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Kristof Martaler will leave Zurich

In the end of a season 2003 - 2004 Kristof Martaler will leave a post of the quartermaster (art director) Zurich SHaushpilhauza . The recent decision of the director has put sad end under the scandal which has burst still in the summer of last year. Then it became known that the city authorities essentially cut down a grant to theatre, believing that management economic activities SHaushpilhauza it is inefficient, and attendance of theatre is too low. Then the started Zurich intellectuals with support of the indignant theatrical public of Germany have risen on protection of the world famous director and have demanded revision of the decision of the authorities. It seemed in the autumn that to theatre and municipality all - taki was possible to find the compromise and that mister Martaler remains on a post before the expiration of the contract, that is till 2005. However sponsors on which means counted at theatre to find and it was not possible, and city officials to reconsider the budget flatly have refused. Therefore three weeks ago Kristof Martaler has accepted the final decision to leave a year later SHaushpilhauz . A question on the one who will head the most well-known drama theatre of Switzerland while remains opened. As to mister Martalera it, on its own recognition, to be engaged in administrative work any more does not wish. Most likely, it will return to Berlin and will continue to work at theatre folksbjune where its world glory has begun. The head folksbjune Frank Kastorf ten days ago showing in Moscow the Master and Margarita this information has indirectly confirmed.