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Avignon festival in danger
Strike of art workers of France, begun last week, threatens carrying out of Avignon theatrical festival which should open today. On the average the Avignon festival brings in treasury of a city about 14,8 million euro annually, last year its visitors of a steel of 120 thousand persons. Representatives of the diversified trades participate in a protest action, from actors to workers of a scene (wrote about it on July, 2nd). Their discontent has caused government intention to cut down expenses on social support of the unemployed in this branch. According to striking, the planned reform will do much harm to culture. In Saturday release of newspaper Le Monde the director of festival Bernard D ` Arse has declared: time Has come to extinguish this fire. The decision should be accepted at the highest state level. Otherwise opening will appear under the threat .

Terminator Yet has not justified expectations
the Film Terminator - 3. Revolt of cars left in hire on July, 3rd, became the most cash tape of a past week-end in the USA. Cash gathering Terminatora for uik - end have made $44 million, and for all time of hire, since Thursday, - $72 million It is obvious more low, than the founders of the film who has spent for shootings $175 million so high expenses expected speak that only the fee of featured actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has made $27 million, and for the rights to sequel shootings its founders had to pay $50 million They assume to beat the general cash gathering previous Terminatora exceeded to the USA of $205 million and $309 million abroad. On the second place on sales for target in the USA costs the Blonde in the law - 2 ($22,9 million), and also continuation Angels Charlie ($14,2 million).

Slavs bazarjat
will pass From July, 12 till July, 17th in Vitebsk 12 - j the international festival of arts the Slavic market about it yesterday on a press - conferences were told by the first deputy minister of culture of the Russian Federation Denis Molchanov. Actors will take part in this traditional Pan-Slavic action from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Also to Vitebsk there will arrive the musicians representing other fraternal people, - from Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Poland and Montenegro. In total at festival it will be presented 57 cultural - mass actions. Competition of young executors from the CIS countries and the far abroad becomes one of the major. Pianist Andrey Petrov became the chairman of jury of competition. Solo concerts within the limits of festival will give Nikolay Baskov, Sofia Rotaru, Boris Moiseyev and New Russian grannies .
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