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Lunch on Titanic

travel under water

Those who in the childhood has become engrossed in reading of the novel 20 000 leagues under water having matured, understand that it makes sense to see once at least the world eyes of the captain Mutely. It is possible.

five years the Australian company Deep Ocean Expeditions (DOE) sends tourists in depths of world ocean. Submariners - fans receive weight of impressions and simultaneously help to finance scientific researches. At company DOE two baits: underwater life and, I am sorry for a sad pun, underwater death - the sunk ships.

as to the sunk sea-crafts it is easy to guess what of victims in abyss of the ships is most known to general public and it is most popular. You have three helps. James Kameron, Kate Uinslet, Leonardo di Caprio... You have guessed!

with feeling of deep patriotism we will notice that rounds on Titanic Pass with use of the technics made in the USSR - deep-water manned devices the World - 1 and the World - 2 based on a board scientifically - a research vessel Academician Mstislav Keldysh . However, a word round to name this kind of rest as - that is wrong. Depths of the sea, press for bathyscaphes and the sunk ships of a proud word expedition . And, by the way, our person - doctor Anatoly Sagalevich, the laboratory chief of deep-water manned devices of Institute of oceanology of P.Shirshov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and all crew of the ship - Russian-speaking supervises over expedition too. If who does not know, the documentary underwater shooting of the sunk superliner used in a film Titanic it is made just with the help the Worlds and Keldysh (and Kameron fell on the World - 1 12 times!) . The profit-making film of all times and the people has appeared quite good advertising of the future underwater expeditions.

from immersing to to Titanic company DOE history so it is possible to consider this expedition as a firm dish of deep-water tourism has begun in 1998. Five years after a dish submit once again. Operation Titanic - 2003 will take place 2 - on July, 13th, 2003. Participation cost - from $36 thousand from the person (from $5 thousand for those who does not participate in immersings on a bathyscaphe). To the specified sum it is necessary to add expenses on road to a place of gathering of participants of expedition and back (Newfoundland, Canada).

Though expedition lasts two weeks, but on the part most interesting to the simple participant it is necessary 8,5 - 10 hours. It, certainly, immersing. Bathyscaphes fall on depth of 3775 metres below sea-level. By the way, on strange irony of statistics and history, Titanic Lies down precisely on average depth of world ocean.

the deep-operating vehicle the World it is developed so that in it three persons can be located. On the given expedition - the pilot and two tourists . Diameter of so-called inhabited sphere of a bathyscaphe - 2,1 metres. Rather small, of course, but other variants does not exist. By the way, the sizes impose almost unique restriction on possibility of participation in expedition: if wishing to go down in oceanic depths has growth of more than two metres or the weight exceeding 126 kg, these circumstances should be discussed with organizers of expedition preliminary.

in one expedition on Academician Keldysh take no more than 16 persons, wishing to participate in immersing. Each interested person plunges once. Concerning an order of immersings the principle operates: the earlier has registered in expedition, the you will plunge earlier. Wishes concerning with whom in steam you would like to go, so to say, on a bottom, are considered.

on forthcoming immersing it is informed beforehand that participants could pass on special preloading a diet. Approximately for an hour before descent passes last special instructing.

about two and a half an hour descent lasts, as much occupies the lifting, three more - four hours the bathyscaphe is near to the superliner which has suffered ninety years ago accident.

during immersing in ocean depths it is possible to observe of an event through three windows - central (20 sm in diameter) and two small which are on each side central (12 sm in diameter).

to look in windows (in all three at once), it is necessary to lay down on a bathyscaphe floor. For convenience of clients there are special mattresses. If you fall in the afternoon right at the beginning behind a window colours will change. At first water it will be light - green, then will start to replace each other different shades blue, and on depth approximately 200 - 230 metres all becomes black. To the pilot of the lander stirs internal illumination, so inside the World - 1 soft red light - as in photolaboratories burns. And here outside there will be luminescing underwater inhabitants. The pilot will sometimes include external illumination - that it was possible to consider not only shone objects.

at the bottom time most part is devoted studying of a nasal compartment - the most remained part Titanic . The Deep-operating vehicle will specially be late over an enormous aperture in the ship case - where when - that there was a front staircase (Dee Kaprio in a tuxedo and the butterfly, remember?) . the World will float over the captain`s bridge and a promenade, by an enormous steam copper and the rowing screw. Passengers of a bathyscaphe can see the different subjects which have covered a sea-bottom. Alas, as it is sad, to take though any trifle for memory it is impossible. It is possible to look, do only photos or to remove on video.

but all participants of travel to to Titanic will receive as a gift videocassettes with underwater shootings, including made during the previous expeditions to to Titanic .

Scientifically - a research vessel - not kruiznyj the liner. Magnificent toilets with itself to take senseless. It is necessary to grasp warm and convenient things more likely: in sea depths cold. Will feed three times a day, it is tasty, but without a special delicacy. But if about something can regret the participant of expedition, so it that time at an ocean floor flies too quickly.

for those to whom for any reasons Titanic does not approach, there is an alternative - expedition to the sunk ship Bredalbejn (H. M. S. Breadalbane). The name less known, but it does not mean at all that travel will be less interesting. A vessel Bredalbejn participating in 1853 in search of the well-known traveller of sir John Franklina, has jammed in ices in the Canadian Arctic regions. The crew managed to escape, and ship has left under ice, on depth of 140 metres where has been found more than century later. Thanks to the Arctic conditions the ship case has excellently remained.

140 metres below sea-level are not 4 kilometres without small, as at Titanic . But plural immersings are possible. And descent under the water, lasting hour, is transferred easier, than ten-hour travel to the well-known liner. Besides, on smaller depth visibility is much better, as there the sunlight still gets. And bathyscaphes are offered more comfortable (truth, not Soviet, but the Canadian manufacture). So the advantages at expedition to Bredalbejnu is.

except immersing on a bathyscaphe other exotic entertainments are assumed also. Instead of hotel - polar station Island Scourges constructed specially for participants of this project. The following will be offered to inhabitants of station: excursion to habitats of northern bears; lessons of building traditional Eskimo a needle; lectures on history of development of Arctic regions; for divers having certificates - unique subglacial immersings.

expedition will take place in April, 2004. Participation cost - from $10 thousand from the person (from $5 thousand for those who does not participate in immersings on a bathyscaphe). To the specified sum it is necessary to add expenses on flight to Canada and cost of flight from Ottawa to the city of Rezoljut (about $1350).