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Simeon Sakskoburggotsky
the prime minister - the minister of Bulgaria
Has come to prove time to our voters - we are capable to recognise own errors, to update the structure that with new force to answer a call .
So on July, 6th the prime minister - the minister of Bulgaria Simeon Sakskoburggotsky has declared the intention to make shift in the government. The Bulgarian prime minister, however, has held back what ministers will be sent in resignation. changes in the government were expected for a long time in our society, but I will declare concrete changes in structure of an office later - the head of the Bulgarian government has informed. However it is already known that among other shifts the Bulgarian prime minister, most likely, will suggest to replace on July, 8th the head of party fraction in country Plamena Panajotova parliament.
Recently party in power of Bulgaria National movement of Simeona II Was exposed to the sharp criticism for default of the promises on a raising of a standard of living in the country. Without naming names, the Bulgarian prime minister has told: Shockingly that some our colleagues on party work to keep the political position more... Achievements of personal interests movable by the purpose and material benefit . On July, 7th rank-and-file members of National movement of Simeona II have already acted with support of plans of Simeona of the Sakskoburggotsky government on reforming.
full text of performance Bulgarian the prime minister - the minister read on a site www. kommersant. ru/ leaders