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The most beautiful lunka

travel on golf courses

Golfisty ordinary travel in steams and ordinary are not late in one hotel of more week because it is rare round one hotel happens more than seven fields, and to play twice one field is uninteresting. Go on the South because in the north of a field are filled up by snow in the winter, go to Scotland or to ocean because there is more cool in the summer.

the nineteenth lunka

Mister Peter Lester is dressed in light trousers, a light shirt with a collar and stridently blue waistcoat. On golf courses it is accepted rigid enough dress - a code: it is impossible to put on jeans, tennis shoes, shirts without a collar, it is impossible to go in knitted shorts and to carry footwear barefoot. At an input in the field just in case - a small boutique with correct shirts, correct trousers and correct footwear. Near to a boutique - a bar with what the mister Leicester calls the nineteenth lunkoj for on decent golfovyh fields lunok, as a rule, eighteen, and visiting of a bar after passage of first nine almost as is obligatory as movement from lunki to lunke according to a card for the put number of blows. These bars on a golf - fields, actually, also are a subject of desire of the young businessmen, recently learnt to pay 150 euros for a game round, 50 euros for rent of the electric machine baggi and 6 euros simply for the cart for sticks. In these bars acquaintances are reduced, the basic agreements outgrowing then in million and milliard contracts are entered into, love stories that readers of tabloids did not miss begin. It seems that the mister Leicester is sceptical about bars and to machines baggi enough. He says that serious golfisty baggi do not use, and ten kilometres for game pace on foot.

Years of fifteen from a sort it became golfovym the professional and some years earned on life game. Years twenty five it has thought what well to get education, and has received pedagogical, allowed it to open golfovuju school. Last year hotel Quinta do Lago, located in the south of Portugal, near the field of San Lorentso second in the European rating, has invited the mister of Leicester to work as the instructor, and that pochel for honour. He speaks:

- in the Winter here it is very good. In the summer, of course, it is necessary to go to Scotland, but many clients would like, that both a golf and the sea simultaneously, and in southern Europe this unique place, where not hot.

- Because ocean?

- well, both ocean, and a shade from pines, - and further he already learns to play, because at us a lesson. - look, I can throw a pine, I can lead round it at the left, I can on the right.

With these words the mister Leicester starts up a ball a candle upwards, an arch to the right, an arch on the left, especially poeticheski stiffening after blow with a stick on a shoulder and with lazy grief looking, as the ball flies. About a ball he speaks:

- do not try to kill him. What it to you has made the bad? It is not necessary to try to strike strongly. It is necessary to find balance, balance. Blow is always identical. The ball flies on - to a miscellaneous, only because different sticks.

balance searches

Certainly, the best European a golf - fields - in Scotland and Ireland. The mister Leicester says that to fields on islands often happens for two hundred years, and to compete to them at least by a part proslavlennosti continental Europe not in forces. If to look at ratings of English magazine Golf World, the American magazine Golf Digest or a rating of the World federation of a golf there in first hundred will be only five fields from continental Europe: Morfontaine (Senlis, France), Valderama (Sotogrande, Spain), El Saler (Valencia, Spain), Nordcenter (Aminnefors, Finland) and San Lorenzo (Almansil, Portugal). French and the Spanish fields disappear from - for heats in the summer, the Finnish field is not simultaneously a sea resort and is intended for those who wants to play a golf and more than anything. Remains from fields about which it is possible to brag that played them, in continental Europe only Portugal.

a site rating ifyougolf. com, made not professional critics golfovyh fields, and a method internetnogo votings, that is players having a handicap - the fans who are driving about worldwide to play and have a rest, essentially differs from magazine Golf World rating. If you do not know that such a handicap wait for an explanation still the paragraph and if know or if the handicap at you is, to you will learn rather interestingly that in first ten rating ifyougolf. com three enter already whole Portuguese weeding: Quinta do Lago, Villamoura Old Course and San Lorenzo because players having a handicap - fans interests not only quality of fields, but also a resort around, and hire of sticks or a special room in hotel for storage own that did not block up number, and the price, at last, by which part at Portugal a handicap of the beginner.

that such a handicap

If the golf was not sports for clearly rich, it would be possible to name it the most democratic in the world game as the beginner golfist can compete on one field and even in one tournament with the best of golf languor of all times Tajgerom Vudsom and can even win. Because there is a handicap. The handicap is an odds or qualification. Players of different qualification can compete with each other. For example, lunok fields Quinta do Lago the professional player should pass eighteen for seventy two blows, this number is called steam . To the nonprofessional, depending on a handicap, on passage of everyone lunki it is given on neskolku superfluous blows. If the player - the fan passes a field for ninety blows, and the professional for seventy three the fan has won.

the is better you play, the better at you the handicap, and certificates on its increase stand out a golf - deskom, that is special resort service, organising game.

we stand with the mister Leicester on the first base of field Quinta do Lago, and the mister tells Leicester in a whisper:

- Here there can be problems. The golf - desk is interested, that this field played many good players. They try to select clients and to mix them so that the general level of game remained high and not too often shouted: Fo!

- And why you speak in a whisper?

- because we stand in the field, and here, see, this gentleman prepares for the first blow. When the person prepares for blow, it is accepted all the rest to be at a stop, not to swing hands and not to rustle.

- and that such fo ?

- We so shout, if the ball flies suddenly in an unexpected direction and risks to please somebody in a head.

the recent gentleman sends a ball to pines, and the mister makes comments on Leicester, any more without lowering tone:

- it is quite good, of course, to steam of lessons.

theoretically to learn to play a golf it is possible anywhere, but it is better, of course, on a good training field. Usually in two weeks of persistent employment the beginner receives the first handicap and together with it the right to leave in the field. There are the fields which are not demanding a handicap, or the professional instructor can leave in the field with the pupil not having a handicap and to pass nine lunok, half of game. It even is welcomed, as the instructor then not only advises, what to use a stick, but also tells about infinite subtleties golfovogo etiquette.

- what, for example, still subtleties?

- well, for example, in the field it is impossible to drink alcohol. Same not bowling.

we walk on unnaturally dense, equal and is short postrizhennoj to a grass, and the mister explains Leicester what most correctly to call at first on a golf - desk.

- it is better to call and set the task it. Well, for example, to tell that you want to be engaged in a golf for four hours per day.

is it is impossible! - I object, perhaps that, too roughly, but here I have worked hour ones and a half, at me hands and feet shiver, at me ache from pressure of a muscle of a back, and I want to lay down.

it is possible, - the mister Leicester smiles. - depends on the general sports form, - smiles and continues: - It is possible to aim to receive a handicap for two weeks. Or, if already there is a handicap, to arrange to itself a golf - a safari, to play ten days every day a new field. Or it is possible to arrive with friends, and to you will arrange tournament. The main thing - to employ the instructor.

- well, certainly, you, the instructor, will tell that the main thing - to employ the instructor.

- Certainly. - the Mister Leicester laughs. - the best time for this field is simple at instructors. Silly to play in the afternoon the blaze of the sun. And I leave in the field in seven mornings and I play to eleven. Then still I leave in the evening, and can be, to you so it is hard simple because hot, however, I would advise to resemble in a gym and not to thrash on a ball with such frenzy.

we go in the field Vale do Lobo to look the sixteenth lunku. On road the instructor explains that here around ten fields that Quinta do Lago designer William Mitchell built, and Vale do Lobo sir Henry Kotton built. After each name the mister Leicester does a pause as these names should make impression, but I hear these names for the first time and even I ask:

- Why we go to look the sixteenth lunku?

- Give now I to you I will tell that it is the most photographed lunka in the world, and then we will arrive, and you will see that it the most beautiful.

we come. Red rocks. A white beach. Ocean. Really it is very beautiful.


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