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All methods of struggle against summer
Well here, the summer has come. If not on weather, then on a calendar so, it is time to spend the inventory of the cosmetic arsenal. After all in struggle for a faultless kind it is necessary to use the weapon on a season.

Speak, it is informed - means it is armed. To collect a correct summer collection of cosmetic means, it is necessary to remember first of all, what problems trap our unearthly beauty during this period. And if thoughtfully to approach to the decision of each problem, it is possible to live an artful summer season with the minimum losses - both moral, and material.

the Problem the first. Sweat
Even if you essentially do not use cosmetics, including it destiny of women (if you the man), thoughtless persons (if you the serious woman), adults (if you the teenager), youth (if you the pensioner) and etc. One cosmetic means necessarily should be present on a shelf at your bathroom. It is a deodorant. Everything sweat, and you not an exception. But some thus also smell. Here we cannot admit it.
actually sweat - business good. If not it, we would boil for a long time and have died of an overheat. Body temperature is regulated thanks to that from a skin surface the moisture which allocate potovye glands evaporates. Most of all potovyh glands in armpits, in a groin and on the person. Intensity of allocation of sweat in these zones depends not only on ambient temperature, but also from level of adrenaline which is developed at various stressful situations - fear, pains, sexual excitation. In itself sweat does not smell. The unpleasant smell results from ability to live of bacteria living on a skin for which sweat is a nutrient medium. For example, from axillary hollows sweat cannot quickly evaporate, and it creates fertile conditions for reproduction of bacteria, so - occurrences of an unpleasant smell as which we consider as a sweat smell. With it it is possible and, the main thing, it is necessary to struggle.
a word a deodorant usually name two types of means: deodorants and antiperspiranty. Find one difference. Deodorants contain antibacterial components which destroy bacteria, and together with them - an unpleasant smell. That is you continue to sweat, but thus do not frighten off the aroma of associates. The structure antiperspirantov includes substance hlorgidrat aluminium which blocks activity potovyh glands, limiting allocation of the secret. In other words, to you it is dry, surrounding - it is comfortable (to associates because, I will repeat, to sweat in general - that is useful).
the Majority of manufacturers now go by the way of association in one means of two functions - deodorizing and antiperspirantnyh. It turns out more sparing and at the same time enough effective remedy which reduces quantity of allocated sweat and eliminates an unpleasant smell. The useless thing most, perhaps, - parfjumirovannyj a deodorant. In it absolutely is not present antiperspirantnyh components, very little antibacterial, but it is a lot of spirit (which the irritation of a skin causes) and otdushek (which can provoke allergic reaction). In general, such deodorant does not eliminate a smell of sweat, and only muffles its perfumery. The mix turns out sometimes simply explosive.
optimum decision - the deodorant - antiperspirant, which in itself has no aroma or with slabovyrazhennym aroma which gives additional sensation of freshness. Using such means, it is possible to be assured that associates can estimate your favourite spirits on advantage.
Expenses: the qualitative deodorant of dear mark can be bought for 50 - 200 rbl. At competent use of one bottle quite will suffice for all summer season. - 20, entering in bannye lines of expensive marks, it is not necessary to buy parfjumirovannye deodorants in cost of $15.

the Problem the second. Undesirable vegetation
In this season fashionable designers as if having agreed, declared dictatorship mini. Skirts remind now belts, and shorts - cowards more. And you for certain guess, where it is necessary to spend the money saved on a fabric. Correctly, on depilation. After all having replaced dense stockings with thin stockings or at all having bared feet, we have found out that are made not of celluloid, as Barbie`s dolls, and from a live flesh, porosshej by hair. And this circumstance why - that at all does not please us.
to Come nearer to a desired celluloid ideal it is possible in the different ways: All depends on that, what is the time, patience and money you are ready to spend. Are most effective, but demand considerable investments, and also self-discipline and a considerable quantity of free time of procedure which are spent by experts by means of the expensive equipment - epiljatsija an electricity, the laser and light. A course from 6 - 12 procedures (depends on density, colour and viability of hair) and $1,5 - 2 thousand (depends on the chosen method, the area of a processed surface, quantity of procedures and the price policy of salon) will allow you to forget about undesirable vegetation at least on half a year. However, with it you already were late - to kill hair on a root it was necessary in the winter. But now you still had more accessible methods - the razor, depiljatsionnyj a cream, an electroepilator and wax. Each of them has the advantages and lacks.
to shave or not to shave - a question really serious. Certainly, it is convenient, quickly and cheaply. But for the first time taking in hands the razor, prepare to that in due course you should do it in increasing frequency or to go with a prickly bristle. Add to it inevitable cuts and irritation of a skin.
in this sense are more humane depiljatsionnye creams. They too deal only with a hair core, instead of with its root system, but unlike constant shaving do not provoke more intensive growth of hair and do not injure a skin. Contrary to advertising promises, effect from depilation by a cream (and its versions in the form of gels and mousses) remains not for long - it is necessary to repeat procedure of time in two - three days. Besides the very often aggressive chemical compound of these means causes allergic reaction.
a house epilator - a thing convenient and economic. Has paid once $100 and use years. As modern models already are able to pull out hair almost without serious consequences. The problem consists that any electroepilator is not capable to relieve yet you of the grown hairs - so, ugly dark specks and inflammations.
the way checked up by generations - epiljatsija wax. There is a weight of versions of this procedure - hair delete cold, hot or warm wax, thus use paper strips, a fabric or manage one sleight of hand. Pluses at wax epiljatsii two - the effect remains within several weeks, after it hairs grow thin and rare. It is more than minuses - in - the first, very painfully; in - the second to carry out repeated procedure, it is necessary to wait, while the young growth will type 5 - 6 mm at length; in - the third, independent performance of this operation demands skill and accuracy, and consequently, not all on a shoulder.
optimum decision - to trust in the professional: In good salon you will peel quickly, qualitatively and precisely will not burn (voskoplavy are programmed on certain temperature), besides after procedure you will process the special means which are slowing down growth of hair. So next time to come on ekzekutsiju it will be necessary approximately in a month.
expenses: wax epiljatsija shins in salon costs 450 - 1500 rbl. depending on used materials and prestigiousness of an institution. For a summer salon it is necessary to visit three - four times.

a problem the third. Thirst
In a heat would be desirable to drink not only to us. Our skin too thirsts. And it is better, that it did not occur to it. The matter is that the skin very inert body and to solve the problems which have arisen with it it is much more difficult, than them to prevent. Therefore satisfy requirement of a skin for a moisture earlier, than it will start to signal to you about it dryness, irritation and a peeling. It is very simple. It is necessary to have only near at hand ballonchik with thermal water. Water of different marks differs with structure and an extraction place, but irrespective of it is an emergency humidifier for any type of a skin. It is possible to irrigate with it any part of a body, hair and the person, and even over a make-up. Only hold ballonchik far away from the face (on distance 25 - 30 sm) that water settled the smallest splashes, instead of large drops. Thermal water has only short-term humidifying effect, therefore to repeat procedure it is possible so often as it is required. Water in drugstores (Vichy, Avene, La Roche - Posay and etc.) is on sale.
Still there are freshening napkins. As their basis the synthetic nonwoven fibre (viscose, poliestr, polyamide and etc.) serves Known under the name spanlejs impregnated with a mix of essence and spirit which, evaporating, give sensation of freshness. Such napkins packed into individual bags, certainly, are convenient in application, but only for those who prefers to do without a make-up in the summer, and besides do not solve the main problem - humidifying.
optimum decision - a freshening humidifying spray. It is not extracted of a chink or a source natural water, and specially developed cosmetic means containing various humidifying components and essence, and its basis is made, as a rule, by all the same thermal water. Such sprays let out many marks - as expensive selective (for example, at Guerlain there is a spray with a water lily extract, at Kenzo - a spray with a ginger extract, at Biotherm - on the basis of a thermal plankton), and manufacturers of more accessible cosmetics (Yves Rocher, Isa Dora and etc.) .
Expenses: 250 - 450 rbl. for ballonchik thermal water or $10 - 20 for a bottle of a humidifying spray. At reasonable use of a standard bottle in 200 ml suffices on 1,5 - 2 months. And there, you look, and the heat will fall down.

a problem the fourth. A blurring make-up
it is faultless in a heat to look rather uneasy - the person shines, the nose shines, the make-up floats. A picture pity! That with it to consult, it is necessary neither much nor a little: completely to change the concept of leaving, and in especially difficult cases - and contents of the beautician.
in the summer sebaceous glands work especially intensively, plus such useful (sweat see above) - and here already even usually dry skin starts to shine foully. Also notice, this shine of the general has no anything with healthy light. As well as a damp skin from summer heat - with humidified. And the more we wash (read, we dry) a skin, the skin fat is more actively allocated. It does not mean, it is not necessary what to wash. It is necessary to do only it correctly. To begin with to refuse soap. Absolutely. Even liquid, even not alkaline. Carefully to clear a skin of surpluses of fat, and a dirt it is necessary for a dust by means of special skins and gels. To wash water filtered, boiled, and it is better mineral. Plus twice a week to use a srub (to owners of a dry and sensitive skin - clearing mask on the basis of clay), special attention giving T - a zone (a forehead, a nose, a chin). After washing not to forget about tonic, it is better matirujushchy (such is practically at all marks). And the favourite day cream which and truth served as belief to you all the winter long to change on humidifying emulsiju with easier structure.
if thus to solve a problem of superfluous fat content (and besides in the scorching heat to sit at office under the conditioner instead of to run on a city, being dripping with sweat), the make-up has every chance to keep a decent kind within the working day. If it is impossible, optimum decision - steady cosmetics. A basis of all proof means of decorative cosmetics (except the waterproof hulk) are silicone voski and vysokoletuchie connections which, evaporating, form a film on a surface of a skin. The molecules of dye protected by a film remain on a skin in an invariable kind thanks to what colour of lipstick or voice-frequency means remains during the day. Degree of firmness of products depends on a kind and quantity silikonov, and also from a parity voskov, silikonov, other fatty and water-soluble components. However, the proof cosmetics has lacks - in - the first, its use is connected with certain specificity (for example, having made up lips proof lipstick, it is necessary - to sit minute another with an open mouth while all silikony will evaporate); in - the second, such cosmetics leaves sensation stjanutosti or dryness of a skin; In - the third, it is difficult enough to delete it (for clarification special means for a fatty basis) be required. In a heat steady voice-frequency creams and lipstick are actual, waterproof ink is required only in the event that you are going to escape from summer heat in a reservoir.
expenses: the steady cosmetics to you should use only in especially hot days (and them in our northern country it is offered not too much), therefore it is not necessary to search for it at expensive marks. Qualitative the voice-frequency cream or lipstick can be found at Max Factor, L ` Oreal and other marks weights - a market at the price of 200 - 300 rbl.