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Alexey Kudrin have congratulated with bobrym in the morning

Yesterday in the Petrovsky hall of St.Petersburg State University there has passed ceremony of delivery to the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin of degree of the honourable doctor of the humanities American the Bard of College. Ceremony became the first of variety of the actions devoted to the first release by Smolnogo of institute of free arts and sciences, souchreditelem which, along with St.Petersburg State University, the Bard College has acted in 2000. Begun with delay for 57 minutes ceremony suggested that presence of transatlantic professors is capable to give, apparently, to typically Russian state action a shade noble absurdizma. The matter is that in the Anglo-Saxon literature there is a specific genre the university novel which most well-known representatives - Kingsli Emis and David Lodge. Their heroes, the most worthy intellectuals, eternally are trapped, all confuse, make a reservation, try as better, but it turns out as always. The thought on that all present steels characters of such novel, arose from the very beginning, only the sight fell on Smolnogo of institute prepared by students the newspaper devoted to the first release. The newspaper was called the Paragraph . So: fat black letters. One of materials began words: With bobrym in the morning! to put it briefly, reading the Paragraph has rather brightened up painful expectation of mister Kudrin.
to general disappointment, the minister has appeared in a hall already dressed in a cloak. Where he has put on it, in the car or on a ladder of Twelve boards, remains a riddle. Ceremony has begun and has passed in a Stakhanov rhythm, after all the round table on a theme " still was coming guests of honour; the Future of Russia: democracy and formation and to time to a buffet table remains practically nothing. The first a word took the president the Bard of College Leon Botstajn. Its performance, as well as spich the chairman of the council who has replaced him on Institute higher education the Open society William Newton - Smith, it has been devoted basically to the outstanding contribution of mister Kudrin to development of the humanities and introduction to Russia humanistic values and that honour which it has rendered the Bard to College, becoming its honourable doctor. Mister Newton - Smith has promised, according to ancient tradition, to read the text in the Latin, confirming exclusive qualities of the new doctor, but to do it did not become. Probably, having caught nervous vskrik translators: Transfer will not be! Acting speaks not in a microphone!
Besides, mister Newton - Smith has tried korotenko to formulate principles liberal formation on which activity and the Bard of College, and Smolnogo of institute is based. That liberal formation brings up respect for another`s life in students was especially remembered. Obviously, to deal in the modern world it is necessary with any absolutely freezed youth, which life even in a penny does not put the neighbour in a school desk. Then mister Newton - Smith has made a certain strange gesture: it seemed that he strokes mister Kudrin towering over it on a head. By no means is not present, it simply assigned a quadrangular hat to his head.
and without that confused with the delay, mister Kudrin was confused even more and has read on a green piece of paper the text of reciprocal performance in which was proud and promised. Then participants of ceremony smoothly have passed to carrying out of a round table, and mister Kudrin any imperceptible, almost circus gesture has got rid both of a cloak, and from a hat, having returned to habitual shape.
the actions devoted to the first release by Smolnogo of institute, will proceed and today. Among them alaverdy gallant Russian scientists, delivery of degrees of the honourable doctor of St.Petersburg State University to misters of Botstajnu and Newton - to Smith, and also presentation of the book of Leon Botstajna Jews and the present and a joint concert of students of Smolnogo of institute and the Moscow State University.