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Iraqis sit and arrange ambushes

Yesterday in Iraq the first session of the Baghdad city council has taken place. The head of acting administration Pol Bremer named this event by the major step to democracy restoration. It, however, has been saddened by new attacks on the American military men that has forced world mass-media to draw an unfavourable conclusion: in Iraq guerrilla war inflames.
Americans in Iraq attack daily. Since that moment as on May, 1st George Bush has declared war in Iraq definitively won, has passed 68 days - in this time in the country 35 soldiers of a coalition were lost. It not including those who has got wounds and has died in hospital, and also journalists and civilians. According to the Pentagon, for two months it has been made more than 30 attacks which have ended with destruction of military men. Incidents without a deadly outcome in general do not give in to the account.
soldiers of occupational armies perish not only in fighting collisions. For example, on Sunday the American soldier has been killed in a court yard of the Baghdad university. It has stopped to buy soft drink, behind the unknown person has run up to it and almost in an emphasis has shot at a head. Many students were witnesses of murder, but have unanimously declared that saw attacking for the first time and do not know, where it has disappeared.
similar cases repeat almost daily, and to attacks are exposed not only persons in the army form. As the invader is perceived almost any person of the European appearance. Past Saturday in the same way the shot in a head near the National museum in Bagdad had been killed the British newspaper photographer Richard Uajld. The murderer was dissolved in crowd.
yesterday in firing two American military men were lost. Two more - one day earlier: unknown persons have showered with improvised explosive devices the American patrol car in the north of Bagdad. Other car was ambushed in capital area Azamija.
Americans try to secure themselves the regular searches performed within the limits of operation declared one week ago the Lateral wind in desert . Usually they occur at night or in the morning - soldiers rush into dwellings and check, whether take cover there baasisty and whether the weapon is hidden. Such spot-checks cause indignation of Iraqis for break the basic Islamic and national norms and traditions: Americans inconsiderately enter into houses (including on a female half), deduce women in an unseemly kind on street. These daily searches of a steel of important making Antiamerican propagation in Iraq. our houses are sacred, and these American aggressors do not know it, they offend and humiliate our families - the imam of a mosque of Baghdad university Hatem Ahmed has proclaimed on the traditional Friday sermon.
in Washington any more do not hide that the situation in Iraq causes strong anxiety. Despite George Bush`s bravura statement that baasistam it will not be possible to force out Americans from Iraq, the Pentagon persistently refuses to send an additional contingent to the country is the right is delegated to the countries - to allies.
simultaneously the acting administration tries to expand sphere of responsibility to Iraqis. On Sunday Pol Bremer has informed that this week will be already created 35 - local governmental committee into which citizens of Iraq will enter only and to which the part of imperious powers will be transferred, and is considerable big, than was planned earlier. And already yesterday in Bagdad the first session of the selected City Council has taken place. The Floor of Bremer present on him has declared that this most important event in life of Iraq since April, 9th (falling of Bagdad) and a step to democracy.
however and creation of the Iraq government hardly can stop guerrilla war. After all its targets already now are the Iraqis co-operating with representatives of the USA. On Saturday in Ramadi there was an explosion which has carried away lives of four inhabitants, just finished the policy courses organised by Americans. New members of the Baghdad City Council, however, asserted that they have absolutely nothing to be afraid. It, of course, depends on on what they to the party.