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Gazprom has become fashionable

At the yesterday`s auctions the excessive demand for actions " remained; Gazprom . Following the results of day their price has increased by 2 %, and the volume of the auctions has reached record level - taking into account address transactions it has exceeded $150 million Meanwhile still one month ago daily volumes made $20 - 30 million According to trader IK the Three Dialogue Timur Nasardinova, the action Gazprom steels a fashionable paper after their price has passed for dollar . Actions remained are fundamentally underestimated in comparison with other market, - he has noted. - all have started to buy ` Gazprom `, nobody wants to be the last . As trader IK " has noted; Olma Dmitry Roenko, recently many companies have reconsidered the recommendations about actions ` Gazprom `, and against liquidity decrease under Russian Open Society securities ` UES of Russia ` they can become alternative of small speculators . As traders mark, actions of a gas monopolist and abroad use great demand. As a result of quotation ADS Gazprom grow as quickly, as well as in the country.
YUKOS securities, in the end of the past week were among outsiders, yesterday have grown in the price more than on 4 %. Jump of the prices speaks the announcement of the agent of the oil company of investment bank the Trust about the repayment within the limits of the transaction on absorption Sibneft 10 % of the action of YUKOS on the price for $2 above the market. Besides, yesterday the YUKOS and LUKOIL have published the reports under standard GAAP following the results of work of I quarter which have been positively apprehended by analysts (see p. 7). Participants of the market wait for similar results and from other oil companies. So yesterday`s lifting of actions neftjanki on 2 - 4 % has been quite justified.