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Consultation in the spirit of provocation
American Frenk Farrelli, the psychiatrist of hospital of sincere health " Could present; Mendota in the State of Wisconsin, what in 40 years experience of its work with schizophrenics will be mastered worldwide by psychologists and business - advisers, successfully applying it to work with normal people? Most likely, he did not think of it. Simply one fine day Farrelli was tired to listen to complaints of the patients and has invented a unique direction which named provocative therapy .

Inflatable little men
Frenku Farrelli 72 years. He was born in a family of the Irish Catholics and was the ninth of twelve children. He never forgets about the family. About the Irish roots speaks with undisguised pride and is not tired them to underline, when its surname say on Italian of manners, with an accent on the second, instead of on the first syllable as it is necessary. Now he almost is not engaged in private consultation, its basic work - carrying out of training seminars in the most different countries. In Russia it not for the first time.
On my question on when there was a concept provocative therapy the master answers:
is has occurred during 91 - go a session to any schizophrenic when I was already ready to throw all. As well as the majority of psychotherapists, I was engaged inflating self-estimations. What does the client usually speak? He says that it costs nothing that all his life full shit. The psychotherapist, as a rule, tries to convince him of the return, and this process is similar naduvaniju balloons. On that session I have told to the patient: all right, I surrender, you really awful, hopeless and inutile. Give we will not waste time, henceforth I in all will agree with you. I spoke with it is very live - approximately so I communicate with friends. And here a minute later he has started to protest. I continued to tease it, and it reddened and laughed. It revived at me in the face of, and it was as revival from dead.
having noticed so a dramatic change in behaviour of the patient, Farrelli began to apply the same method in private practice. Quite often patients accused the doctor of the negligent relation, were perplexed, why they should listen to all these insults when the same it is possible to hear houses from own the wife or the husband, besides absolutely free of charge. Happened that clients rose and left. But such cases was a little, for memories of mister Farrelli - only three. The others came again - at least to prove to this silly doctor what not such they inutile.

a forbidden trick
Each of seminars of Farrelli is present show with elements klounady when the hall laughs greedily. Farrelli perfectly parodies intonations, a mimicry and gestures. In a word, he plays and involves in the game of all participants.
Farrelli name the Father of laughter in psychotherapy, but, despite the fun reigning among spectators, to that person who leaves for a demonstration session on a scene, is frequent not to laughter. In work the doctor mentions rather painful moments, such as a self-estimation, physical defects, age, affinity of death, intimate relations. The full lady, taking seat in an armchair near to the doctor, can hear something like Probably, it is a dirigible balloon has got rid and has come to us here? or How many thousand foxes have gone to you on a fur coat? . To the intelligent man in points gets: somebody called you Einstein? I would be last person who would began to accuse you of it . To the young man: 35 years - business to a decline! or you can start to retire. That between ears, already is turned to stone . But also Farrelli does not forget itself: Old people whom one foot in a tomb (stamps the left foot), and another in eternity (then right), - they do not hasten!
all it is called as the provocative interventions which purpose - to translate a problem in other measurement, to force to tell the client about those things about which he was afraid and to think, involve it in emotional experience of this experience.
Ruslan - the director of firm. very often, when I make any decisions, instead of one I simultaneously I accept three. Why I do it, I do not know - he speaks. Farrelli: Perfectly! Some people fluctuate so much! Also cannot accept any. You as though are created by a counterbalance to these irresolute people. Such fast decision-making - an equivalent premature mental ejakuljatsii .
the translator Laughs, the hall laughs, and, at last, reddens and the client laughs. It is so-called konfuzionnyj a trance. Many participants on discussions say that from time to time failed in emptiness or fell asleep, but thus answered questions. And some simply remember nothing.
happens that the participant of a demonstration session then ask: What did you feel, when Frenk offended you? the person speaks: How offended? When? On the contrary, it so sympathises! He so understands me! Even if I not that told something, it so tenderly corrected me...
the essential part of dialogue on a session occurs at nonverbal level. Often Farrelli behaves as the old friend whom, something is unexpected having remembered, exclaims: Listen - ka! pushes the interlocutor sideways or confidentially to it bends. Farrelli says that such dialogue most of all should remind squabble between good friends. It partly explains impressions of the patient: he then remembers basically that The good friend .

the Lawyer of a devil
Formulating main principles of provocative therapy, Farrelli asserts that to the psychotherapist at dialogue with the patient the role of the lawyer of a devil is prepared.
- in Ancient Rome when wanted to canonise any righteous person, council gathered, and someone had to play such role, trying to discover and inflating every possible sins in his life. And in provocative therapy: the doctor, for fun agreeing with gloomy and fatalistic expectations of the patient, tempts it to continue to profess defeatist psychology.
Alexey takes seat in an armchair and in reply to a traditional question In what a problem? informs: it seems To me that I am not able to defend the opinion . Having specified, than he is engaged (Alexey - business - the adviser of the Moscow consulting company), Farrelli assumes that actually Alexey`s problem in its block. Then begins: You come there where from you expect the help, and simply fall asleep. Now I understand, why in Russia crisis. There are many companies to which should to help die!
all it becomes to develop the steady mechanism of protection at the person, to teach it to argue and object own pessimistic I . Farrelli says what to convince the person in words does not mean at all that this person with you agrees internally. The internal consent helps to solve a problem.
- as you understand, for what side it is impossible to cross? - I ask.
- it is interesting that in provocative therapy something joins like daltonism. The client as though waves to you a red or green tag, signalling: Stop! Pass is forbidden! and you it ignore all and obstinately continue to move in the planned direction. The therapist should help to the client to approach close to from what it otshatyvaetsja and that would like to avoid.
the problem of the psychotherapist, tells Farrelli, to provoke the client to five principal views of behaviour: the statement own I ability effectively to solve problems and to communicate with people, ability to distinguish signs of discrimination and is adequate on them to react, on a psychosocial estimation of a reality (the differentiated perception) and, at last, on display of feelings in relation to itself (warmth, care, love, a recognition of own sexual appeal).
- As to you ideas come, to what area to direct the concrete client with its concrete problem? - I ask the following question.
- I think three-dimensional colour hologrammes, 17 television screens flash at me in a head when the client comes. Where I them take? It is easier to tell that I do not know. We in a family so communicated, constantly used analogies and metaphors, included the imagination.
not always you will understand, whether Farrelli jokes or speaks seriously; at least he confirms, what exactly the humour - excentric or supporting - helps to finish a problem to the point of irrationality and to laugh over it together with the patient. Thereby it destroys the settled stereotypes in behaviour of the person when - that driving it into a corner, breaks an armour which the human soul " in due course acquires;. Often he says that gives to clients not that they want, and that is necessary for them.

Provocation in business
By means of provocations of Farrelli suggests to look at a problem from the new, unexpected points of view. Farrelli it is assured that very many of provocative therapy it is possible to use in business - for example, at a resolution of conflicts, in brain storm or for decision-making.
- you consider as one of founders kouchinga (the personal training directed on personal and professional growth of the client. - money ). What companies used your services?
- I held seminars in many companies of the most different countries: in Dutch Dutch Telephone Co., Australian Quantas Airways, conducted a seminar in Canberra for heads and advisers of the governmental committees for public health services; worked about a top - managers of corporation of Mercedes-Benz and other German automobile companies, and also many companies from England, France, Italy and Russia.
- whether it is possible to consider provocative therapy in a business context as the most effective tool for interaction with the client? - My question is a little provocative.
- I think that the most effective method of communications with the client is to get into its essence to force it to change the relation and behaviour. I do not feed illusions concerning that provocative therapy is most effective in business. It would be too simple! But I know that thousand the experts who have visited at my seminars for last 40 years, in a condition extremely effectively to resolve the challenges in personal dialogue on work and in a family. Here I know it. In a word, this technique can bring the most impressing results.
actually those receptions which Farrelli shows at the seminars, many advisers use. But here to do it with the same result to very few people it is possible. Therefore cost of hour of individual consultation at it is high enough - $400. Base cost of one day of a seminar for group - $2,5 thousand
On one of seminars in Germany have asked Farrelli that it is necessary to become the provocative psychotherapist. That has pretended that is ready to share a skill secret: To become the provocative psychotherapist, - it has slowly begun, and 40 persons were inclined over notebooks, being afraid to pass at least one word of the guru, - it is necessary to be born the Irish Catholic...

we Thank for assistance Institute of group and family psychotherapy and personally Evgenie Plissa.