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Undermining under the Chinese wall

Siangan wants to remain Hong Kong
struggle for independence

Yesterday opposition of Siangan celebrated a victory. The head of the government of this Chinese special area billionaire Donne Tszjanhua, recognising that attempt to accept next Wednesday the bill on safety is doomed to a failure, has supported a delay of its consideration and continuation of consultations of the political forces which have seen in the law attempt at freedom. This event can open new page not only in mutual relations of Siangan with Beijing, but also in the history of all China.

a liberalism and opportunism nursery
on July, 1st, 1997 the British colony Hong Kong after rent term has been returned China and began to be called as special administrative area Siangan (SARS). According to the agreement between Great Britain and China Beijing was obliged to follow a principle one state - two systems And within 50 years to keep in SARS the political freedoms inherited from times of the British colonial sovereignty.
the management of the Peoples Republic of China which by the time of joining of Siangan went for a long time already by the way of economic reforms, was ready to renounce a principle of one-man management and to keep political autonomy of Siangan, not to lose inflow of investments. Therefore and after historical reunion in Siangan democratic newspapers continued to leave and to operate human rights organisations. In Beijing it irritated many, but to kill a golden goose, they did not dare.
however to refuse attempt spend creeping approach to freedom of Siangan Beijing could not. For this purpose it was most convenient to use services of the fifth column. It was headed by billionaire Donne Tszjanhua having extensive business ties with continental China. With support of Beijing and others sjanganskih the businessmen who have made fortunes on cheap labour of the Peoples Republic of China, mister Donne two times was selected head of the government SARS. Businessmen have sold Hong Kong to Beijing for the sake of the interests - the western observers who have named sjanganskie elections by a farce have taken out a verdict.
according to one of sjanganskih legal experts, Donne Tszjanhua receiving from Beijing solid podrjady, has wanted to be the big Catholic, than the Pope . Or, more truly, the big communist, than its Peking patrons. Most visually it was showed in a case with adoption of law about safety which should concretise 23 - ju article sjanganskoj constitutions. The positions providing a life imprisonment for high treasons have been included in it: change to the native land, sale of the state secrets, attempt of overthrow of an existing system. Besides, the bill provided activity prohibition in territory SARS of the public, political and other organisations already forbidden on continent. The impression was made that Beijing disturbed by transformation of free Siangan in a nursery batsill of liberalism and opportunism, has decided to cover a shop simply.

we are very angry
Sjangantsy have felt danger. The discontent with the law became opened to express long before its second reading planned for July, 9th. But the deification of performances against it has coincided at once with two significant dates which have had for July, 1st, - 6 - j anniversary of returning of Siangan to China and 82 - j anniversary of formation of Communist Party of China (handheld computer).
this day to Siangan there has arrived the new prime minister - the minister of the Peoples Republic of China Ven Tszjabao. It is considered that mister Ven and the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China, the chairman of a handheld computer Hu Jintao are the main supporters of carrying out in China liberal reforms to which, however, while should operate with caution on more conservative figures of party. The prime minister has made in Siangan pleasant impression - smiling, opened, idle time. It has pleased sjangantsev with the message what exactly they will define the future of administrative area.
we are very angry, - the head of the student`s union sjanganskogo university Rajmond the Poppy has expressed the impression of speech of the Peking visitor. - we waited for frank discussion with prime minister Venem concerning the law on safety. We were not going to arrange any performances of the protest. But now it seems to us that us simply used, that all looked peacefully and well .
And sjangantsy have tried to show to Beijing that they are adjusted completely not peacefully. On July, 2nd with protests concerning the law on safety on streets of Siangan left about 500 thousand persons. For persuasiveness they burnt down flags of the Peoples Republic of China and shouted: Put an end to undivided board of Communist Party . Larger demonstration was here only in 1989 when one million, that is the sixth part of the population then still Hong Kong left to express indignation of dispersal of a democratic demonstration on the square of Tjananmen.
With inquiries concerning the law on safety to the government of the Peoples Republic of China EU, the USA, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand have addressed. we urge the Chinese government to take steps, guaranteeing that the Chinese citizens will not be pursued for peace expression of the sights, and we urge to release all prisoners of conscience - has sounded from Washington.
Donne Tszjanhua and Ven Tszjabao have been compelled to explain sjangantsam that the law at all does not strike at their right and freedom, but it was not possible to bring down heat. Demonstrations did not stop. In these conditions Donne Tszjanhua has made concessions - he declared that will exclude from the bill the most odious positions - in particular, about a life imprisonment for high treasons and an interdiction of activity objectionable to Beijing of the organisations. But thus he insisted that law consideration in the second reading should take place according to the schedule, that is on July, 9th. It has supported the head of committee of safety of Regina Ip. Beijing has expressed also: Corrections in a number of articles are admissible, and we believe that the people recognise also their signs. We hope that legislators SARS and all sections of society will actively co-operate with the government to finish work on the legislation according to the schedule .

the Enemy of a society
the Sjangansky newspaper Minpao has written that the government requirement about carrying out of final reading of the law means on July, 9th that it has ignored concern of the public. It can cause anger and lead to serious consequences. Donne Tszjanhua does itself by the enemy of a society .
Opponents of the law have threatened with continuation of protests. In Sunday legislators have taken part in actions against the law on safety. But the main blow on positions of supporters of the law and Donne Tszjanhua has been put on Monday. Having demanded to postpone law consideration, the government was left by James Chen, the leader of Liberal party - the main ally of the government.
liberals possess in 60 - local executive meeting nine places. Besides them in the government of 23 more persons oppose the law. Thus, results of the voting planned for Wednesday are already clear - the law will not pass. In these conditions yesterday Donne Tszjanhua has been compelled to declare that the second reading of the law will be postponed a maximum till December, 17th, and in this time the government hopes to eliminate disagreements with the public.
This decision has caused triumph in the ranks of democratic opposition of Siangan. However to rejoice early. Beijing, having understood that not to the full supervises a situation in Siangan, Donne Tszjanhua can try to eliminate become unnecessary. According to experts, the colleague of mister Donne - businessmen will not object. They consider that, aspiring to please the Peking owners, it has ceased to protect their interests. Therefore recently in search of justice sjanganskim millionaires even more often had to go to Beijing which, according to the experts, has turned to the unique guarantor of stability of Siangan.
however latest developments in Siangan can have and positive consequences. But for this purpose it is necessary, that the reformatory wing in a handheld computer led by Hu Jintao and Ven Tszjabao was not afraid already now to throw down a challenge to conservatives. Many analysts consider that while they of it to do will not risk. But all are assured of one - struggle for reforms in the Peoples Republic of China inflames.