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the Currency market has begun to live the life
Currency market is almost in undivided possession of dealers. The central bank appears here only in rare instances when it is required to redeem surpluses of currency. In the basic Central Bank allows speculators to form a dollar exchange rate. As a result the currency market has revived. And though rate fluctuations on - former occur in enough narrow limits (no more than 1 %), but these are real fluctuations. As a result old players began to come back to the market, volumes of the auctions by currency have grown also.

Predictably, gold and exchange currency reserves for last accounting date, on June, 6th, were reduced to $64,3 billion In the near future the further reduction of reserves as past week the Ministry of Finance has extinguished the second release of eurobonds on $1,3 billion is expected But at present volumes of reserves very few people pays attention to it. On the occasion of repayment of eurobonds the Ministry of Finance has burst a press - in release in which declared that peak of payments of this year behind. Really, from $17 mlrd which it was necessary to pay for a year, it is already extinguished papers and it is paid percent for the sum about $9,5 billion
the Market of the Russian eurobonds on this message reacted quite naturally. After all all have been assured that in conditions profitsitnogo the budget and the high prices for oil the Ministry of Finance will not have problems with is served a debt. So on the eve of repayment of the next release dealers went a bull. As a result of the quotation of the Russian papers have reached the next historical maxima, and the longest bonds (with repayment in 2030) have closely come nearer to psychologically important mark - to face value. But as soon as it has been declared release repayment, dealers began to fix profit, and growth has stopped. As participants of the market, only for short time expect.
In home market, seemingly, rates have closely approached to the minimum, and for growth of quotations almost does not remain places. In a greater degree it has concerned not state securities. Last placings of corporate bonds (GOTEK, the Master - bank) have passed with the obvious award to the secondary market. Investors became is more legible to concern new borrowers and prefer to risk in conditions peregretogo the market only for the additional income.