order a suitcase or a case of the necessary configuration. The checked up quality, with necessary quantity of prestigious logos.

after all possible kinds of convenient and ergonomic suitcases and bags on castors have been invented, in a luggage fashion style of a retro became the main things again. Therefore rigid angular suitcases with the corners upholstered for durability with a thick skin, and it is better metal, it is prestigious. Though forces to search for porters. Similar suitcases are good performed by the well-known marks with recognised logos (in the higher price category are desirable Louis Vuitton or Fendi, in average - M &C).

But suitcases with a modest designation of mark, but executed of a magnificent skin are not less valuable. For example, the most modest suitcase from a crocodile leather from Kiton. Or not less modest and charming suitcase from Brioni from a skin of an ostrich. Both that and another on - muzhski are respectable and reliable. To ladies to amaze imagination of fellow travellers with air elegance is better. For this purpose amazingly approach snow-white with silvery metal corners and it is gentle - cream with corners from a black thick skin suitcases Prada. Is More thorough, but the huge bag of classical style Birkin intended for hand luggage from Hermes from a matte skin of black colour strikes on the spot.

however, the solid classical suitcase can be and frivolous. Here at Etro - suitcases with motley drawing pejsli . And at Lancel in new series Amelie - romantic suitcases with drawing in the form of the plan of Paris with favourite routes of this new French heroine.

all marks set forth above, certainly, do luggage and for those who all - taki chooses a modern variant of a suitcase on castors. Besides, the present man`s luggage does Ermenegildo Zegna: From a black skin, with the plastic put forward handle too sheathed by a skin. Or, for example, Claudio Orciani (boutique Le Form, $1450), the mark which has preferred a red pimply skin of a wild wild boar. Very strong matter.

series of luggage bags absolutely cheerful and proud of the present belongs to enough democratic mark Samsonite (shop Kalinka - Stokmann ) . As the designer Philippe Starck (Philippe Starck) has acted. Stark`s bags square, with the handle - a crossbeam and four branches. Are sewed from a clap with water-repellent impregnation. And for women preferring space streamline shapes the Italian mark Mandarina Duck works. Colours and forms of luggage bags amaze imagination. And at the same time such bag is easy for finding out among another`s luggage.

the most easy and dynamical bags of this season - soft. They get the form only thanks to the things put inside. As a material the rough fabric acts. Grey holstinka with black letters of a logo at Dolce and Gabbana, it is dark - a dark blue canvas at Martin Margiela (boutique Red Code). For those who is inclined to spontaneous purchases on the journey, - collapsible bags Salvatore Ferragamo, from holstinki or pale dzhinsovki. Develop till the sizes of a purse.

Besides, on the journey it is impossible to do without hand luggage. For these purposes bags Tod ` s are good and are absolutely necessary bjuti - cases and road sacs to transport hours, jewelry or ties. Here all on - old. If you travel with classical suitcases, these bags can be any. And if have preferred a suitcase on castors - hand luggage to choose from the same series better. That there was a complete set. Beauticians for travel are good at Etro - because big and easy. Certainly, they from a fabric in " are sewed; Turkish cucumbers . Beauticians Gucci - from multi-coloured plashchovki with which it is possible to wash, with soft dense " are Still extremely practical on the journey; podstezhkoj . At Mandarina Duck beauticians and bjuti - cases have amusing, as though bent form and are made of a waterproof fabric and rubber. They are dense enough to protect contents. Man`s nesessery for cosmetics from a black skin is at Lancel. The unbuttoned beautician is easy for suspending on a hook in a hotel bathroom.

At last, travel provides special wallets. Into them should besides other enter both passports, and tickets. Man`s road wallets from a black skin, with corresponding quantity of branches are at the same Lancel. Female, from a red skin with the crown forced out on it - at Vivienne Westwood. Besides, black long handbags Trussardi (boutique Articoli) are ideally suited for road documents small, on the short handle. They are rather modest and practical also the evening remind only in the sizes.

in general the ideal variant is to have possibility to pack in separate handbags and shkatulochki all necessary. About road bags and purses for jewelry all all for a long time already know. Similar features, with special branches for rings, earrings and chains, let out all marks which are engaged in manufacture of luggage. But to carry with itself it is possible also more romantic things. As the traveller should have possibility to create a house cosiness everywhere where it has stopped, Hermes has thought up leather frameworks - skladni. Family photos in them are easily transported from place to place.

now about the useful. At Veston there are road covers for footwear and subjects of care it. And at Wolford there are handbags for linen and stockings. These are important and useful things. The cylindrical form the handbag zipped, has inside set of pockets of the special form in which it is necessary to store shorts and bodi. The bag - envelope Wolford is displayed, develops and fastened on ribbons. It is intended for nosochkov and a stocking.

and at last, in shop Le Futur the small case - the refrigerator for cosmetics is found out. Maintains temperature in 14 degrees. Works from a network or from automobile prikurivatelja. Specially for autotravellers.