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to sell the land zadeshevo it is immoral

Yesterday the Legislative Assembly of the Nizhniy Novgorod region (ZS BUT) has passed the regional law About the earth price . Deputies have returned to the law after on February, 26th, 2003 governor Gennady Khodyrev has rejected it. Head of area then has considered that established ZS BUT the minimum rates for land selling can cause to region treasury a serious damage. After the governor`s veto representatives of the regional government and Legislative Assembly have created the conciliatory commission. As a result of negotiations deputies have accepted a variant of the governor: 1 sq. m of the earth in area cities can be sold for greatest possible 17 - the multiple rate of the ground tax, on village - for 10 - the multiple rate. The law will take effect since October, 1st, 2003.
the Law of the Nizhniy Novgorod region « About   to the earth price » accepted ZS   BUT   13   February, 2003, contrary to a position of the governor and   the governments, has established floor prices on   the earth redeemed by the industrial enterprises at   the states on   territories of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. ZS   BUT   has decided to sell 1   sq. m   the earths for   5 - the multiple rate of the ground tax (rates of this tax are established by local authorities of areas and   cities, in   Nizhni Novgorod they vary in   dependences from   a disctrict of the city). The government   suggested to establish factor 17   for cities and   factor 10   for rural territories. After a deviation of the law the governor has addressed with   the letter to   to each of   44 - h deputies ZS   BUT, having informed that the passed law « not   is equitable to interests of inhabitants of the Nizhniy Novgorod region » and   The direct damage will cause to treasury as the earth will be on sale much more below the market cost.

          In   March for the impasse permission the conciliatory commission from   has been generated; representatives of the government of the Nizhniy Novgorod region and   deputies ZS   BUT. In   the commission the mayor of Nizhni Novgorod Vadim Bulavinov completely concordant with   also has entered; governor Khodyrev in   volume that it is necessary to sell the earth as it is possible more expensively. The commission worked some months. Meanwhile a question about   to the earth price some times acted in film with   agendas of sessions ZS   BUT   as unprepared.
          yesterday deputies have returned again to   to a problem. A position of the government of area and   the governor was represented by the minister is state - legal maintenance Vladimir Hvorostuhin. It   Has informed that executive power on - former offers in   quality of the price 1   sq. m   17 - the multiple rate of the ground tax in   Nizhni Novgorod both   Dzerzhinsk and   10 - the multiple rate of the ground tax in   countryside. In   that   time the minister has underlined that in   the law its introduction in   will be stipulated; force with   1   October, 2003, « that at   the large enterprises there was a possibility to redeem the earth on   minimum 5 - the multiple rate ».
          the Member of the conciliatory commission, deputy ZS   BUT   Alexander Mineev has declared that participants of negotiating process « have come to   to human understanding and   to the consent ». « to sell the land zadeshevo it is immoral, but   it is necessary as - that and   industrialists to support »   and #151; mister Mineev has noted. Colleagues on   ZS   BUT, many from   which supervise over the enterprises, at once have quickened and   have actually started to bargain: « It is necessary to   1   October money to pay? »   and #151; « no, only the demand to issue »   and #151; Alexander Mineev has specified. Having cleared for itself practical questions, 23   the people`s choice have expressed in   the first reading for   a governor`s variant of the law, 8   and #151; against, two have refrained. Have decided to start at once to   to the second and   to definitive reading, but   here it was found out that three panels for voting have come in   worthlessness. Separate deputies had to express the will on   starinke   and #151; a hand raising. So the law « About   to the earth price » has been accepted definitively.
          making comments on the made decision, deputy ZS   BUT   Valery Anisimov (by the way, heading board of directors of Vyksunsky metal works) has declared « » that it is possible to understand supporters and   minimum, and   ceiling prices on   the earth: « If the enterprises redeem the earth on   to the high prices, the investment component of business will descend on   no. On - to mine, not   it is necessary to gather those who brings taxes in   treasury of the state and   areas ». Mister Anisimov named the present law compromise: « Who will want, that will be in time ». It   also has informed that its enterprise has redeemed the earth still two years ago.
          In   the turn the first vitse - the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Yury Sentjurin has declared that in   a case in point not   was concessions   with   the parties of the governor,   with   parties ZS   BUT: « Here is not present   Won,   winners. The common sense has prevailed. The conciliatory commission has very well worked. To it   it was possible to make the decision comprehensible to all ». It became known that the law « About   to the earth price » in   its present kind has got support of the Nizhniy Novgorod association of industrialists and   businessmen.
          on   to opinion of a management of area, ceiling prices on   the earth will arrange public opinion. By the way, the regional government counts that if the earth repayment will begin in   a mass order after 1   October, the regional treasury will replenish with 300 million rbl.