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Brilliants in wrinkles

Old men occupied screens of Karlovy Vary
festival cinema

Proceeds 38 - j the International film festival in Karlovy Vary. Has successfully passed in competition Lydia Bobrovoj`s film the Granny . From Karlovy Vary - ANDREY - PLAHOV.
This festival which ten years ago has been thrown out as a result of intrigues of competitors from group A, has revived literally from ashes. The resort small town in the beginning 90 - h represented a dead place in cultural sense, viewing halls were empty. Literally for couple of years it was possible to break a situation and to return the former status. The festival has invited kinoklubnikov and students from all Czechia, began to collect the interesting program, has involved internal and foreign sponsors, has found baits and for Russian-speaking karlovarskoj audiences, having presented the whole spectrum of Russian of cinema.
the Youth is involved in halls not in the last instance with witty festival prompts which change not only every year, but also from viewing to viewing. Here the pair of ten years` teenagers comes into theatre, walks upstairs - and sees on a scene of absolutely naked and enough ugly muzhik wriggling in wild dance. Like nonsense, but prompt is made so dashing and vigorously that in a trice forces down sleepy resort mood, forces to be adjusted on a radical wave and to remember that a scopophilia - a cinema basis.
peeping begins with street. Along a promenade on river bank huge boards with posters of festival films are exposed. And though among them is enough zavlekatelnye (lying Ljudivin Sane in bikini from a film Pool ) A favourite became the Granny . Two embracing old women in tsvetastyh scarfs which simultaneously laugh and cry, force many to stop, and some - even to pull out a camera. the Granny - a film in which the eye of the critic without effort will find errors and defects, but public accepts it unconditionally. So was in Sochi so was and in Karlovy Vary, where the big hall of hotel Termal has arranged to Lydia Bobrovoj`s picture a uniform ovation. Whether it will appear it is so subject to hypnosis of emotions of jury, it becomes clear in a weekend when will be summed up festival.
meanwhile in competition of the obvious leader is not present. Though the film " is already shown awarded in Italy by all possible prizes; the Window opposite Ferzana Ospeteka. The Italian director of a Turkish origin has made cinema about all and about what - in exact conformity with recipes of postmodernist kitchen. Here there is a Jewish theme, the love destroyed by war, problems national and sexual minorities plus effective shootings of Rome, sweet music, beautiful men and women. One such woman has got a bit tired from a family, children and uninteresting work on brojlernoj to factory (greetings from Larissa Sadilovoj, whose film With love, Lilja about the working woman of an integrated poultry farm too here show). She admires in the evenings at the nice man in a window opposite. Unexpectedly in its house there is an old man who has forgotten the name and the address. At first it seems that before us dedusja - a film about the unfortunate, thrown old age. But gradually to deduse memory will return, and he will tell that has worried in days of the Second World War, having preferred to rescue from certain death not the beloved, and the Jewish children.
the old man is played by Massimo Dzhirotti - the actor, whose first well-known role became played in 1942 at Lukino Visconti in a film Obsession under the novel The postman always calls twice . A role in the Window opposite last: soon after shootings the firm actor of the Italian neo-realism has died. In a film it, with the stains and wrinkles, looks as a rare brilliant in a heap of costume jewellery.
old men and old women in karlovarskom a rating meanwhile obviously overtake the young. That gerontofilija became absolutely evident, it is necessary to enter into the overflowed hall when twist a retrospective show of great Japanese Jasudziro Odzu. Died 40 years ago, and not lived till the present old age, he, apparently, has told about the person more than to it is let know about itself. Names of its pictures - the Tokyo history Late spring Early summer Good morning I was born, but... . Plots - you will not think up easier. Old men parents have arrived to a city to visit children. The father - the widower wants to marry a daughter. And so forth. The magic effect which reaches Odzu, speaks, of course, its genius, but also that the human nature and the cinema nature in its films coincide. Both that and another suggest to peer into themselves steadfastly. Both that and another contrary to all laws, growing old, become finer.