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birthday of actress Julia Rutberg
It are congratulated Today by the actor Vladimir Steklov:
- Dear, native, lovely, favourite, fine, incomparable, magnificent! Ur, Julja! Gallant, Julja! What pleasure to be among those lucky persons whom this prize in a lottery has dropped out, this dzhekpot all times, this pleasure - to be known with you. It was the happiest marriage - you to me sang, and I to you danced procession of boyars. And in intervals between the big and small love there was a croquet... But what! All kroketam a croquet. To crying with happiness. Remains only eliminirovat. Always yours, Vladimir Steklov.

65 years to actor Andrey Myagkov
It today are executed the film director the Ale Klimov congratulates:
- I concern in the remarkable image Andrey. It is very glad, what exactly at me he has acted in for the first time film. It was the film Adventures of the dentist . Andrey then still finished school, but worked already quite seriously and professionally. I still then have understood that it the actor capable of thin drawing. And on - chelovecheski Andrey very much was pleasant and pleasant to me till now. It is sincerely glad that it works both at theatre much, and at cinema, and from the bottom of the heart I wish it it and further.

53 years to the art director of theatre " today are executed; the Satyricon to actor Konstantin Raikin
He is congratulated by the art director of theatre Et cetera the actor Alexander Kalyagin:
- My dear Kostja! These short lines with which I congratulate you on pages the Businessman cannot contain all my love to you, to your surname, to your parents. For each of us something is very important, sacred. For me one of such values in life is the family of Rajkinyh. And I am very glad that you are worthy the parents, you are talented, vigorous, do not happen you are happy with yourself, all time in search, in anxiety. At you is not present drops of a full, self-satisfied fat which many in the course of time acquire. And I wish my dear friend and darling first of all health. Be happy even in the failures which, fortunately, are very rare. Let your star always shines.
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