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The deputy director of Joint-Stock Company " was lost; Irkutskpishcheprom

As the broadcasting company " has informed yesterday; the EXPERT Baikal of TV the deputy director of Joint-Stock Company " on June, 19th was lost; Irkutskpishcheprom Pavel Bychkov. Under the information the EXPERT Baikal of TV Pavel Bychkova`s cause of death was that it has dropped out of a window of own apartment. From the received traumas it has died on the spot. In apartment employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and militia have found out nobody. Meanwhile, as informs the EXPERT Baikal of TV neighbours saw, how together with mister Bychkovym any woman has entered into its apartment.
in the centre of public relations of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Irkutsk region to the correspondent have informed that following actions of workers of law enforcement bodies depend on the medical examination conclusion. If as a cause of death the traumas got at falling criminal case will not be got are specified. If someone from relatives puts in the statement in Office of Public Prosecutor that murder then, probably, business nevertheless will be raised took place.
incident has occurred almost in two months after at industrial complex the small corporate conflict has ended. When one of shareholders, the general director Irkutskpishcheproma Andrey Daev was going to sell the share holding of Joint-Stock Company Renova the group of shareholders has unexpectedly remembered that some years ago the part of this package has got, in their opinion, mister Daevu it is illegal. Shareholders demanded redistribution of shares and with corresponding requirements have addressed in arbitration court of the Irkutsk region. On May, 4th has taken place extraordinary meetings of shareholders, after which mister Daev and director for management of projects Renovy Cyril Komarov have declared that both parties consolidated about 60 % of actions industrial complex also declared the conflict finished. Then the new general director of the enterprise Maxim Shubin has been presented journalists also.