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Tver has chosen the mayor of the owner of refuellings and night club

local elections

On the elections which have taken place on Sunday of the head of Tver the deputy of a municipal duma, the owner of a network of autorefuellings and night club Oleg Lebedev has won. The victory of mister Lebedev is favourable to head of area Vladimir Platovu who can strengthen the influence in a city before governor`s elections.
early election of the mayor of Tver has been appointed after from heart attack mayor Alexander Belousov on April, 9th has died.
In day of voting in municipal electoral committee of Tver signals about infringements on polling districts repeatedly arrived. As the chairman of municipal electoral committee Yury Lukomnik has informed, observers from different candidates informed on the facts of payoff of voters. For one voice it was offered from 100 to 500 rbl. Besides, supporters of some candidates bypassed houses and motor transport delivered group of pensioners to polling districts. Nevertheless in municipal electoral committee have underlined that these facts have not affected voting results.
by the new mayor with a considerable separation the deputy of the Tver municipal duma Oleg Lebedev for whom 24,7 % of voters have voted is selected. The candidate of party " became the second; an United Russia the chief of the Tver customs Vladimir Babichev (16 %). And only the third - fulfilling duties of head goradministratsii, a member an United Russia Sergey Isaev (15,1 %). Elections pass in one round, and the simple majority of votes has sufficed mister Lebedev to become the mayor.
to Oleg Lebedev of 39 years, it has ended the Minsk higher engineering is antiaircraft - rocket school of air defence, after dismissal from army was engaged in commercial activity. Is the co-owner of a network of the Tver gasoline stations Europe of some trade enterprises and night club.
in 2000 mister Lebedev has been selected by the deputy of the Tver municipal duma. In a city it is known as the consecutive critic of the mayoralty which accused of inefficient use of the property and excessive expenses on the bureaucracy maintenance. Several months ago mister Lebedev even has fought with loyal goradministratsii the deputy gordumy Evgenie Semenovym. Oleg Lebedev has publicly accused mister Semenova of bribability: ostensibly deputy Semenov took money from deputy Lebedev, having promised to support it on elections of the mayor, but has then gone over in camp of supporters of the city authorities.
the regional administration supported to mister Lebedev. Its victory is favourable to Vladimir Platovu who expects to strengthen considerably the influence in Tver (with the former town governor of the relation at the governor have not developed). It is especially important on the threshold of December elections of the governor.
Oleg Lebedev`s victory did not become the big unexpectedness: from the very beginning of election campaign it was one of its favourites. And the success of the oppositionist has been caused by the conflict in most goradministratsii. I an island of the head of Tver Sergey Isaev for various reasons did not suit many influential officials goradministratsii: the most considerably adjusted wing of the mayoralty has negatively concerned attempts of mister Isaeva to adjust dialogue with the governor. Therefore at once some assistants to the head of Tver have supported the candidate an United Russia Vladimir Babichev, whose campaign in many respects was under construction on the critic of the regional authorities. On the eve of voting regional branch an United Russia has extended a press - release in which it was informed that Sergey Isaev is excluded from the party for refusal to remove the nominee in favour of mister Babichev, to support which there came the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Boris Gryzlov and the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Gurov.
from - for elections of the mayor have broken up both communists: obkom and a city town committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have supported different candidates. As a result on May plenum obkoma the first secretary of a city town committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Yury Kalinin and the candidate in the mayors, put forward by a city town committee, Alexander Grishin has been excluded from the party, and the city town committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has been dismissed. By the uniform candidate of the Tver communists the promoted worker obkoma Alexey Azarev has been declared, but mister Grishin also has taken part in elections.
the new mayor has already declared that intends to guide in goradministratsii an order. Till the end of the year Oleg Lebedev has promised to involve in the budget of Tver in addition 660 million rbl. that, as he said, should solve most housing and communal services acute problems.